Free iPod from Krugle.com

It is always very cool to get free stuff, and even better to win it.

I am an application developer by trade and while I was at work, I was pointed to a site called Krugle. The site had a slick interface and made some claims that really caught my eye. Some of the claims were:

  • Find code, Find answers - Krugle makes it easy for developers to find source code and technical information - fast!
  • Quickly find and review source code
  • Find code-related technical information
  • Save, annotate and share your search results with others... all from within a single, easy-to-use, web application.

My initial expectation was a search engine that only half worked and did not return any relevant results, but boy was I wrong. Krugle seemed to have a vast knowledge of code from all round the net, and could pick the best parts out at the click of a button.

When I hit a few problems at work, it was so easy to flick to Krugle, see how someone else got around the problem and implement aspects from a few of the results.

Somehow on my travels around Krugle, I entered my email address into an iPod draw. It might have been for a survey or just for signing up, I can not remember. Anyway, a month or two later I had my new iPod from Krugle in hand.

Not only did I find a brilliant coding resource, I also got a free iPod from it.

Krugle.com rocks.

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