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In light of the hasty and unforeseen deflation of the worldwide economic system, the relatively strong performance of the Mississauga residential real estate sector can be seen as something of a pleasant and unforeseen surprise. The percentage of resale homes and condos that have been sold is up from the previous year. In fact, the number of transactions may just set a new all time high as one of the greatest sales year on record. The average cost for an existing house in Mississauga was $388,417 in September of 2009.

Is there something about the region that is prompting such healthy sales numbers? Perhaps buyers are at last beginning to feel more comfortable about spending. Or, even better yet, perhaps real estate is recovering its reputation as a sound investment. Because a house can be lived in, real estate has traditionally always been able to draw investors who sought a functional and reliable investment. Now that the days of hyper-inflated adjustable A.P.R. mortgages have finally been revealed to be an unsustainable idea, real estate can once again recover its sensible, practical reputation. Mississauga is an excellent location in which to witness this transformation of the housing market back into one of balanced equity.

Everyone knows, Mississauga is no ordinary city. With a population of 700,000, easy proximity to Lake Ontario, and a healthy job market, Mississauga has multiple amenities to attract new home owners. With numerous cultural centers and an efficient public transit system, the town is friendly and accessible, and provides much in the way of civic benefits.

Therefore, buying a home in Mississauga is an investment in both the tangible materials of the building and also one's future prosperity. The strength of the Mississauga real estate sector could be accredited to the fact that so many people can imagine a healthy and vibrant future here; housing prices are poised to grow at a steady, respectable rate. Mississauga also has an excellent school system and beautifully created, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods, making it even more attractive to a new buyer.

Of course, Mississauga also has a thriving condo market for those who prefer to either make a first-time buy or who simply prefer the ease and accessibility of a condo. With over 100 condo structures in Mississauga, there are plenty of choices for every possible lifestyle and budget. Condo ownership, which is generally a wonderful way to start oneself in the real estate market and also enjoy the benefits of a metropolitan area, is definitely growing in Mississauga| Enjoying the multitude of metropolitan activities and compact, clever living has never been easier than in the growing condo market of Mississauga}.And with 40,000 units expected to become available across the Greater Toronto Area over the next 18 months, more selections will be available to buyers.

Ultimately, the continued growth of the real estate sector, which can be witnessed as a microcosm in Mississauga, but which could simply spread to the remainder of the world economy, should be based not simply on making cash, but on rebuilding the very idea of cities and communities. Lodging should be considered as a personal investment, not simply something to be flipped or 'turned over' on a whim. By investing in neighborhoods, and not short-term gain, home buyers will together boost the real estate market.

Stefan Hyross writes real estate info for www.square1condosforsale.com, a resource for discovering Mississauga residential real estate information and available listings. Find your next home or find out how much your property is valued at.
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