Winning your ex-girlfriend back

You broke up with your girlfriend and now you want her back. We have all been in this situation and it is not the best feeling. Searching the net, you start hoping for website to tell you a magical cure to your problems. I am going to make this one easy for you.

Do you have a chance?

First we need to figure out if you have a chance at winning back your ex-girlfriend. This is simple to work out and only needs one answer:

Did you break it off with her?
Or did she break it off with you?

Now lets look into your answer.

She broke it off with you

Sorry, but you have very little chance of winning your girlfriend back, unless:

  • Your ex-girlfriend still acts as if you are together

  • Your ex-girlfriend still frequently contacts you

  • Your ex-girlfriend still flirts with you

If she broke up with you, she had a reason in mind. This is not the type of thing that people decide on the spot. She would have thought about it before, maybe even for a few weeks or months. That type of decision can not be swayed by just a few words or actions.

If she knows that you still want her, she has you in her control. Never ever let her know that you would go out with her again after she plays around with another guy or two. This will just mean that you will always be waiting for her to run out of luck with every other guy on the planet.

The best thing that you can do to win your ex-girlfriend over is move on. Girls hate to see that their ex-boyfriends are happy without them. Seeing you have fun or with another girl will make her realise that she made the wrong decision.

Even though it did not work out with your ex-girlfriend, make sure that you do not go out and look for revenge. Girls talk and any revenge may lower your chances of going out with a girl that knows your ex-girlfriend.

You broke it off with her

Chances are that just a few of the right words or some romantic action will have her falling into your arms again. She will be constantly wondering what she did wrong and how she did not want to lose you. She will miss having sex with you (if you were any good) and yes girls miss sex from a relationship as much as guys do.

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