Treating Facial Sweating Problems

You are aware that we all are sweating continuously, though we not realize it all too often. Sweating though natural, is essentially needed for removing toxins from the body and for maintenance of healthy skin. Our skin has built-in ability to replenish itself because of the presence of sebaceous glands that keep discharging fluids periodically. These fluids keep the lubricated and prevent it from getting dried up. You must have realized that you sweat more while exercising. That’s because you are exerting yourself and thus raising body temperature. To keep the temperature within acceptable limits, the body releases sweat, which on being evaporated by coming in contact with outside air causes cooling. Yet, there are many who keep sweating profusely even when they are not exerting their body. This kind of sweating is called hyperhidrosis, and when it occurs largely on the face or scalp, it is termed as facial hyperhidrosis.

Undoubtedly, excessive sweating on the face is very embarrassing, to say the least. However, there are measures to control it and even prevent it totally.

Of course, surgical treatments are available to rid you of excessive sweating of face and your doctor may suggest these, but it won’t be desirable to rush into any surgical measures without having first tried the other available options. One reason for avoiding immediate surgery is that it is quite an expensive and painful too. Even if you can afford to have it, don’t overlook the fact that surgery is a permanent measure, though quick. And, what if something goes wrong in the process!

There are painless ways of handling excessive sweating on face, and they are easily manageable too. But, you should understand that facial skin is different and more sensitive than the skin at other parts of your body that have to bear sweating. That explains why you can’t use the same antiperspirants for face as are often used for say underarm area. The skin of such area is stronger and equipped naturally to bear stronger chemicals that may come in its contact.

Bear in mind that you are dealing with your skin here and there should be no chance for any mishap, lest it leaves a permanent mark on your face. So, it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor before going for the application of any chemical on your face. After all the doctor understands skin and human body better than you do and is qualified to forewarn of any risks associated with the intended treatment. Yes, there are people who get too self conscious to approach their doctor for such malady like excessive facial sweating. You don’t have to come in that category!

It’s not difficult to imagine that at times excessive sweating of face can cause dilemma in a public gathering and is quite an irritating experience, not only for the beholder, but for onlookers too. Undoubtedly, it causes psychological trauma to the sufferers. It is therefore absolutely imperative for the victims to avoid developing an inferiority complex else they could become introverts. For this reason at least you should not keep postponing visiting your doctor and follow the suggested treatment.

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