How Guys and Girls Buy Shoes

Guys must struggle to understand the connection a girl has with her shoes. They never seem to stay around while us girls talk about our shoes, what we brought and what we like.

There are only 2 main features that guys look for in shoes. The first is function; the shoe is there to do a job. It may be a running shoe, walking shoe, shoes for skating in, etc. Guys will never buy a shoe because the like the look of it. The needed a shoe for a particular purpose and they buy a shoe for that purpose.

The second feature that guys look for in shoes is comfort. Guys do not like to have sore feet and will buy shoes that supports their feet and they can wear for many hours at a time.

Some men might choose the shoe to buy based on style. What you may not realise is that they have already thought about what they are going to use the shoe for and have made sure that it fits comfortably.

Us girls on the other hand look for completely characteristics in a shoe. The first thing that we look for in a shoe is how fashionably is it. We do not want to be seen in granny shoes or shoes that are not in fashion.

The second thing that we look for in a shoe is the look and the style. We want to make sure that she type of shoe suits us and is going to go with what we will wear. This goes through our heads before we have even considered if it will fit or not.

Sex appeal is something that we think about a lot when we buy heels. We want the shoes to make our legs look good and attract the guys attention.

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