The Ashiko is a drum in the shape of a truncated cone that originated from sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas. It is played by slapping or tapping the drums skin with bare hands.

Traditionally Ashikos were carved from a single piece of wood, but today most are made from glued strips of wood called staves. This is similar to the design of a barrel.

Due to the tapered shape of the Ashiko, a deep tone is produced when struck in the centre of the skin, and a higher pitch closer to the edge of the drum.

Although early Ashiko have been known to be attached with tacks, modern Ashikos have a metallic ring on the drum skin and a smaller metallic ring further down the drum. Zigzagging rope connects the 2 rings, and it is this rope that is used to tighten the drum.

An instrument similar to the Ashiko is the Boku. The Boku originates from Cuba and is played during street parades and carnivals.

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