Eye Contact Rules

Eye contact is an important part of making a connection with someone you care about, but staring will make you seem odd. Here are some ideas to make eye contact easier.

  • Do not stare - You just want to glance at her and catch her eye.
  • Relax - Be casual about it and it will be easier not to stare.
  • Do not force it - Eye contact only works if she want to make eye contact as well.
  • Smile - It will make you seem a nicer person.
  • Not all the time - You should not hold eye contact for an entire conversation.
  • Look like you are listening - Eye contact makes you look like you are listening

Only after you have had eye contact with her should you "check her out". As you are holding eye contact, glance at her body and then make eye contact again. It should happen as quickly as possible and you are not staring at her body.

Keeping your eyes off her body

It is hard to if you are looking at her too much. One rule that can help is the 30 second rule. Do not look at her more than once every 30 seconds unless she is speaking. Also if you look at her body for 10 seconds and have not made eye contact, you are staring.

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