Hualian Porcelain Future Leader of China Ceramics Industry

There is no doubt the holding of the previous Fair was a great gathering of the world's business, since 1996 began at the Fair on the appearance of the Hualian Porcelain many full bloom. Today's Chinese porcelain were in from all over the world, with different languages, different color in front of many merchants have long faded from the old days a bit shy of the immature appearance, more of a steady and calm the imposing Qi Yu, which are sources of in Chinese porcelain were put on the market with confidence and control, the product enough self-confidence, as well as a wealth of exhibition experience.

September 21 last year, at SAIC released "2007 Well-known Trademark" enterprise list, Chinese porcelain to Hunan Province stood out among the table within the trend. This means it will receive state financial support, export credit guarantees, intellectual property protection, growth of export quotas and priority aspects of the policy bias, while the Ministry of Commerce identified as the export of brand-name enterprises, but also a matter of course had the Ministry of Commerce for its give priority to ensuring the Fair 12 booths, representing the province of Hunan has a booth 10%. In the 102 session of the Canton Fair, the company received nearly 1,600 visits businessmen, signed orders for 103 copies of orders compared with the previous increase of 40% year on year turnover growth of 21.52 percent, the new customer 40, its total turnover in the industry's total turnover 23.58%.

Product Positioning: Fashion natural

Stretching for thousands of years of civilization, Hunan Liling porcelain as early as 1915, its production of high-temperature underglaze polychrome once won an international gold medal in Panama, Liling has thus been named "Porcelain City" in the world. However, the early 90s, Liling Kaju Township, a group of pottery and fire-cylinder to do the old Chinese porcelain were keenly aware of the past radiant li porcelain have become increasingly quiet Yin nightmare, so began a new porcelain technology exploration. By this time, a new kind of rough shape, glaze is rich in ornate, and has never favored people of European porcelain kinds --- stoneware, ceramics market in the world occupy a certain market share. Chinese porcelain from the old man saw a huge opportunity, after a repeated study, hard tests, and eventually self-developed a low-temperature stoneware products, this product not only to fill the gaps in Hunan Province, but also laid a Chinese porcelain was brilliant the foundation of business.

As the world's economic exchanges and cultural exchanges between a carrier, ceramic has obvious brand of the times and geographical features, with the right understanding of international markets, the deepening of Chinese porcelain were deeply felt, ceramic is not only water, soil, fire product To do a good job doing fine ceramics industry, but also must focus on in addition to products, culture, art and life with meaning. As a result, Chinese porcelain were identified based on the "new, strange, unique, different" as the product goals, with "fashion + natural" as the product positioning, creating a differentiated and unique selling points. Chinese porcelain sold for each region, a cultural background, consumer characteristics and living habits will carry out detailed inspection, combined with popular fashion style, make full use of materials, colors, patterns, text and other aesthetic elements of the ongoing shaping the product in order to achieve to meet market to lead the market purposes.

As a low-tech commodities, there is glaze stoneware with low technology content, products can be copied defects. How to maintain the leading position in the product also is vitally important to this, Chinese porcelain clearly recognize the most practical and most effective way is to increase the product's technical difficulty and complexity. From an ordinary glaze, matte glaze, kiln crack glaze to glaze, from the monochrome, two-color to multi-color, from DECORATED, painting the mud painting, from a single cup, single platter, single-pot to the Japanese, Chinese, Continental series of products, from low-temperature stoneware, stoneware medium temperature, heat-resistant porcelain to high-temperature porcelain, Chinese porcelain in the 13 years of continuous development of self-transcendence, forming a "daily of ceramic art, and daily ceramic art" of the core competence .

The 96th session of the trade show, China has developed the red clay porcelain blanks formula, cadmium and selenium red glaze, medium-temperature glaze crack and other products are the industry known as "NumberOne"; the 97th Canton Fair, its newly developed red pattern glaze, wrapped glaze is to change the traditional sense of the concept of low-temperature stoneware, firing at high temperatures to further break from the material on a large package, Da-qi-type firing difficulty. Is because of this, Chinese porcelain products strongly affects people's attention, but to pay at the spring of 2004, Chinese porcelain newly developed chromium selenium RED GLAZE product orders more than one million U.S. dollars, setting a single-family products in the Fair , the maximum transaction records. 97th Canton Fair, the Chinese porcelain in cooperation with the nearly 10-year-old U.S. Gipson exhibiting companies a total of 23 members of the group visited the first exhibition hall is Hualian Porcelain. This is known as "the world price killer" Jewish company, Chinese porcelain has become the most loyal partner, the annual subscription product no less than 300 million U.S. dollars. Also in the 102nd Canton Fair, a first time dealing with the Chinese porcelain Ms. Turkey for its next set of containers can not be mounted Chinese porcelain, she carefully choose a day when all the products, only a phone call to the Hall husband far away in Turkey for help. The phone, she burst into tears: "These products, I am too fond of, you asked me to give up what one?"

Thanks to continuous innovation to differentiate their products, Chinese porcelain in the international market unveiled and shouted out his own brand. It is precisely because of its strong brand in the international market influence, and further increase the added value of the product. A large extent, Chinese porcelain sold not only ceramics, but also sell add-on products of culture and art, selling quality as the guarantee, the people have me have, people have my excellent, excellent people my new people a new I different features, and honesty and trustworthiness as the contract brand strength, Chinese porcelain's principle is "never to fight on price."

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