Park Bench 101: A Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Benches

Just like normal furniture, a park bench should be selected based on preferences like function, material, style, and quality of construction. Depending on the needs of the users, these considerations may have varying importance. Other people may prefer having park benches which are durable and can survive extreme conditions while some may prefer benches that have elaborately designed seats. Park benches are usually placed on wide grounds and on locations that are frequented by the crowd like the bus stops or outside the campuses. Since outdoor benches are constantly used for long periods of time, their material should be of high quality and made with a level of construction that can survive the harshest of conditions. For garden benches, benches are mostly used for aesthetic purposes only so only their details and appearances are most considered.

Thus, in choosing the best park bench to use, the first thing that needs to be identified is their primary purpose as furniture. For those who install them, they must determine the location where the bench will be installed but the usual climatic conditions must be known first. By specifying the dominant climate of the place, the proper materials that can survive the usual weather conditions must be chosen. For climate settings with mostly dry and sunny climates, almost any type of bench can be used like teak, iron, cedar, poly resin, and aluminum seats. In choosing the appeal of the park benches, the color and varnish of the bench should be measured because there are some materials that can fade when constantly exposed to sunlight.

For damp and moist climates, on the other hand, benches made of metallic non-corrosive materials which are mold and mildew resistant are recommended. Aluminum is a good choice for park benches with this type of environment because they are resistant to rotting or rusting. Another good choice for a park bench material is poly resin because constant rain fall and moisture does not have any adverse effect to its substance. This type of bench is not only pleasing to the eye because of its various colors but it is also environment-friendly, being made from recycled plastic.

Some of the most difficult locations for outdoor benches are places that are near the seas. Sea air and salt water are corrosive by nature and can easily eat away any kind of material that are constantly exposed to them. In choosing park benches for this kind of setting, it is important to remember that no matter what type of bench material is chosen, there will be a multitude of factors that can negatively affect them. Aluminum benches, for example, easily discolor when exposed to a corrosive environment. Painted or powder coated benches, on the other hand, will make their surfaces fragile and easily scratched especially with the constant blowing of wind that is carrying grains of sand.

Moreover, aside from the quality and durability of the material used, another important factor that must be checked is the look of the park benches. For a Victorian themed garden, there are no other better choices than the Victorian flare bench. On the one side, the modernist-chic appeal benches will be best if they have woven resin loveseats while the traditional American benches can be perfect if they have the classic wooden bench appeal. Just like any other furniture, park benches can make or break the look of a place so choosing the right design is very important.

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