Mothers Day and Fathers Day

Mothers Day

Even in the ancient days when the Greeks reigned, there has been holidays aimed at mothers. The Greeks were first to honour Rhea, the mother of the gods. Some Romans also had a similar holiday for Cybele, the Roman mother goddess. Latter in 17th century Britain, mothering Sunday came about when servants could return home for the day to visit their mothers, but this holiday almost died out.

The person with the most credit of helping create mothers day is Anna M. Jarvis. Anna was a ministers daughter and for 20 years taught Sunday School. She was also quite attached to her mother. When her mother died in 1907, Anna began a letter-writing campaign to gain the support of influential ministers, businessmen and congressmen in declaring a national Mother's Day holiday. She wanted children to show their appreciation for their mothers while they were still alive and help strengthen family bonds.

In May, 1913, The House of Representatives unanimously adopted a resolution requesting the President, his Cabinet, members of Congress, and all officials of the federal government to wear a white carnation on Mother's Day. Congress passed another Joint Resolution May 8, 1914, designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

So on the second Sunday in May, remembers Mother's Day.

Fathers Day

A lot of us buy cards for our fathers on fathers day. This may make it seem as if the greeting card writers thought fathers day up to sell more cards, but this is not the case.

Fathers day was created when a Washington lady by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd was listening to a Mothers day sermon in 1909. As her mother had died during childbirth, her father William Jackson Smart had to raise her and her 5 siblings by himself. Her father had made many sacrifices by being a parent, and Sonora wanted to that him for this.

On the 19th of June 1910, Sonora celebrated her fathers sacrifice. In 1924, president Calvin Coolidge supported the idea a national fathers day, and president Lyndon Johnson declared the 3rd Sunday of June as fathers day.

So on the third Sunday in June, remember, Fathers Day

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