Top rule for dating online

There is one rule that you should always follow when you are meeting women on the Internet: Get the phone number and have a real date at the first possible chance.

On dating sites you will find many professional chatters. There are people who love chat and email you. They will send you a lot of emails and will sound as if they have the best intentions of meeting you, but will never give any contact information. They will use excuses and say that they want to get to know you more.

If you can not get her number, she may be:

  • Already in a relationship with another guy (or many guys)

  • Just playing around and not have serious intentions of dating you or having a relationship

  • A man who has never had a date in his life, sitting naked in front at his computer on the other side of the world

Even when you have her phone number, you still have to be careful. Some women just love talking and want you to call them all the time. They will have no intention of meeting you in person, so only your phone company will be getting anything good out of it.

Your are not in it for a virtual girlfriend, so you need to meet her in person and take her to dinner. If she is not serious about meeting, then there is little reason to waste time on her.

Do not believe anything she tells you until you meet her in person.

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