Three Common Eating Disorder Treatment Options

Eating disorders are a very controversial topic. They vary in type and severity, and are affecting an increasing number of people. The first piece of advice would be to seek medical help as soon as you are aware that someone you know has an eating disorder. Medical professionals can then decide on the best course of action. The following are three of the most common eating disorder treatment options.

Getting Immediate Care

The most urgent aspect of getting treatment for eating disorders is the physical side. Although the root cause is not physical, they can be fatal. Malnourishment is not the only health risk associated with eating disorders. It is also important to be aware that weight is not necessarily an indicator of health; someone with anorexia can be slightly overweight. You also need to take other underlying health concerns into account when assessing the physical dangers. Some of the more serious side effects are heart attacks, strokes, electrolyte imbalance, liver failure, muscle wastage and in some cases a torn esophagus from vomiting. It is essential to deal with these physical problems before dealing with the mental issues, as there are many fatalities associated with these disorders.

Admitting the Problem

While eating disorders have extreme physical consequences, they are actually mental in origin. The physical impact is only a symptom of the underlying problem. They are a kind of addiction, and like any kind of addiction, the biggest battle is admitting that you have a problem so that you can start dealing with it. The two most common eating disorders are Anorexia and Bulimia; they are caused by distorted body image, telling you that you are fat and will be happier if you can lose weight. The desire to lose weight becomes an obsession until the physical problems begin to arise. One of the biggest challenges sufferers face is admitting the problem to themselves, admitting that they distorted image they have of themselves is incorrect so they can begin to break the cycle. Most of the time, it will take a trained medical professional to help them break this cycle of obsession.

Receiving Ongoing Treatment

Ongoing treatment for eating disorders is in depth and varied. Counseling will be necessary in order to promote healthy body image. It is often important to find a trigger too; it may be a symptom of yet another mental problem such as depression and these disorders are almost always linked with low self esteem. Dealing with these ongoing psychological issues must happen in conjunction with physical care, ensuring that the sufferers eat normally and do not attempt to purge their bodies afterwards. It may be necessary to have a period of residential care where the sufferer will learn new healthier habits which they can take back to their normal life.

These three steps are vital for overcoming eating disorders. Seeking medical help is always the first step; don't attempt to control some ones eating disorder alone if you aren't a trained professional.

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