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Notebook Li-ion Batteries are becoming much more common as most Business Heads are at present being to go along with the PC's instead of their secretaries, As your notebook/laptop has not joined with the primary power supply, then the Laptop battery of your HP Pavilion DV6748US notebook turn into the energy source thus it should be selected with great care.

When choosing your Laptop PC battery, think properly about load you will place on on your laptop when you are away from a major power supply source; Like all batteries, notebook power pack comes in different kinds of brands & with various capacities; The cost of the notebook PC li-ion rechargeable batteries won't constitute the capability of li-ion batteries. Always acquire your power pack from the reliable source. Computer Machine stores & any electrical stores can be recommended places to shop for substitution li-ion batteries. Even if different kinds of li-ion battery can be utilized for your notebook, double check that you observe and take in to regard guidelines that were mentioned with in instruction manual that came with yours notebook.

If your Notebook PC power pack might come any capacity in-between 3to12 hours; The additional difficult tasks you fulfill with your Laptop affects the life of the power pack. The laptop PC li-ion battery is rechargeable; Therefore, you must make sure your HP Pavilion DV6748US power pack has full charge before start using first time;

The Notebook PC li-ion rechargeable battery will be a easy source of power if it is distance from the primary power supply although you could not totally depend to your li-ion battery as the single energy of your Notebook PC. The fewer you utilize the li-ion battery, the long battery pack will work. You should simply utilize the li-ion rechargeable battery to energy your Laptop when away from a main power supply source. Because of the reality that which extra users are depending on electronic Laptop PC in place of a lot of bulky papers for pull round, many companies are presently producing laptop PCs .

Acting upon different tasks in your notebook extends the usage of Hard disk & Processor which utilizes more battery source. Carrying out few trails we have been found that laptop delivers excellent performance by maintaining not more than one task rather than different tasks at same time so you have to end entire applications/tasks and still the simple ones also, Closing present program for performing new task. For acting upon more than single applications at same time Central processing unit consumes more battery; Dynamical handling of different applications necessary to strike memory on which uses the battery too. Therefore using single program decreases the utilization of CPU & Memory which gives best performance of the notebook;

Keeping your Notebook Cool deliver the good performance. That will be continue cool by via Cool pads where many companies can be presented in the markets including with USB ports and with cooling method also, Users need to clean air vents of laptop PC frequently that if the inflow & outflow of air vents or fans could have closed with some dust or particles, this arise due to keeping the laptop PC on laps & many surroundings of which were not cleaned properly, of keeping notebooks on lap causes side-effects also to us; Try to Avoid keeping laptop on straight to sun, radiators

Hence, there might be no difficulty in getting the beneficent equal Li-ion battery at the affordable price from Nbbatt.

Every Notebook user wants to make the HP Pavilion DV6748US Li-ion notebook battery ending as long as possible. Nevertheless no doubt any Notebook battery had a Limited life period. So if we can go through the above beneficent Notebook power pack suggestions that can work to preserve the Notebook Battery pack life span.

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Are you a retired offer? Looking for some work to make money out of your spare time? Obviously you are not alone. There are thousands of retired people earning from home based data entry jobs and the interesting part is that they are making thousands of dollars per month. That is not a false or fake statement. According to an estimate of 2004 of Unites States Labor, approximately twenty million people were somehow associated with home based jobs. Most of these home based jobs are data entry jobs. You must have used computers and basic word processing software packages in your office life. Even if you haven’t used them ever, it is not a very big task to learn these software packages. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel along with a few other tools are mostly used in all type of data entry tasks. Therefore, if you are efficient with Excel micros, you can truly perform some hour’s job in few minutes.

Moreover, if you were somehow associated with an advertising or marketing career in your professional life, then it would not be a very big task for you to start your own business of data entry. This might be one of your dreams in whole of your life span, which you can make true now. You just need to have a good portfolio of employers and jobs so that new employers can get readily attracted by your services. Moreover, if you see you are unable to handle the workload, you can outsource the work to your juniors or your friends and can provide them with an earning opportunity. This will allow being a boss as well as giving a good amount of supplementary profit to your pocket every month.

Many data entry jobs require typing, proofreading, copying, pasting, sorting, aligning, highlighting, and classifying. These are those things which do not require any excessive skills. Hence, if you just spend few hours on internet at freelance websites and at classified websites, you can truly find some reputed and good paying employers. All you need to do is to determine the most reputed and reliable employer so that you can get ensured of the payment. Moreover, as soon you get reputed, you will be provided with some high class employers who not only pay high but also have regular and long term work. These employers can become a reason for your own business as well. If you see long term and regular work, there’s no reason you stop establishing your own business. You have a number of options when you go for hiring other people. Either you can locally find your fellows or juniors for the work or can advertise for your job on internet. You should go for the most convenient and best method so that you can get maximum profits and highest reliability. Moreover, if you are doing your business on internet, you should have a reliable and efficient payment processor as well in order to process the payments of your employers and employees.

