Zhengzhou Mart: Promoting the Apparel Market, Upgrade the Central Plains

Zhengzhou Railway Station Area clothing business district, gathered more than 10 clothing wholesale market, in the fierce market competition, Mart, through the leap-forward development of this rising star has become the central plains region's most influential fashion professional markets.

Eight years of life experiences to create garment carrier

Zhengzhou Railway Station is located in Zhengzhou Mart clothing wholesale business district of the central location, four projects a total of 20 million square meters, a total of 2,000 businesses, more than 5,000 brands. In 2001, Mart, the city officially opened a children's clothing; in 2003, Mart, the second phase put into use; in 2005, the World Trade Mall opening welcome upgrade 3; in 2008, Mart effort to build "big World Trade Center";
In 2009, Mart took the lead in a new masterpiece of the World Trade Organization, Ginza market.

Trade Mall adjacent to the Zhengzhou Railway Station, Metro Line 1 (under construction), passenger hub station, South Station, Beijing-Guangzhou line close at hand, more than 30 bus lines criss-cross in front of the logistics transportation is extremely convenient; mall around all over the Commerce and Industry Bank, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, about ten financial institutions, economic and convenient circulation, commercial breath rich.

Brand Women's Center Mall in the WTO as early as the formation of scale, mainly of large brand shops, with a strong end-market resources advantage and the ability to lead the women's fashion trends; down jacket brand brand Bacheng the total market share more than the total business sales clothing market in the central region list ranked the top three; underwear brands accounted for the total market brand underwear Seventy-colored cotton cover, Body, warmth, home clothes, pajamas in various categories; Kids Zone with a total construction area of 52000 square meters, is the preferred cities and children's clothing rationing markets; Jiucheng over the country gathered here pregnant and baby brands; Men Street, a dual function of both the wholesale and retail; Liangzhuang Square has been a strong rise of the WTO, domestic and foreign fashion brands are actively Liangzhuang to get into.
First-class management to create brand market

"The WTO mall can go today, major asset is the group for the whole market and market operations for every household a high sense of responsibility, and we deeply understand the market and the business is win-win relationship. Thus, beginning from the market opening on the the sale of control in 10% of the pavement and putting in a lot of manpower and funds to businesses to actually put in place services to ensure businesses are able to continue to profit. "Lishao Can said.

As a clothing wholesale Mart unique corporate culture has penetrated into all aspects of management of shopping centers, where "1234" the characteristics of the activities popular with merchants welcome, "1" is the end of each year to hold a clothing purchase Festival, "2" is an annual and Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places Matchmaking Symposium jointly organized by the two upper reaches of the brand "3" is around 51, 11, New Year's Day holiday organized three large-scale sale events, "4" is the occasion of the turn of spring, summer autumn and winter seasons, organizing large-scale business promotion organizations, and the new trends conference.

At the same time, set up specifically for the brand promotion activities to promote the WTO Mall Group, footprints all over China to lead the WTO merchants to Guangzhou White Horse, Hangzhou, holly leaf and other places to visit and study, a comprehensive collection of industry, including styles, fabrics, processing technology, equipment, and various information.

In early 2009, Mart, registered in Paris, France set up a "law Erxi Ya (International) Garment Fashion Co., Ltd.", with Paris Garment Association, the French Designers Association has established close cooperative relationships, professional dedicated to promoting French fashion industry Fashion cultural exchanges, would set a precedent in Henan Jieshou apparel.

Special Service led to four businesses.

"Help the business Xing" is to Mart's consistent position, so for each business with a full-time business manager, to the business community to provide "one-stop" services. Mart's business manager, an introduction: "From the operational guidance to the logistics support, ahead or behind, as long as the business need, we will always provide services and assistance."

At the same time, the WTO mall in the "help business Xing-friendly" practice, has also imposed a full-scale diversification of business strategy: a unified position, unified planning, unified management, unified investment, unity promotion. In the operating mode to take "5 with the win" model, that is, clothing manufacturers, clothing wholesalers, clothing retailers, shop owners and local governments to participate in, forming an integrated whole to achieve a balance of interests, multi-win-win situation.

Li Shaocan Description: "Only such a sustained nanny-service, really be considered to be terms of service carried out, in order to tenants with confidence."

Trade Mall offers a wide variety of tailor-made for the business to help business policy: business convention authoritative media advertising, Mart 50% of advertising costs reimbursement; the organization of a joint investment would be, exhibitions, orders and other promotional activities will be ; lead the business under the selection of 23 cities at all levels of distributors, to ensure that the amount of clothes to go; the production of various types of rationing handbook distributed across the province. In the investment context, the WTO scrutiny mall business qualification, those with rich experience, strong financial strength and have the brand agency qualifications, good business reputation of the business bringing in, and settled in the business for the development of a variety of incentives.

The hardware facilities and software services co-ordination, in particular, enables businesses to become satisfied that the Mart, the big center. Mart back in the big center was sold out before opening, but now Mart also will continue to use and the development of four large buildings in the Center-style wholesale model. Large 30-story World Trade Center, the establishment of 1600.

Square-meter multi-function hall where, T-sets, professional lighting, sound and other equipment readily available, in order to undertake a variety of business products, clothing, trends conference.

"Today, there are a lot of wholesale clothing merchants had billion of assets, whether individuals or companies from the business perspective of the development will require a larger, the environment better, can combine products, business negotiation, the modern office as one of high-grade office environment. Our big center not only meets the needs of businesses, better businesses to enhance the commercial value, so as to enhance the overall value of the Central Plains clothing specialized market. "Lishao Can talking about big center is filled with pride, because to some extent large center on behalf of the apparel market, to enhance the professional direction.

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