Fighting Baldness With Advanced Hair Treatments

There are millions and millions of people that suffer from hair loss and there are advanced treatments available now that can help to reduce or stop hair loss. Fighting baldness with advanced hair treatments has become very popular among thousands of hair clinics around the world.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss and baldness can be the result of an illness, or a genetic predisposition. May men and some women are born into a family that has a common trait of losing their hair and many of them start to lose their hair very early in life, some even in their teens. Some individuals have a tendency to lose patches of hair as a result of wearing tight braids and ponytails. This can cause hair to be pulled out and over time hair does not grow in those areas.


There are several treatments available that can reduce hair loss. There are over the counter topical applications that can be applied to the scalp several times a day. This type of treatment is better suited for the crown or back of the scalp for reducing hair loss. There are also drugs that can be taken in pill form that are used to retain the hair that is currently on the scalp. It helps to stop the hair from falling out. There are also hair pieces that can be worn to cover up baldness. Lastly there is surgery that can consist of a hair transplant, where the hair is surgically removed from the back of the head and placed in the front of the scalp. The bald area can also be cut away and the remaining scalp with hair on it is sewed together.

Some of the more advanced types of treatment are the use of advanced laser therapy and the strand by strand technique. Advanced Laser Therapy is used to stimulate hair growth; it increases the flow of blood to the scalp. The follicles absorb the nutrients and possibly grow hair. The client will sit in a chair under the laser machine and the laser is concentrated on the area where the hair loss is prominent. Several treatments are needed in order for results to be seen. In most cases this type of treatment is used in conjunction with other treatments like medication or topical treatments.

The strand by strand technique involves implanting human hair into the scalp one strand of hair at a time. This is a very time consuming treatment but the look is very natural when completed. The clinician will determine and map out the natural pattern of the crown and baldness area and the hair will be placed in that pattern to mimic the natural growth of the hair. A graph of hair fibers are created and placed in the area of baldness and it is interwoven into the other part of the scalp with hair to allow for a natural growth progression.

There is another treatment that is used to supplement other treatments such as the laser comb. This is a handheld comb that administers phototherapy to the scalp as the hair is combed. This comb is a standard use for after surgery treatment, to continue to stimulate the scalp.

For some women hair loss can be remedied by wearing wigs or hair pieces, there are so many natural looking hair pieces available today that it is very hard to tell the difference . There are also hair pieces for men and sometimes this may be a choice for those individuals that do not want to go the medication route or the surgical route. Everyone has to do what makes them feel comfortable and what will make them able to move on with their day in a health and happy fashion.

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