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Blood flows through the right side of your heart into your lungs to pick up oxygen. Enriched with oxygen, it then flows back to your heart's left side before being circulated to the rest of your body. Your organs and tissues depend on the oxygen in order to function properly. Without a sufficient and constant supply, they can become damaged.

Within your heart, the flow of blood is partly controlled by valves. The mitral valve (MV), in particular, can develop serious problems. One of these problems is called stenosis. Below, we'll describe the disorder and explain how mitral valve repair (MVR) can be used to correct it.

Mitral Valve Stenosis Explained

Your heart is comprised of four individual chambers. Two upper chambers are called atria; two lower chambers are called ventricles. Your MV is located between your left atria and ventricle. Each of the four chambers contract as an electrical impulse spreads across their surface. When this impulse spreads across the left atrium, the chamber contracts and pumps blood into the ventricle beneath. As the blood moves between these two chambers, it flows through the mitral valve.

The MV has two leaflets, or flaps. Normally, when the left atrium contracts, the flaps open to allow blood to flow through. With stenosis, the opening is narrowed. The leaflets fail to open wide enough to allow the atrium to empty properly. This can lead to a number of side effects.

What Causes The Condition?

Nearly all cases of mitral valve stenosis result from rheumatic fever, an illness that typically afflicts children. If it is not treated, infection can cause scarlet fever. This is very rare in western cultures because medications can easily control the infection. However, many older people developed rheumatic fever as children before such medications were available. Some of them suffer from a stenotic MV.

This condition can also be congenital. If a baby is born with the disorder, it must be resolved quickly. Otherwise, the infant will likely die within a couple of years.

Possible Symptoms Of The Disease

Symptoms of MV stenosis depend on the severity of the disease. Patients who suffer a mild case may not experience or notice any symptoms at all. On the other hand, severe cases can cause shortness of breath, a bloody cough, arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, and even heart failure.

How The Disorder Is Treated

In mild cases of mitral valve stenosis, doctors will usually recommend medications to help minimize the symptoms. These may include anticoagulants if blood has pooled in the left atrium since pooling can lead to blood clots. If the medications cannot control the patient's symptoms, more aggressive treatment is necessary. Physicians will either repair or replace the MV, though repairing it is the preferred approach. Mitral valve repair for stenosis is typically performed with balloon valvuloplasty. A small balloon is affixed to the tip of a catheter, which is inserted in the groin into a blood vessel. It is guided to the right side of the heart where the surgeon makes a hole in the septum (the wall that separates the left and right sides). The catheter is threaded through the hole to the stenotic mitral valve.

The doctor will guide the catheter so the balloon is positioned within the valve's restricted opening. He or she will then inflate and deflate the balloon several times. This pushes the stenotic leaflets apart, allowing blood to flow through more easily. The technique requires approximately an hour to complete. Once the procedure is finished, the patient will normally need to spend several hours recovering before being released from the hospital.

It's worth noting that balloon valvuloplasty, while valuable for addressing a stenotic mitral valve, does not actually cure the underlying disorder. Instead, it minimizes the symptoms and thereby, prevents serious side effects (i.e. heart failure). For many patients, that may be enough to dramatically improve their quality of life.

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Thermal binding is one of the fastest and easiest binding methods, so it's great for beginners and people who need to produce professional-looking documents in a flash. A good entry-level machine is the Pro-Bind 1000, an affordable device that's made in the good old U.S.A. Here is what you need to know about its pros and cons.

The pros:

* This thermal binding system is capable of binding both hardback and softcover books. It can bind books up to 3/4" thick containing between 115 and 150 pages.

* One of the great things about thermal binders is that they both warm up and bind quickly. This device will warm up in about three minutes and it can completely bind a softcover document in 30 seconds. Hardcovers take a bit longer: about 60 seconds. You will know the machine is ready to use because a light will go on and the machine will emit a beep.

* The 1000's throat is 12 inches long so it's perfect for finishing off letter-sized documents. The throat is 1-1/4" wide, enabling you to bind more than one book at a time, which will increase your productivity.

* To help you save on your electric bill, the 1000 has a standby mode that conserves power.

* Each unit has a built-in cooling rack. It's located on the back of the machine for easy access.

