How To Handle Group Arrival At Reception?

Before group arrives..

1. Prepare all the documents that will be handed over to members of awaited group.
2. Double check are the rooms in accord with what was ordered, take a note of any special requirements.
3. Keep the room clear, mark it as booked in your rooms plan one day before so it can be properly prepared.
4. If it is ok with your company's image prepare a traditional welcome. It may help you to keep members of the group nice and happy even in case of unexpected circumstances.
5. Have the keys for the room waiting for them, no need to waste your time later.
6. If you operate in a place that provides food or have a bar make needed agreements and let everyone know.
7. Are you ready with all the rooms? Check on housekeeping work.
8. Be sure to have multiple copies of list with names, allocation, list of documents.
9. Be nice and professional – leaving greeting notes can not only make a good impact but also save you the same question asked by few people.
10. Check is the room of new group's leader is ready and is there anything he or she will need.
11. Double check are all of works are aware of group arrival.
12. If you have free time you can always pre-register group in your system.

Here they come...

1. Put in work welcome you have prepared and get beverages served.
2. Check are there any changes within allocation list and do it with leader of group.
3. Give out envelopes containing greetings and keys to rooms. Pass a note to group leader and inform people on where their rooms are located.
4. Check if everything is ok with the baggage of your customers and pass allocation list to the Bell Captain.
5. Show GRC you have prepared before to leader of the group and ask for signature. Note on it number of the bags.
6. Group has their rooms sorted out so now it is time that you sort out some food for them! Write down any special requirements you may take and arrange meeting between food section manager and the group leader.
7. When everyone are allocated and all the paper work is done properly pass the keys and any notes to group leader. Wish him or her a pleasant stay.

Other things to do that may improve quality of your work.

1. Keep the documents in a good order.
2. Make sure that the luggage has been delivered to rooms.
3. The notification about arriving group should be hand over to:

• General Manager, F & B Manager
• Chef, • Ex. Housekeeper
• Bell Captain

4. Keep arrivals records up to date.
5. In a group file include copy of planned group allocation.
6. Update computer's files.
7. Prepare C-Form (In case of foreigners arrival).
8. Check group name in the record and write down number of leader's room next to it.
9. Open 2 kind of bills, one for the bill, counted per the TA’s voucher and second one for any not planned or extra charges. When passing bill hand over also plan with spending of specific rooms.

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