Buying Fine Apilco French Porcelain?

It is always important to choose the right tableware or dinnerware sets when you plan on spending some money and when you are planning to go in for an expensive high grade tableware and dishware. If you are still researching, you can look into purchasing Apilco French Porcelain as it has been a European market leader, known for its quality.

It is a known fact that Apilco French porcelain is one of the favored choice in most bistros and elegant restaurants in Europe and now it has made a mark in United States. Crafted from the finest grade glazed porcelain, you would be surprised by the high grade of Apilco French porcelain which is not only larger and heavier and can withstand both the heat of the oven and the microwave. The unique quality and elegance is second to none.

With a long history that can be traced back to the Chinese who were pioneers in porcelain ware, the delicate porcelain was also popular in the 14th century Europe. During the late 16th century as the European demand for fine porcelain grew, France became an epicenter of high quality soft paste porcelain ware.

However, today Apilco porcelain is manufactured in France by Apilco, the well known suppliers of restaurant and culinary professional grade fine porcelain ware since the year 1906 A.D.

Apilco is known for its magnificent sheen, while the restaurant quality dishware adds charm to any linen, glassware and flatware. The high durability and strength allows it be used for formal and casual dining and can be easily maintained as it is dishwasher safe.

The development of Apilco porcelain ware is interesting. With intense research and French chefs’ recommendations, Apilco developed the versatile line of porcelain ware for cooking and serving while maintaining its durability. All porcelain manufactured under the Apilco brand is fired at high intensity which gives it higher durability and makes it resistant against cracking and chipping. For ease of use, this durable yet delicate looking porcelain has the unique feature of being stain resistant and the surface can be easily cleaned with the sponge scrub. Completely safe, it is devoid of any chemicals such as cadmium, arsenic and lead making it the perfect dishware for your family.

Bistro and restaurant grade French porcelain such as Apilco has been favored by top chefs all over the world and due to its elegance, demand in households have risen. With the result that there are numerous designs available. But though there are a variety of dishware and tableware by numerous manufacturers and designers, when you buy Apilco French porcelain, you know that you will not go wrong on quality, durability and style.

You might be surprised to see that purchasing French Porcelain has never been simpler. Apart from brick and mortar stores and supermarkets, there are numerous virtual dishware and tableware online stores such as Bridge Kitchenware (www.BridgeKitchenware.com)that stock some of the best porcelain in the world. So research well online to know more about the variety of French porcelain ware available and check out the selection at online stores.

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