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Dublin Beauty Salon Treatments

A Beauty salon is a place for cosmetic treatments for both men and women .Beauty salon offers complete cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic treatments usually involve hair cut, facial treatment, manicure and pedicure. But now a day’s some beauty salon also offer spa, meditation treatments like oxygen bath and mud baths. Usually hair salons and spa are separate establishment but can also be found within a beauty salon. The following paragraphs explain the different cosmetic treatments offered in most beauty salons.

Spa treatments that are offered in most beauty salons can range from destination spa to simple day spa. Mostly facial, pedicure and manicure are included in day spa. Destination spa means to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetable, body massage as well as mind therapies .Massage is used to stimulate body and to bring fresh skin on top.

Manicure is the word used for cosmetic treatments for our hands in beauty salon. This includes using products for skin color, texture, cutting nails and shaping nails as well as nail polish. Hand massage is sometimes considered to be a part of manicure though most beauticians include it in spa treatment. Other beauty treatments in manicure are nail arts, applying decals or jewels. You can even get yourself artificial nail or nail gels to increase length of your nails without growing them.

Pedicure is cosmetic treatment for feet. The treatments used in manicure if used on feet then its called pedicure. Pedicure includes massage for feet’s and use of lotions to make skin soft. Pedicure also include using pumice stone for rubbing under feet to remove dead skins and bring smooth new skin on top. Pedicure includes legs up to kneecap as well. Pedicure for legs include waxing , moisturizing and leg massage.

The hair treatments at beauty salon are hair cut, shampooing and conditioning of hairs, styling and coloring of hairs. Hair salon are mostly separate from beauty salon .While different hair salon have different specialty some are better in hair styling and some in doing haircuts.

Facial means the treatment for face. The beauty salon treatments that come under facial treatments are removing facial hair, removing nose hairs, using skin fairness creams and lotion and face massage. It’s included in spa but now beauty salon also offers this. Mostly in facial treatment a face mask is made using fruits, vegetable , herbs and different creams .Its applied onto face for a given time and then face is washed using some face wash product.Most beauty salons now have their own range of cosmetic products also.

While most salon have professional beauticians and equipment for beauty treatment, some still use the ancient practices and methodologies especially ayurvadic beauty treatment. Ayuravdic beauty treatment is mentioned in scriptures which are considered to be around 3000 years old. It’s based on the use of spices, herbs and all types of organic food for beauty treatment. Ayurvadic beauty treatment is offered in some of the most expensive beauty salons in Europe and even trained beauticians also practice it.

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