Dynamically load a class in PHP

Recently I visited a PHP forum where a user was asking how to "Dynamically Load A Class" in PHP using a variable.

He proceeded to make an invalid example like:

$module = new Mod_{$tmp_Name} ();

It is common in PHP to allow a PHP script to be extended just by adding extra classes. Theses classes are often found automatically and loaded from a variable in a string.

The problem is the solution that the user came up with is the most often used, but most insecure method. It was to use the eval function:

$toRun = "\$module = new Mod_{$toPass} ();";
eval ($toRun);

The eval command is a very powerful command. Used in correctly it can be a vary large security hole in your website.

The best method of dynamically loading a class in PHP that should have been used is:

$toRun = 'MyClass';
$instance = new $toRun();

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