How To Sleep On A Plane

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination whether it's for business or vacation and being exhausted and over tired. In some cases the sleep that you will get on a plane is the only sleep you may have for that day so it's very important to get as good of a rest in as possible on the plane as you can.

Possibly the most important step to getting some sleep on the plane is your choice in seats. Asile seats are great if you plan on staying awake the entire flight, but if you want to sleep Murphy's Law says that as soon as you start to nod off someone will ask you to get up so that they can get out of your row to go to the bathroom or walk around. If you want to sleep, a window seat is the way to go. Not only will you not have to get up for other people but you can rest your head against the window and feel more comfortable that you won't end up leaning against or drooling on the stranger next to you.

If at all possible avoid the last row of the airplane, often times these seats do not recline and they are so close to the bathroom that you are constantly being woken up by noisy people and yucky smells. Typically, the closer you can get to the front the quieter the plane will be on most planes the rear of the plane is extremely noisy due to engine placement. Exit rows give you more legroom, however they're often some of the first rows to fully booked up so the chances of you having an open seat next to you are pretty slim.

Sometimes honesty is the best policy as you go to check in for your flight tell the gate agent you would like to get some sleep and ask them if there is a row available where you can have a window seat and no one next to, it can't hurt to ask.

Another important factor in getting some rest on a plane is what you're wearing. Try to dress comfortably and be prepared for the plane to either be too cold or too warm wearing layers will help a great deal in finding that ideal temperature to be able to fall a sleep easily.

Drinking doesn't help. In numerous sleep studies doctors have found that consuming alcohol actually inhibits your ability to fall asleep properly and the quality is so poor that you literally don't get any rest at all so avoid those cocktails in the bar before the flight if at all possible.

Bring your iPod and have soothing music preselected that can play for a long period of time without you having to adjust the controls of your iPod. If you have trouble sleeping to music bring earplugs. If you don't have earplugs but you have your iPod and you don't want to listen to music, wear the headphones anyways, this will keep annoying people from bothering you with conversation during the flight.

If you can think of it bring one of those neck donut pillows as they will help you get more comfortable and save your neck during a two hour nap on the plane. As goofy as the luck they really do make a difference and can really help.

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