How to pick the right website topic

Choosing the right website topic can make or break your website building success, so how can you make sure that you choose the correct topic?

There are two signs of a good topic:

Does the topic interest you and will you be able to stick with it?
Is this a common topic with few websites, or will you lack visitors due to competition?

As long as you have interest in the topic and there it demand for it, your website will be a success.

Defining Goals

Before you start choosing your website topic, you need to decide what your website is trying to achieve. Without specific goals, your website will not be as directed as it should be. Some possible goals are to:

  • Attract customers
  • Make sales
  • Make money through advertising
  • Make a statement
  • Obtain name or brand awareness
  • Learn how to make a website
  • Provide entertainment
  • Manage data

Once you have decided what you are trying to achieve with your website you can then start to focus on the topic of you website that will help achieve these goals.

What do you enjoy

The topic that you decided on for your websites needs to be something that you enjoy. If you do not enjoy the topic you have picked, you will find yourself reluctant to work on your website and will spend less time maintaining it. When you are really passionate about your websites topic, you are likely to spend more time on your website than you should and in return have a thriving website.

Website topics need to inspire creativity. Every time you sit down to work on your website, you need to flow with ideas and have sources for ideas when your ideas run dry. If the topic does not inspire creativity, you will find that your website will not be set apart from all the other sites.

Determining demand

Once you have a few topics in mind, but are unsure which one to go with, you can see how all of them perform by setting up a test website. On the test website, just start writing articles about your topics and use a web page counter to measure interest on each page. The more interest that a topic receives, the more likely that will be a good topic.

Room to grow

Your topic needs to cover enough areas so that you will not finish the site in less than one week. If your topic is too small you will be targeting a more specific demographic and your site will be less popular.

A good topic will be able to expand with you as your site grows. This should mean that there is always a new direction that you can take when other avenues are completed.

Importance of content

It is said that content is king and the most successful websites on the net are successful because the offer the best content. Make sure that your website topic allows your to create the best content that will appeal to your visitors.

What are your visitors looking for?

It the end, other than your enjoyment, your need to target a topic that your visitors will enjoy and find helpful. If you really get stuck on what to create your website on, keep a diary next to your computer and note down:

  • What you can not find
  • What sites do you find the most helpful
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