The Truth Behind Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

Before you begin your search for Hoodia weight loss pills you should know a little bit about the source of the Hoodia as well as why this works to help individuals lose weight.

Hoodia is known by many different names including Hoodia Gordonii, Ghaap,!khoba, xhooba, Hoodia cactus, and South African desert cactus. The plant is similar to a cactus and grows in Angola, Botswana, and Namibia, Africa. Hoodia became popular for the use in diet pills when ephedra was banned. Today, you can now choose to use a diet supplement or diet pills with Hoodia or ephedra as the FDA cannot regulate the use of the herb ephedra, it can only recommend.

The story behind the popularity of this plant was told throughout the world and soon became a great reason to try to shed those extra pounds. The legend or story was that the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert used the plant when they were on hunting trips. The hunting trips in some cases last several weeks or even months. The Bushmen discovered that the Hoodia plant may have been a bit bad to the taste buds but would actually fight hunger and thirst.

In the September 2004, issue of Brain Research a study reported that an energy molecule (ATP) that may be responsible for affecting hunger showed a change in levels in rat's brains that were injected with p57.

The rats that showed changes in the molecule also ate less. The other rats that were injected with placebo and no change were seen in those rats when it came to eating or the molecule ATP. Of course, this was an injection and was performed on rats instead of humans who take Hoodia weight loss pills instead of injections.

On the other hand, Phytopharm a manufacturer performed a clinical trial that involved eighteen individuals that used Hoodia. The trial showed that these individuals reduced their food intake around 1000 calories a day when compared to the group taking placebos. This study was never published and was only used by the manufacturer for peer review.

Today, one of the most popular and effective Hoodia weight loss pills available is the Hoodia HG-57. This is the Hoodia weight loss pill that offers 750mg of the Hoodia cactus extract per pill, which is the recommended amount for the product to work effectively. Other products do not have as much Hoodia in the ingredients and therefore do not work as well.

The way in which Hoodia works on the body is by making your brain believe you are full, thus you eat less. Most concentration of Hoodia today found in Lipodrene With Epehdra and Hoodia. Lipodrene does exactly what the Bushmen of long ago used the plant for while hunting and that is to actually fight hunger and thirst. By taking the Hoodia weight loss pills in the morning, you will enjoy feeling full throughout the entire day. You can take one or two pills not to exceed four in one day. If you need, you can take one pill one hour before meals if that helps curb your appetite in the beginning. Most people only need to take one or two pills each morning.

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