From online dating site to dinner

Online dating is not all that different from meeting offline, although it's the meeting in person that could well be the crucial factor in deciding what direction the relationship will take. Lots of couples click fantastically online but when they meet offline, it turns out to be totally disastrous. Online dating is a great way to meet other single people and the exciting part is to moving your online relationship to an offline one.

Ok, so you think you've met your soul mate through an online dating website. What next? You would really like to take it from the online meetings to a dinner for two. You've got to be prepared for anything though. It doesn't matter whether she lives in the same country or in another. Make it a point to build up enough confidence to talk over the telephone. It can really raise your comfort level - there's a big difference reading text versus listening to a live voice. Get to know her well, so that you are not tongue tied when you get together on that dinner date.

There's every chance she might think twice when you call her out for dinner - for all she knows, you might be a stalker who's out to get her blood. Or you could just be looking for a good time. So what do you do?

Here Are Some Tips

Honesty is really the best policy - be truthful. That need not mean that you should tell her every little detail about you, but do not lie about the details that you do disclose to her. Sincerity gets through very nicely to a woman and it forms the basis for trust. When you move ahead and the trust develops, it is easier to decide to meet for that offline dinner. Moreover, this makes both of you feel comfortable when you finally end up meeting since you didn't hide anything from her.

Go slow. Don't try to rush the relationship. This works in any relationship, but especially so in an online relationship. Try not to be monotonous. Don't make inane comments or remarks. She'll be quickly bored. Make sure you know what information her profile has, and ask relevant questions, while giving information about yourself as well. It will draw her out and encourage her to feel more confident about you.

One of the best ways to become compatible is by discussing common interests. This is how you probably met her in the first place - so get into the comfort groove. Don't show your anxiety of meeting her offline. If the two of you are really getting along fine, she might even be the one to suggest meeting up for dinner.

So, no matter how many emails, pictures or phone calls you have shared, you must be sure that she's open to the idea of meeting you offline, because you must not scare her away by suggesting it too soon. You can make her feel safer by meeting up in a public place first during the daytime for coffee, so that she is at ease. Once you have done that, make sure that you don't bore her to death - she must find you just as interesting offline as she did online.

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