Eucalyptus Patio Furniture – An Easy Way To Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

A hardwood from Australia, eucalyptus is primarily known as the food eaten by the koala bear. Eucalyptus is much less widely known than its more popular counterparts like redwood, cedar, and teak. However, eucalyptus patio furniture is an option that should be seriously considered. Eucalyptus furniture will offer beauty and durability as the main attraction of a gorgeous patio.

Although teak remains one of the more popular hardwoods for patio furniture, eucalyptus is really the denser and stronger hardwood. In addition, it resists rot and will typically be useable for decades. Eucalyptus is not cheap to buy. However, when factoring in its impressive longevity, it still makes for a very good deal.

You should clean your eucalyptus furniture routinely, just as you would other wood patio furniture, to keep dirt and grime from accumulating. When it is first harvested eucalyptus wood is a pinkish-brown, later the color turns a reddish-brown and finally to gray silver as it faces the elements. You can maintain the wood’s original color by staining it or using oil to treat it twice a year.

If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll be happy to know that eucalyptus trees grow very fast, unlike other trees that often take decades to reach maturity. This makes eucalyptus ideal as a renewable resource. In addition, most of the wood that is used to make eucalyptus outdoor furniture is grown on plantations and not taken from forests or other wildlife habitats.

The advantages offered by eucalyptus patio furniture are:

• Insect and Weather Resistant

• Very Durable

• Minimal Maintenance

• Long-Lasting

• Available in Many Styles

When you are comparing patio furniture made of natural materials, don’t neglect giving eucalyptus serious consideration. You’ll find all types of patio furniture in eucalyptus wood including dining sets, folding chairs and even end tables. In addition, even with the extra density of the wood, your furniture will still be light enough to move around as needed.

Be prepared to compare prices and shop around for the best price on your furniture. During the late summer and early fall are the best times to go bargain hunting as many stores will discount their summer goods around this time. However, because you will usually be able to enjoy the use of your eucalyptus outdoor furniture for a good thirty years and sometimes longer, even at full price your patio furniture will be a great deal.

Now that you have purchased your furniture and gotten it home, it’s time for some fun customizing your patio! You can add accent pieces, pillows, rugs, and cushions to create a unique look for your patio based on your personal tastes and preferences. At the end of the season, you can help extend the life of your furniture by properly cleaning and protecting them. Avoid wrapping your furniture and upholstery in plastic as this can trap moisture and promote mold growth. Store your patio furniture and upholstery in a dry indoor location for the winter if possible. If you can’t put your eucalyptus patio furniture inside for the winter, you should use good quality covers to protect your furniture pieces.

Eucalyptus, while not cheap, is less expensive than teak and it looks more beautiful than most plastic furniture options. It is increasingly becoming the first choice among savvy buyers. Patio furniture made from this very attractive wood will help you create a relaxing, beautiful paradise in your own backyard.

You deserve your own little slice of paradise, and now you can have it in your own backyard. Outdoor patio furniture is an excellent choice for enjoying your outdoor space with friends and family of all ages and sizes. Click eucalyptus patio furniture for more information.
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