The art of procrastination

For years and years procrastination has been a bad trait, weeded out by self help books and generally been associated with laziness. In my opinion, procrastination can be quite an honorable trait and even bring you fame and fortune.

Un-thought of by many, procrastination has one good point, and this point is what brings the power to the art of procrastination. The point is "What do you do when you procrastinate?" Have you ever though about this?

Care for an example... I like to consider myself the best at procrastinating. If I do not want to do something like clean the house, I work on my website. If I do not want to do work that I really need done, I work on my website. If I hate doing something, 9 times out of 10  I will procrastinate by working on my website. It is quite common that you will have an activity that you will always resort to when you are procrastinating. The question is how can you use this fact to your advantage?

Knowing what you do when you procrastinate, you now can brainstorm how to use this to your advantage. If you are anything like me, you will procrastinate and avoid doing the boring brainstorming task at hand. (I find myself working on my website again). I suddenly decided to allow myself to procrastinate - I did nothing but work on my website.

One would tend to think that constantly allowing yourself to procrastinate would produce no results. In my case, it pointed me towards my career in the Information Technology industry. After all the hours I spent working on my website, a passion for programming the software behind websites formed.

For you to be the best at something, you need 2 things. A desire to do it and the time to change your desire into reality. When you procrastinate, you do what you want for as long as you want. This provides the perfect situation for you to be the best.

Forget looking for something to be good at, use what you learn from procrastination to your advantage. If you love Movies, watch as much TV as possible and become a movie reviewer.

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