Dating online and meeting women

When guys first get into online dating they seem to all make the same mistakes. If you are not having much success with dating online then you will be making the same mistakes as other guys. Here are a few tips to help you have more success.

Keep your profile a suitable length

Do not have your profile too short. You need to say something about yourself to get the girls interested. They need to have something to talk to you about.

On the flip side, make sure that your profile is not too long; You are not trying to write a novel. Make sure you leave some parts out. You need some aspect of your life to stay mysterious.

Use flattering pictures that are accurate and up to date

Try not to use photos of when you were younger, or of someone else. Just use pictures that make you look your best but are not giving people the wrong idea. If you do not want to put pictures up, say why. Lying about pictures from the beginning is not a good look.

Keep your profile accurate

Make sure that your profile is correct and accurate. There is nothing that puts off a girl more than a guy who knows nothing about his favourite hobby.

Do not expect all the girls to reply

For every girl on a dating site, there are more than 5 guys. This means that some girls will just be too busy to reply to you. Do not take it personally and just move on.

Record conversation details

Keep notes on the conversations you have online. Girls tend to take it personally when you forget their birthday or they get a bad impression when you talk about the same item twice. Brief notes will just give you something to refer to when you are unsure.

Stay local

Try to avoid contacting girls that are more than a short drive away. Give the local girls a chance first as they are easier to meet offline.

Don't be dirty

Do not send rude pictures that show parts of you strangers do not want to see. Rude photos and messages will mean you have no chance.

Online dating does not work for everyone

People are different and different things will work for them. Make sure that you also try out other ways of meeting girls. Also, if you are looking for the type of girl who would rather be out doing something than be on the computer, you will not find her with online dating.

Get offline

Try to meet up with her offline as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the less likely you are to meet. Remember that people can be quite different when you meet them in person.

Be decisive

Girls like a guy who can make decisions and organise things. Make sure you have a time and place in mind before you raise the idea of meeting. Make a slight allowance for rescheduling, but do not let the girl push you around or keep putting it off.

Do not expect too much

Do not get your expectations too high on the first date when you have met online. You need to appear relaxed and calm.

Forget your dating past

Do not discuss any past partners or lack of partners as no good can come from it.

Have fun

Make sure you have fun. The most common attribute that girls look for in a guy is that they are fun.

Do not be afraid to stop replying for a while

If a girl is not responding, move on. When a girl starts to act weird or demanding, move on. If a girl does not turn up to a date, move on.

Do not be afraid to move on and stop replying. Sometimes it can be the best thing that you can do. Once a girl realises that she can lose her only chance with you, she will take more care and might reply.

Become the guy the girls want but can not have NOT the guy anybody can have but no one wants.

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