It is all in the name; PHProxy is a proxy that is programmed in PHP. PHProxy is a web-based circumventor that can be easily installed on any PHP-enabled webserver in order to allow users to browse through the webserver itself as a proxy. PHProxy retrieves websites requested by the users and modifies their code so that all links in the requested websites point back through the PHProxy. In this way, users can browse through the PHProxy in order to bypass Internet censorship.

PHProxy is highly configurable:

  • Multiple methods of URL obfuscation to bypass keyword filtering
  • Control over media mode (including text only) to save bandwidth
  • Script and cookie removal for enhanced anonymity
  • Access Control (whitelist & blocklist)
  • Alter Image sizes to combat HTTPS finger printing

The PHProxy script is provided free at Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/poxy/), but if you just want to use it, there are many sites that let you.

Finding a site that allows you access to this script, is quite simple. We can use Google to look for sites with pages contain the name of this script:

  • Search for PHProxy on Google

You might have to try a few sites before you find one that is working.

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