Can I Use Thermal Binding Covers With My Unibind Machine?

When it comes to choosing a thermal binding machine, the decision to purchase a Unibind system is a wise one. Not only can you bind many booklets at once with this system, this document finishing system also offers a fabulous selection of covers and spines that will make any document look fantastic. But while there's a lot of these great supplies available, perhaps you'd like to use your own binding cover with your machine and you're wondering if that's possible. Well, it is possible. But it can be a little bit tricky. Here's why.

The first thing to realize is that all Unibind covers/spines have a strip of metal in the spine. When you bind with these supplies, the metal is attracted to a magnet in the machine's heater. This causes the machine to turn on and thus, the book-making process begins. Other types of thermal binding supplies lack this strip, which is why it's tricky to use them with a Unibind device. Here are two ways you can bind with them. Choose the method that you think would work best for you.

1.) The washer method. The first method involves using a washer. Each machine comes with a washer that comes in handy when testing the machine. To bind with non-Unibind materials, you can place the washer on the heater, which will active it and cause the machine to warm up. You can then bind with your other materials because the heat will melt the adhesive in the spines. However, this method can be a bit risky because the washer will get extremely hot and you can easily burn yourself if you try to handle it.

2.) The Unibind cover method. Another method involves tricking the machine into thinking you're using a Unibind cover/spine. This is because you basically are. You do this by placing the cover on the heater at the same time you place your thermal cover. The metal spine will turn on the heater and the heat will bind your document together in about 90 seconds. (A green light will go on when the machine has done its thing.) You can bind multiple books at once with this method and when they're done, just move them to the cooling area and keep on working. Just remember that the Unibind cover needs to be on the heater during every binding cycle for this method to work. If it's not there, this method won't work at all.

So, as you now know, it's totally possible to use your own thermal covers and spines with a Unibind machine. It can be a little bit tricky at first, but once you do it several times, it should get easier. One of the great things about binding this way is that you can create your own customized covers with the materials you want and then be able to bind them quickly and easily. And you'll still have the option of using Unibind's own lineup of supplies. Just be careful if you decide to use the washer method. Burning yourself to bind your document isn't recommended. So stay safe and keep on binding!

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