* The 1000 is small enough to be stored on top of a desk. Its dimensions are 15.5" (width) x 8-7/8" (depth) x 4-1/4" (height). This lightweight machine only weighs four pounds so if you need to move it to a new location, it won't be a total pain.

* This product comes with a one-year warranty and it's reasonably priced. This means you get to enjoy the look of thermal binding without having to spend a large amount of cash.

* Finally, these devices are made in the United States of America, so when you buy one, you're supporting the American economy.

And now for the cons:

* The binding capacity won't be large enough for some users. If you desire a device with a larger capacity, you should look at the Pro-Bind 2000 which can bind documents that are up to 400 pages long.

* After you bind a hardcover book, you have to crimp it with the Pro-Bind Hardback Cover Crimper. This item is sold separately.

* You won't be able to bind books that are more than 12 inches tall. If you need to bind taller documents, another method should be used, such as plastic comb binding.

In a nutshell, the Pro-Bind 1000 is a good machine to get if you've never used a thermal binder before. It offers fast and easy operation, plus it will help you create great-looking documents. It's also ideal for low-volume applications and offices that need an affordable binding system. Plus, it's American-made, so you'll be supporting American workers if you purchase one. So get one today and experience all the pros that Pro-Bind has to offer you.

If you'd like to purchase the Pro-Bind 1000 Binding Machine, you should really visit MyBinding.com. They have this great price on this product and they also have a fantastic selection of Paper Shredders. Plus, you'll get free shipping on every order over $75.00.
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No matter what type of furniture you are looking for, bargains abound everywhere. Furniture sales seem to be on every corner these days, and it's no wonder when you consider the amount of stock these stores have in their back warehouses. Name brand furniture is what most people are looking for, as well as furniture that is a quality product. There are literally thousands of dollars to be saved by buying your furniture from stores that currently have pieces on sale.

The first thing to do before deciding where to buy furniture, is decide exactly what style you are looking for, and if possible the manufacturer's name of the piece you are interested in buying. Having the manufacturer's name will allow you to do some quick research in order to find who carries this brand name. Armed with this information you can start to look through newspapers as well as using online resources to find who has sales on furniture and who may have some coming up in the future.

Don't rule out low end stores such as Target and Walmart. In some areas these stores carry name brand furniture and because of their bulk buying power, often their prices will be much lower. IKEA is another favorite store for furniture sales, although they tend to be more specialized in their style of furniture. These stores constantly put out flyers for their sales and there are substantial savings to be had for the shopper who wants to do a big of searching.

With the advent of name brand stores going online, one of the biggest advantages is being able to shop prices from the comfort of your own home. Most stores, including ones such as Neiman Marcus and Sears, now take advantage of the internet shopper and offer online bargains, as well as free email newsletters and even Facebook pages showing their flyers. This can cut down your search time drastically by simply spending a few hours surfing the internet.

If you have narrowed your search to a few different stores, the next thing to do is visit them and get to know a salesperson. These people work on commission and establishing a relationship with them can pay big benefits. Getting their card and getting in touch with them to ask about sales that are on now, or ones that may be coming up, can save you a lot of dollars and best of all, they'll do the work for you.

The shopper who knows exactly what they want and have seen it in a store has the advantage of being able to shop websites that have no store and where all sales are done from the website. Stores such as Buy Direct can offer tremendous savings to you the customer. Their overhead is much lower than the name brand department stores, and therefore they can pass on bargains to their customers.

When looking at all the different choices from Walmart to Neiman Marcus to online shopping, there are a few things to take into consideration. Shipping costs can add up and yet by simply asking for free shipping you can save hundreds of dollars. The same holds true with online stores. If one is charging for shipping, there is bound to be one that does not.

Today, many furniture manufacturers allow you to purchase directly and if not, they offer a way for you to find a store that is near where you live. Shopping for furniture sales has never been easier in today's world of instant access to information.

Sale Explorer is a frequently updated online shopping directory for hot deals , sales, discounts and coupons.
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Think Scandinavian rally driver.

That's what I was (or rather trying to be) for the three special days I spent up in snow country, Sweden. Tucked away in a small area of town called Arjeplog, the small community of inhabitants grow to almost double it's size during the winter months when people from other parts of the world head over to occupy their winter homes and tourists like myself who attend driving courses by the various car brands (I had breakfast across the room from the gang from AMG).

So besides IKEA and Swedish meatballs, Sweden, especially when the mercury decides to plunge well below in the negative region, have been known to have one of the most ideal conditions for a special group of people - Car Testers. These individuals, mostly made up of engineers, come from all over the world with their specially analytically-equipped laptops to test their brand's new models behaviour in such extreme weather conditions in Sweden.

