20 Tips for writing better articles

There are many articles around the web and many of them are not well written. Some are have so many problems with them that they are hardly any use at all.

When you are writing articles for the web, there are a few ideas that you should keep in mind.

Use lists
People love lists on websites. They are easy to scan and make things simple. Use lists often in your articles
Small quick-loading graphics add interest to any page
Images are great a emphasizing a point to the user and adding a bit of style to an article.
Stay Brief
The user will not be reading your article for the whole day, so stay brief while making sure that you are not too brief that you do not tell the user anything.
Spell Check
Although it seems simple, many articles are not checked for wrong spelling.
Grammar Check
Bad grammar is harder to pick up than bad spelling, but it can render your article unreadable.
Shorter sentences and paragraphs
It is harder to read on the computer than it is to read on paper. Help the user by using shorter sentences and paragraphs.
Use white space
White space helps guide the eye to content and stops everything looking cluttered.
Use 'san-serif' fonts
Use 'san-serif' fonts which are 20% faster to read on a computer monitor. Verdana is recommended, as it was designed for computer screens.
65 characters per line
Aim for no more than 65 characters per line by using wide margins. Longer lines slow reading considerably.
No cryptic titles
Many newspapers have not done well online, as they have not changed their style of title to suit the web. Use understandable titles, that are not cryptic.
Use subheadings
Use frequent subheadings to break up text and draw the reader on.
Avoid slang that is only known in your country
Just because everyone uses a term in your country, it does not mean that anyone outside your country knows it.
Write your title first
Writing your title first help you to stay on topic.
Be unique
It is hard, but try to be unique.
Stay on topic
Do not go off track. Stay on the topic your readers want to hear about.
Be aware that readers on the web are skeptical
They will not believe one source and like second source to back up any claims.
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