3 Easy Tactics to Burn Fat

There must be some reason why some people lose more weight than others. You can have two people both trying hard to lose weight, but one will lose the pounds the other one will not. There can be a variety of reasons for this but one of the most common is different metabolism. It is well known that some people’s metabolism works at a much faster rate than others.

What is metabolism? According to wisegeek.com “It relates to various processes within the body that convert food and other substances into energy and other metabolic byproducts used by the body.” As far as weight loss is concerned it is really how fast your body can metabolize or transform the food you eat into energy for your body. The faster your metabolism works the quicker you will burn your food and fat cells into energy.

Here are 3 easy tactics to speed up your metabolism and burn more fat.

•Cut down stress: This is something not everyone thinks about when they are trying to lose weight. The fact of the matter is that stress not only undermines your health but stops you from losing weight in a number of ways.
o Your body produces stress hormones when you are tensed. This process compels your body to retain fat cells and you cannot lose weight.
o Stress stops you from sleeping. When you are tensed you tend to lie awake worrying. Divert your mind and make a positive effort to relax and relieve your tension.

•Eat little and often: This may come as a surprise to you… but eating more frequently will help you to burn more fat. Here is the reason why. It will stimulate your metabolism to work harder and faster. The key to success is really how much you eat. For example it is better to have 6 small meals than 3 large ones. When you speed up your metabolism you will burn more fat and that’s right you will lose those pounds.

•Exercise: exercise of any sort will help you to burn fat. If you have been doing this with your weight loss régime already then just add another exercise to your routine. You can also walk or jog a couple of extra miles if you are doing daily passive exercises. This will help you to burn extra calories.

These 3 steps will help you to burn those extra calories. The golden rule is to keep your calorie intake at the same level, or decrease it, to ensure that you are burning more calories that you are taking in.

A quick way to measure how many calories you are burning is to use a pedometer. These days these little devices have become quite sophisticated. They no longer just measure how many steps you take but will also be able to tell you how many calories you are burning with a particular exercise. In this way you will be able to gage how much fat you are burning.

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