Planning the perfect date

There is no real guide line to go by for this subject because if you are going to go to all the effort to plan a perfect date, it should be YOUR individual vision of how you would like it to be. It also depends on how well you know the woman before the date. I suppose the better you know her, the easier it will be to plan because then you will know what she likes and dislikes. You don't want to be pushing the wrong buttons.

First impressions last. They may never be spoken of again in the future but they will always be remembered. So make yours one to remember.

Plan something simple and tasteful. Movies are usually a no go unless you plan on having lunch or dinner afterwards. The reason seeing a movie as a first date is not the best idea is because you can't really talk to each other. You both are too busy watching what is on the screen. After the movie you can both maybe grab a bite to eat and the movie can be your ice breaker if things get a little quiet.

A long drive and a picnic is always a good idea too. Not too long a drive though! Max. 1hr. The places that take longer to get to are usually the ones you will be wanting to take your date. A few reasons for this is that you can have decent and in depth talks on the way and get to know each other a little better, there will usually be a nice bit of scenery to look at on your drive, and most far away places are the ones with a great view, are quiet and peaceful.

It is totally up to the individual and how you would like your 'perfect date' to go. Maybe you would feel more comfortable just talking over a cup of coffee.

A date doesn't have to last a few hours, although it is a great sign if it is and it isn't struggling! If your date lasts under 1 hour then maybe you will want to go over it in your own time and try and pin point where it all went downhill. Maybe you only had a 30 minute lunch break at work and you both have decided to meet up and have a mini date. That isn't included in the 1 hour rule!

Either way, a woman will appreciate it and yourself more if they know that you have put all of the plans for your date together yourself. It shows them the sort of person you are, and that is a great impression (if they like what they see date set up wise). So grab a pen and paper and start writing down any ideas you have for your perfect date. It will make it easier for you when the time comes.

You might even have a few different ideas for the different types of woman to choose from.

Better get cracking on your ideas then guys!

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