So these guys knew their place in the equation and knew what they had to accomplish while on their trip. Me on the other hand, not so.

Used to the tropical sunny climate of sunny Singapore, I was immediately caught out back at the airport where I was received by the minus 20 degree afternoon breeze and an Audi representative. On the bus to the hotel, our Audi country guide gave us the low-down on what was going to be happening in the coming hours and the next few days. Distracted by the Christmas card scenery though, I only managed to catch the words Audi A4 Avant with quattro, fun, sliding and cold en route.

All freshened up and raring to go, our driving instructor ex-rally driver Jerry Ahlin briefed us on the different courses he mapped out for the group of 10 of us, what the different corners simulate, what it will require of us to take them on. He should know, having been the Swedish Junior Champion in '82, Swedish Champion in both '84 and '85 and most recently being the Swedish Champion in '91 with the Audi 90 quattro. Even while rallying, Jerry somehow found time to be the main instructor for the Audi Driving Experience for the last 20 years!

Once done, we proceeded to pair up and get into each of the five A4 Avant's lined-up neatly behind our hotel. This trip was a whole lot of first's for me.

First time I felt snow, first time I'll be driving on it, first time I had Rudolph on my plate, and now, driving a stick shift on the left.

We proceeded down a snow laden, steep downward spiral behind our hotel to the main road and kept a good 100 meter distance from the car in front all the way to where we'd be driving the rest of the day. And what a view that greeted us.

Far reaches of virgin white snow freshly shoveled to the side, carving out the track for the day - an oval.

As unimaginative as that can possibly sound, we were coached by Jerry to hone our drifting skills through the sweeping corners of the wide oval track.
So instructions were:

1. Accelerate up to the corner at about 50 km/h
2. Take foot completely off the pedal and brake just before turning into the corner
3. Aggressively turn into the corner and hold the turn
4. Once the rear slides out accelerate out of the turn while counter steering the understeer

It all sounds very straight forward but driving on something as frictionless as ice is a whole different ball game. Even predictable reactions like steering and throttle inputs yield nothing in most situations.

Taking our seat behind the wheel, we spent a good portion of the afternoon up till 1600hrs sliding off the track from severe understeer and getting tugged out of the ice by the circuit tractor from the understeer. Both of which we've studied and understood very well from Wikipedia and from driving our own cars, but nothing can prepare you for when you're faced with a sliding car and the correct procedures is the only thing standing between you and getting yourself wrapped around the lamp post.

With our tanks lightened from all that driving, we headed back to the hotel with wide smiles on our faces from the sample of comedic relief some of us exhibited earlier in the day. Knowing that we had another day of driving the next day to fully exercise the lessons we were repeatedly taught by Jerry made dinner easier to swallow.

I've got a part 2 coming up to document my next two days so make sure you check back regularly for my virgin adventures on ice accompanied by a whole lotta photos of the snowy paradise that is Sweden!

Writer is an expert in car insurance. He is also a regular contributor in the car forum and an expert in writing car blog
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House actually Lin Wang Peng said the North's capital, geographical location and orientation relative to fit the highend villas, the International Furniture Museum Shiran the emergence of consumer demand. With the highend furniture market continues to expand, a growing number of domestic and imported brands in this market, then desire to share. In recent years, China's highend furniture consumption has been showing rapid growth trend, not only at home business has focused on creating highend domestic brands, foreign brands have a lot of highend furniture, settled in the face of this market, manufacturers, merchants continue to expand , entrepreneurs have no doubt that the highend market, digestion end of this month, but still the House of the North Fourth Ring International Pavilion will be officially opened at home to become Beijing's top domestic market is another heavyweight stores.

"Eastward the west wind" in the ascendant"
Many media have reported in last year out of highend furniture, under adverse rosy news, it seems that the highend furniture, and not subject to international financial turmoil, from the ?????, OKAY dragon, China and Botswana to see furniture shops, stores, import and domestic stability in highend furniture sales. On the one hand the expansion of imported furniture, more vigorously, one is committed to developing highend national brand product line, the highend furniture market, how much space there? Entrepreneurs to see what kind of a prospect? It is reported that from 2002 to 200 million U.S. dollars by 2007 one billion U.S. dollars, 5 years, China's imports of furniture every year 30% of the total number of increments. Market capacity now seems even greater.

