Learn to Swim on Majorca Family Holidays

They say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Well, the same might be said of children who have not yet learnt to swim - you can take them to the water but you can't make them jump in. However, you can guarantee that's just what they'll want to do on Majorca family holidays. With wonderful beaches, warm waters and exciting water parks galore, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids to swim.


The majority of hotels catering for Majorca family holidays will have swimming pools that are readily available to guests. Though these pools can get quite busy during peak hours when the sun is at its hottest, there is plenty of room for everyone. Many hotels even cater specifically for younger children with smaller and shallower designated areas, separate from the main pool. So before you throw them in the deep end and take them swimming in the sea, make use of the fabulous facilities on offer.

Stick to the Shallows

The waters surrounding Majorca are both clean and warm, making them wonderfully appealing. Not only is the sea water pristine, but beaches are also well-kept with very little litter left lying around. This makes Majorca a family holidays paradise. Shallow waters and gentle currents, particularly in areas such as the Bay of Alcudia, mean a completely family-friendly area in which you can introduce your children to swimming in the sea. Providing the weather is good, there is little in the way of chop to contend with, so children will not be buffeted by waves as they take their first strokes. In fact, by the end of a day at the beach in Majorca, your children will almost certainly have become water babies.

Progress to a Park

Once the kids have conquered the pool and the ocean, why not progress to a water park. There are several of these to be found in Majorca, including HidroPark, Aqualand, Aquapark, and Aquacity. Jump in and cool off as you enjoy the adventure pools with all sorts of fountains, floats and fascinating decor which can include anything from pirate ships to castles. Now that the kids are confident in the water, they'll be itching to go on as many of the exciting flumes and water rides as they can fit into one day. For those who are not quite tall or assured enough for the wilder rides, they can enjoy lazy rivers, and simulated waves. With so many exciting, wet and wild activities on offer in one place, this is the ideal way to spend a day on your Majorca family holidays, and they'll be very glad you taught them to swim.

With hot sunshine and warm sea everywhere you go, it is no surprise that water is such a large component of Majorca family holidays. Make sure the children are able to really make the most of the water, but don't worry if they haven't learnt to swim by the time you get to Majorca, as there are plenty of places where you can teach them.

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