Moving in together

Today marriage is still a big deal and time is need to be able to make the commitment needed. Living together can be a step forwards in a relationship without having the risk of divorce. It is common for relationships to be tested when you start living together and it is wise to think carefully about this step.

Many couples have questions that they would like answered before moving in. Here are a few answers to help get you thinking.

Why move in together?

This is an important question that you need to think about first. Moving in together should be a step to help strengthen an already strong relationship, not an attempt to salvage fading love. There are many reasons people start living together:

  • As a step towards marriage

  • Because it is the social-norm

  • Save money

  • Convenience

  • To keep a partner you think you might be losing

You should only think about moving in together when you and your partner are looking at having a long term relationship.

Will it help our relationship?

Living with your partner has benefits as well as disadvantages. You will be living with your partner through the good times and the bad. Living together is advantageous to relationships including:

  • Sharing expenses

  • Sharing responsibilities

  • Sharing more experiences

  • Learn more about each other

  • Understand each other more

With the good points also comes the bad. If your relationship is stable and built on strong foundations, you should not have a problem. You may find that moving in with your partner will mean:

  • You may lose your own space

  • Suddenly you can not leave on a random trip without telling your partner

  • Your partner may not manage money the same way you do

  • You may lose the excitement and anticipation of meeting

Living together is going to test your relationship. If it works you will have a stronger relationship, or else you may find your relationship not surviving.

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