How to Improve Our Level of Food Packaging Machinery Business

In recent years, as China's food and beverage industry, the rapid development of ancillary food packaging machinery industry has a strong momentum to the rapid development of. However, while the product market with greater demand, but because of the same area produced a large number of repeated low level of technology, poor product quality reasons, a very small profit margins of enterprises, especially SMEs in the low cost competition at risk.

China's food packaging machinery manufacturing industry was the current level of the pagoda like products. At the bottom of a large number of low level duplicate products. Relatively few high end products. Data show that the national food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises there are nearly 6000, of which 2,000 is not stable enough, every year nearly 15% of companies converting or closed down. Output and sales of over billion is only a dozen companies, with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan of only 50 companies, industry 75% of the exports are produced by these 50 companies produced. The industry believes that the industry reshuffle is inevitable, small businesses will be phased out in the competition and mergers. Led to this situation for many reasons, mainly including the following four areas: CUP Letter analysis:

In response to these risks, CUP letter to the industry made the following recommendations:

1, combined with the regional distribution of characteristics, to promote the coordinated development of the whole
In order to study in line with national conditions and development strategies, food and packaging machinery, food machinery necessary to study the impact the quantity and variety of the development of regional differences, study and formulate food machinery division. Quantitative point of view, North China, the Yangtze River downstream addition to sugar, other foodstuffs adjustable out; and China Nanqia the contrary, in addition to sugar adjustable out, other foods need to be transferred into, refrigeration equipment, pastoral need to slaughter, transport, refrigeration, shearing and other mechanical equipment. How to objectively describe the vision of food and packaging machinery development trends, estimates of demand for quantity and variety, and reasonable for food processing and food machinery manufacturing enterprises of the layout, is worthy of serious study of strategic technical and economic issues, and research food machinery division, the system is equipped with a reasonable is to carry out the study determined the basic technical work.

2, and actively develop large enterprise groups

China's food and packaging businesses, mostly SMEs, lack of technical strength, lack of self development capacity, it is difficult to achieve technology intensive mass production, it is difficult to meet the ever changing market demands. Therefore, China's food and packaging machinery enterprise groups should follow the road, breaking some boundaries, organizing different types of enterprise groups, research institutes and institutions of higher learning, to enhance integration with enterprises, enterprise groups qualified to enter into enterprise groups, The development centers and personnel training base. Government departments concerned according to the characteristics of the industry, from the reality, and adopt flexible measures to support enterprise groups in the industry have developed rapidly.

3, and actively introduce advanced technology to enhance self development capacity

The introduction of the technology, and technology research and experimental studies combine to arrange adequate digestion and absorption of funds, through technical research and experimental research, the real master of foreign advanced technology and design concepts, design methods, testing methods and critical design data, manufacturing processes and other technical know how , and gradually form a self development ability and improve the innovation capability. The introduction of technology and business but also a combination of technological improvements, the corresponding transformation arrange funds to allow the introduction of technology to the rapid formation of productive capacity, into a commodity market. Should strive to expand channels and a variety of ways to actively develop international cooperation, including joint development, cooperative production, introduction of talents, sending personnel training and so on, to take people long to make up has weaknesses.

4, To enhance the quality of work to ensure product quality.

Food and packaging machinery industry in the great development of the situation, we should firmly grasp the product quality of this link, the only way to withstand entry into the World Trade Organization from the market challenges. Chinese made food and packaging machinery to establish a standard or advanced industrial countries with the international standards of product quality indicator system to adapt to and implement the design, manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning, and service the whole process of TV towers, for the implementation of key products license the production, enterprises should strengthen quality awareness and quality management. Relevant government departments to the existing food and packaging machinery product quality supervision and inspection agencies to further support the improvement of product quality supervision and gradually form a national monitoring center, which, in addition to day quality control work, is also responsible for the quality certification of export products.

1, a small number of product varieties and complete. Most of the production of single based domestic and abroad, mostly supporting the production, very few stand alone sales. On the one hand the variety China made equipment can not meet the domestic food and packaging needs of enterprises, on the other machine factory on the production and sales of single low profits, lack of access to complete sets of equipment sales of high efficiency.

2, low level of technology. Mainly manifested in the product reliability is poor, slow technological upgrading, new technologies, new processes, new materials, applications less. China's food and packaging machinery more than stand alone, complete sets of low pass bank credit tips.

While the food and packaging machinery industry in China face many problems, but also faces enormous domestic and international markets and better opportunities for development. Thus, banks should be risk averse, while concerned about the investment opportunities in the industry. CUP letter advised the banks to focus on the following aspects:

1, in the products, food packaging machinery in China focus on the development of the 13 categories of products: 1, oil processing technology and equipment; 2, fruit and vegetable processing technology and equipment; 3, meat processing technology and equipment; 4, dairy processing technology and equipment; 5, convenience food technology and equipment; 6, Beer & Beverage equipment; 7, ultrafine grinding technology and equipment; 8, extrusion molding technology and equipment; 9, sterilization aging technology and equipment; 10, micro capsule technology and equipment; 11, vacuum freeze technical equipment; 12, preservation, and packaging technology and equipment; 13, agricultural products (32.30,1.30,4.19%, bar) deep processing of complete sets of technical equipment, such as soy, rice, corn, potatoes and other deep processing and comprehensive utilization of equipment. Banks should actively credit such packaging enterprises in order to obtain the benefits of development of the industry.

2, in the enterprises, should focus on support to key enterprises to enable them to grow up as quickly as possible. At the same time pay close attention to the adjustment of product structure, and resolutely put an end to the low productivity, high energy consumption products to provide loans to businesses lagging behind. Beverage packaging industry as an example to the next 3 5 years, the beverage market in the development of the existing fruit juice, tea, bottled water, functional beverages, and carbonated beverages and other products at the same time, will be to low sugar or sugar free beverages, as well as pure natural, dairy and other healthy beverages category direction. Product development trend will further promote the development of packaging differentiation, such as PET aseptic cold filling packaging, HDPE (the middle barrier layer) of milk packaging, as well as aseptic carton packaging. Beverage product development, will ultimately contribute to the diversity of beverage packaging materials and structural innovation. By then, the production of differentiated products, enterprises will benefit from the package, the banks should be actively given to these enterprises credit.

The industry will be green, profit compression, brand marketing, high quality high energy characteristics of packaging machinery industry. How to better focus on "safety, health, environmental protection," the purpose to develop the packaging machinery industry, is that enterprises need to consider the issue, the direction of deviation from the mainstream companies will eventually be a gradual system of healthy competition in the market out of this, banks should actively guide the development of industries and enterprises to the industry mainstream in order to reduce credit risk, access to lucrative profits.

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