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Trademe is New Zealand's largest online auction site and trading community. Trademe has taken New Zealand by storm and does not allow ebay to get a hold in the New Zealand auction market.

Editor of NetGuide magazine Nigel Horrocks said that the site's success in the NetGuide Web Awards is consistent with its outstanding performance over the last few years


"Trade Me is a cool New Zealand auction site where ' kiwis buy and sell online', a bit like ebay but friendlier. It's a good place to buy NZ stamps and LOTR memorabilia and other NZ stuff. They have a web cam where you can see people working in the office and sometimes they wave. Check out the messageboards, they are a real hoot. I go to Trade me every day to check out the new auctions and see what's going on.

"Trade Me is New Zealand's leading online-auction site. New Zealanders can easily and happily trade various goods with each under, and it's really easy to use. It's free to list goods, but if you sell something you have to give Trade Me a very small percentage of your earnings, but that's alright."

"Trade Me has a very clean and easy-to-use interface, and it runs on a great server for fast download times. The ability to auction off anything you have (even houses and boats) is a plus, and you can even add pictures."

"Overall, Trade Me is a very good website. Hurray for New Zealand."

"Trademe owns NZ's auctions market, and have a very simple user interface that ebay could learn from. A great site. "

"A nice site very fast loading and the biggest trading site in NZ. Excellent for selling your goods."

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