No more Shyness

Shyness can affect all of us in some way and if we do not learn to control it, it controls us. You are not alone when it comes to being shy as famous personalities and very successful business people experience shyness at times.

Here are a few tips to overcome shyness. If you are sacred to make conversation with familar people, you could always practice in another city.

  • Try to look your best. Looking good makes you feel better about yourself and helps with your self-esteem
  • Join clubs that interest you. It is easier to talk to people with common interests.
  • Smile. A smile does wonders and makes you look approachable.
  • Make a real effort to stop worrying about what you think others are thinking about you. People who are worth having as friends will judge you not simply by outward appearances but by the kind of person you truly are.
  • Think positively
  • Judge others fairly
  • Learn to be sociable. Force yourself to smile, to greet others and to carry on a conversation. Remember that you have only 50 percent of the responsibility. The other person should carry the rest of the conversation.
  • Try to develop a sense of humor about yourself. Don’t condemn yourself if you say something wrong. Just relax and continue with the conversation, perhaps adding, “That didn’t come out right.”
  • Set realistic and meaningful goals for yourself. Start of with engaging in conversation with others, talking to people you haven’t yet met, acting in a confident manner.
  • If you are faced with a tough situation like a speech or a job interview, be as prepared as possible. Practice well beforehand. Maintain eye contact with your audience and be convinced that what you have to impart is of real value to your listeners.
  • But what really cured my shyness was joining a Toastmasters club (they are all nice people, honest)
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