Writers Block

As a writer, one of the most annoying things is to not have anything to write about and can not focus. This can be a big problem for all of us, when writing a letter or even an email.

What causes it?

The first step to solving your writers block, is to understand what is is that is causing it. There are many things that can cause writers block.

  • Too much pressure to complete the writing to a to higher standard
  • We do not know that our readers know, or what they what to hear
  • We lack the fact and information
  • Lack of structure to your writing
  • No interest in the topic
  • Being tired
  • Have not thought about the topic enough.

How to solve it

There is no one solution to writers block, but the main idea is to try many different ideas over a period of time.

  • Think about alternative wordings and phrasing
  • Make many draft copies
  • Wait for an inspiration
  • Start a difficult sentence with words that help lay out the sentence, for example "Due to the fact that..." and "it is imperative that..."
  • Make notes about ideas as they come to you
  • Try brainstorming
  • Break the writing into sections and complete each section before working on the transitions between the sentences.
  • Try explain what your writing about to another person
  • Leave hard sections for latter
  • Be flexible and willing to through out sections that are causing problems.
  • Take breaks
  • Think about your audience; who are you writing it for
  • Practice your writing skills
  • Work on several articles simultaneously
  • Sleep on it
  • Allow ideas the time to develop
  • It is alright to spell a word wrong while you finish getting down your current idea

Look for ideas

When I am writing for my website, I often find myself lacking ideas to even start on. To get around this for of writers block, there are many places to look for ideas.

  • Visit forums on the internet to find what other people what to know about
  • Read newspapers and magazines
  • Brainstorm
  • Participate in chat rooms
  • Ask people around you for ideas
  • Browse the internet
  • Keep a notebook of ideas
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