The Wonderful Things About Glass Bi Folding Doors

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and most elegant doors among folding doors is the bi folding glass doors. They can be the excellent choice for opening any living space so that you can achieve artistically pleasing unhindered views to the external environment. Although normally seen on conservatories, bi-fold glass doors are now becoming the primary choice for home owners who want to have transparent folding doors.

Glass bi-folding doors are generally made up of fully glazed sashes so that you can have 100 percent views even your doors are totally closed. Also large bi-fold glazed panes can help enhance the distribution of light into your house so if you want to maximize light distribution in your rooms or house while having the protection of a door, the glass bi-folding doors could be your excellent choice.

However, not because these doors are literally 85 to 90 percent made of glass, they cannot be versatile in their functions. The fact that they can be swept aside to walls in a matter of seconds and can be opened to embrace the view of the outdoors is already a feature only glass folding doors could present. They also have two opening styles and it’s either outward or inward and can be combined with various panes. Although popular with conservatories, they can be ideal partitions for cafes, bars and restaurants and now that they are popular, they are also the top pick fixtures among hotels and use them for their saunas and swimming pools to maximize their efficient use as transparent panels.

Bi-folding glass doors are available with two different frames and it is either PVCu or timber. The timber frame is more popular because it can be versatile and very elegant than the PVCu alternatives. Both the PVCu and timber glass doors are available in a wide selection of colors so they can match the glasses of the doors. So with the versatility of the frames and the different color and style of glasses, bi folding doors can be integrated with any existing door and window fixtures and will still exude their aesthetic beauty.

But not only are glass bi-folding doors better installed on rooms and external part of the house. Some people prefer them on their bathroom with the glazed panels. They make elegant and more exciting furniture especially when you need a narrower space during your shower and a secluded room during your private moments. This is what makes this door exclusive with other types of folding doors. You can also personalized them according to your preference such as their heights, color of the panes, glazed or plain glasses or with artful drawings on the glass.

Nevertheless, you have to maintain them properly. Remember that they are still made of glass so proper handling must always be in mind when cleaning and using them. Cleaning them, however, is not tedious. A soft clean cloth will do. If there are stains in them just wet the cloth and all will be all right. Do not install them also where children love to play hard physical games or better close them when kids are around.

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