How to Make Video Slide Shows the Premiere Part of Your Photography Business

Being in business means always looking for the newest trends that affect our business and create new products or services that meet that demand for our customers. It is the same for those of you who are in the photography business. Even photography hobbyists can take advantage of this trend to make a little extra money. Who knows, it may turn into a full-blown business for you. It's a great feeling when your hobby can pay for itself. For just under $150 you can start this business.

People who have families that are very close have one thing in common. They take a lot of pictures at functions and events that celebrate the milestones in their lives. Digital photography has made it easier for them to collect pictures because the cost of photography has come down since the film photography days. In most cases they can take thousands of pictures for the cost of one memory card. Consequently they have more pictures than they can print from the files they have collected on their cards or the hard drives of their computers. They may even have thousands of printed pictures in boxes taking up room in their closets. Many people decide that they should put them into collections such as scrapbooks or video slideshows. Scrapbooking is a growing hobby that takes time and many of your customers may think they're not capable of such a big creative undertaking. Many of them would like to make a slideshow with music but balk at the cost. With other things asking for their attention they just might not have the time for doing it either.

That's where you come in. People are wanting slideshows of weddings, bar mitzvahs, and photo montages of their loved ones for their funerals. The demand is there.

You can take all their pictures and put them on DVD with photo slideshow software you can get for your computer. There are many different slide show softwares available to suit your budget or proficiency. Beginners can find simple programs for under 150 dollars to get started. More sophisticated programs will allow you to save your files in many different formats and have more professional-like control features.

So what are the advantages that your customers see if they let you do it for them instead of doing it themselves? It gives them time to do other things. You can do it faster because you have the skills and knowledge to do it professionally. It saves them time because they don't have to learn new software. It's convenient for them. You can do a whole video slide show project in a day or two and they get a package that is easy to show their friends and family. Instead of rooting through the closets for their pictures or heavy scrapbooks all they have to do is share their new family slideshow through the television.

Help your customers or your friends keep their memories alive by creating a photo slideshow they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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