Getting up when your alarm goes off

We all have had problems with our alarms some times. You are in your nice and warm bed, your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button and you are soon late for work and stuck in the morning rush hour traffic.

It seems that a sign of a good day is when we get up when our alarms go off for the first time. To help me get up in the morning, I found this list of tips that can help the night owl get out of bed.

Go to bed earlier

The first thing that your should try is to go to bed earlier. Your body needs a good night sleep and if you have trouble getting up in the mornings, it is often a sign that you are not having enough sleep.

No weekend sleep-ins

When you sleep in on the weekends, you are teaching your body that there are some days you can sleep in. It does not know that it is not allowed to sleep in on the weekdays. You should aim to never sleep in and let your body get used to the fact that when it is time to get up, you need to get up.

Always get up at the same time

Do not allow yourself to get up at 7am one day and 8am another. You need to teach your body when to wake up and it will not learn if you always get up at different times. Set your alarm clock to one time and never change it.

Alarm on other side of room

Try placing your alarm on the other side of the room. This means that when your alarm goes off, you will need to get out of your bed to turn the alarm clock off. At this stage, do not let yourself go back to bed.


Set your alarm clock to play your favorite radio station really loud. Don't pick one of these talk but shows, but a full music radio station. Sing a long to the next song to come on.

Recite something

If you have any speeches that you need to do that day, there will be no better time and no harder time to recite your speech. As your alarm clock goes off, start reciting.

2 alarm clocks far apart

Have 2 alarm clocks go off at the same time of separate corners of the room. This means that you will need to get up and go to both before you can get some peace and quiet.

Hide your alarm clock

If you use your cellphone as your alarm clock and it is loud enough, leave your cellphone in the pocket of you jeans at night so that in the morning you need to go through your pile of clothes, find your jeans and get your cellphone.

3 Deep breaths

Try taking 3 deep breaths when your alarm goes off. The idea is to get more oxygen into your blood and to get your lungs to go from small breaths while you are sleeping to the type of inhaling you get after you finish running. Be careful with this though as you do not want to over do it, hyperventilate and start feeling faint.


When you yawn, you sometimes stretch your arms or legs out behind your head or in front. Just like you are yawning, try to stretch your arms and legs out. Do this when you hear your alarm go off and before turning it off to see if it helps you wake up.

Hold your breath

Take a deep breath and hold it. See how long you can hold your breath. Before you run out of air, take a second deep breath and see if you are more awake.

No Snooze

Physically remove the snooze button from your alarm or melt it so that it no longer works. The problem with this is that you will need to have enough know-how to devise a way to turn it off.

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