Wooden Garden Baskets Are Back For the Fruit and Vegetable Gardener

Not to many years ago you could find wooden baskets at every road side fruit and vegetable stand and farmers market.
These woven wooden baskets came in bushel, 1/2 bushel, peck, and 1/2 peck sizes. Then everyone started using plastic and metal containers. This once declining market is making a comeback.

These wooden baskets are the new green container source for all your home gardening and small farm applications. Available in multiple sizes, Bushel, 1/2 bushel, peck, and 1/2 peck, as well as 1/2 bushel open stave and double stave version. These wooden containers are made of light weight Aspen wood, which is a plentiful and a renewable nature source and are made here in North American.

There are many uses for wooden baskets from gardening, home decor, road side fruit and vegetable stands to small farm markets. They hold all sorts of fruit and vegetables from your home grown garden and the wooden bushel and 1/2 bushel baskets normally have two handles attached for easy carry. They make great gift baskets filled with bath and body products, wine and cheese gift baskets, and the good conversation piece when you bring fresh bake bread to a family gathering. You can even use them to paint as an art project for the children. They also make exceptional laundry baskets lined with a soft cloth and they can also be used as waste baskets around the house.

Wooden baskets can be used for container gardening. Use them for growing potatoes, carrots, beets, and many other container gardening projects. Fill them with dirt and plant assortment of colorful annuals on your deck and patio. Place them around the outside of your house where you can tip the baskets on there sides to create the effect of flowers spilling out of the baskets. This can add color to your landscape and will be another conversation piece for your garden parties. Then in the fall just return the soil to your compost pile and store these light weight wooden baskets for the winter months.

Now where to find these wooden baskets? Search for these wooden baskets on the internet, farm markets, and some local hardware stores may carry them.  Ask friends and family members who share your interest in these wooden baskets where they have purchased them in the past.


Dave Berning was born and raised on a beef and dairy farm in Ohio. He still enjoys helping with the family farm beef operation. He owns and operates a farm and ranch supply company with his brother Mark. Visit them at http://www.barnyardproducts.com/

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