Online Dating Don'ts

Online dating opens up many possibilities. The social opportunities that it provides means that it can lead to friendship, happiness, love and marriage. It is based on the idea that people can use messaging to establish a relationship with another person that has a foundation of trust and love (or lust). There are something that you should not do with online dating.

Although online dating is a great way to meet people that you can latter meet with in-person, you do not want to be giving your details to every Tom, Dick and Harry. It is not safe to hand out your phone number, street name or address to someone until you feel that you have started to get to know them. No harm would come from even not disclosing your name until the second or third email. This gives the other person a sense of achievement once they get it. Say anonymous for as long as possible. Most people have had a failed relationship in their past. You should not talk about your last relationship online though. To do so shows that you are not over your last relationship and gives people the idea they they are just there for you to vent your frustration on.

Make sure that you do not just say what you do not want. People do not like reading negative messages as much as they do positive ones. Try to focus on your positive side and prefer to talk about your strengths rather than your weaknesses. People do not like others who brag. It is OK to state your situation and say that you are rich, famous and handsome but do so without bragging. The one thing that you should not do most of all is lie. If you did have a chance of getting the other person to meet you or get to know you better, a lie such as using someone else's photo can screw your chances.

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