Recovering from dating disasters

It is very common for people to have a dating disaster. Not everybody is compatible with one another. There ARE ways you can get around this rut that people often find themselves in when it comes to dating.

If you have a dating disaster, don't look at it as a fault of yours as a reason that it didn't work out. If you were trying to annoy your date and make her leave because you knew from the moment she opened her mouth that it would not work, that is ok. You are not going to sit through a 2 hour date if you are not interested are you? Maybe she was too boring or too loud, or any other reason why you would want her to leave before the date was meant to be over. That is something that you don't really have to recover from because it was you're own choosing to end the date sooner then anticipated.

Ladies will more often then not have a plan B if they are going on a first date, like a code or a sign that she does not think it is working. Usually she will get a friend of hers to give her a call at a certain time and give the magic code word if you are decent or not. If she is still sitting and talking with you after the phone call then see it as "YOUR IN!" Whereas if she says she has to leave after the phone call....take a hint, she isn't interested in you and you will probably never see her again. Big deal! You wouldn’t want to be with someone that needs somebody else’s help to bail them out of a failing date.

However, if it was reversed and you were the one that wasn’t interested in your date, you could always just do the famous runner. A lot of men still do that to this day, just leave their date sitting there alone waiting for you to come back from the bathroom or from using the pay phone.

There is nicer ways to do it though. You could always just stick the date out and then when it is over, do not give her any ideas that you will be calling her or anything. Just say something like “it was nice meeting and getting to know you” If she says something like “You should call me sometime or I will call you”. Reply with a “yeah, sounds good”.

It doesn’t tell her that you are going to call her or not so then you don’t have to feel guilty when you don’t end up calling her. If you do not want her calling you, save her number in your phone and when she calls you, just don’t answer. Or if you can get around it, try and get out of giving it to her until the end of the date. She might turn out to be a decent girl. If not, stick with the ignoring her calls, she will eventually get the hint, unless you have found yourself a new crazy stalker. If that ends up being the case… Good luck!

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