Rui Huang, chairman of Pan Qinglong fine at home, said China now has become more wealthy, their consumption needs and the quality of life requirements are constantly trying to improve, the highend furniture, can not say there is no market. Fu YiLi Song, general manager of home, said in an interview on the domestic highend furniture market with confidence, "because real estate appreciation, most Beijing residents now own their own homes, with the present prices, in the rings in a more than 100 square units, at least be 2 million, suddenly so many rich people, they only have 1 percent of people are interested in highlevel furniture can come up with onetenth the price, to purchase furniture, then this the market is too worth the wait! "

Furniture Association, VicePresident Miss Yu Xiusu said in an interview, the Beijing market is concerned about a lot of highend furniture brands in a market, because Beijing has focused on the purchasing power of many consumers, each share of Beijing imported furniture markets across the country occupy the first rank Several sufficient to show that the market digested strong ability. Such as Leonardo da Vinci has been home for many years stationed in the Beijing market, from which, after removal of COFCO Plaza settled Friendship Store, preparing to expand her store to attract more international top household brands such as Versace, Fendi and so settled, that is, that market demand, the capacity gradually A good example of the expansion.

More and more entrepreneurs will be the domestic market as a highend home in Denver, the Chinese middle class, increase the ratio also makes this a good opportunity for foreign furniture brands have settled possible. According to Miss Yu said, Russia, Spain and Romania, highend furniture brands such places as the recent Beijing is also seeking to enter the markets.

Imports of furniture to open flagship store has become a trend
In recent years, the North Fourth Ring, opened its flagship store along the national furniture brands. August 27, 2009, a building from the Bolloni "When Rafael dream of Peach Blossom Spring," North Korea will be held at the 9, which means Italy SAVIOFIRMINO products across the board in China. November 28 the same year, the Group's brandRui Huang Yves Saint Laurent boutique in the capital of the North Fourth Ring Chinese furniture Lun House grand opening, opening of boutique furniture is brand new home is now the Group. The highend imports entering the 2010 yet to reduce the momentum of the brand furniture shop, January 11 from the top rank of U.S. residential furniture brands FFDM American fine furniture, the first flagship store in Beijing, the official opening, FFDM visit Beijing a strong trend of furniture markets for capital to start a gluttonous feast of consumers. Industry said that with the gradual recovery of the real estate market, imported furniture market will usher in a new round of fierce competition.

International household brand in China is quite highend market
In Beijing, COFCO Plaza used to be stationed in Beijing international highend brand market, the "old familiar" home base, and then, as well as Oriental Plaza, Financial Street Shopping Center, represented by highend stores have begun to enter the ranks, while in the East Third Ring Road PanCBD area, home world, Klass flagship store that imports of furniture for many years. House actually opened up other stores also specialize in imported home Museum, imported furniture market in recent years, along with the expansion of imports of highend brands stationed in highend stores from the transformation of the brand's flagship store to open an independent business, industry sources said the import of highend furniture, independent shop Not only can not be controlled by stores, with store expansion "is expansion", but also help showcase its brand, to form a unique style, and deepen their own image. And this model has gradually become the top domestic brand trends.

Domestic brands targeting highend products
Looking at the domestic highend household brand, but also wind and water. Home in the local development of highend brands, it seems that in the production, brand positioning, aftersales service have more advantages of geographical proximity. October 30, 2009, operating area of nearly 1,500 square meters of Fu Yihome officially opened in Beijing recently opened furniture store on the strength of Fu Yiintroduced the classic, casual and modern style, the three a total of 16 series of the latest products, Let the highend furniture market in Beijing, one more choice. It is understood that, since September last year, since the shift to domestic sales by exporting excess furniture has been a blessing after another in Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to open a firstline brand stores, the unique mode of Direct chain directed to seize the domestic highend target furniture consumer market.

Is also the progressive development of the domestic wood furniture
In the furniture industry, the top hundredresistant Trier, Peugeot, Fort Greene are all efforts to develop highend brands such as solid wood furniture business, virtually has also accelerated the highend furniture market. Moreover, as quiet a few years in the market and then re"back" in five wooden furniture, home to a new plan to open factories and create a highend furniture products, called Ruili.

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If you lost your girlfriend because of some sort of problems that came about in the relationship then you can win back her by approaching her when she is in certain states of mind. These states of mind will make her more agreeable and she will be more willing to talk to you. You can win back her by knowing when to approach and what to say. If you do this the right way you could have your girlfriend back in no time. But I am sure you are curious to know more about how to do this the right way, well read on to learn more about how to win back her.

You can approach her when seems to be willing to talk to you. When she is willing to talk to you this means she is open to whatever you might have to say to her during the time. There are certain times when a girl is more willing to talk to you then other times, it is very important that you understand when these times are. Of course you will not want to railroad her thinking that you are tricking her into talking to you. You simply want her to be open to the idea of discussing your relationship, and then you can proceed.

You can try to win back her when the two of you are doing something casual together, assuming she is not already in a relationship with somebody else. If the two of you have been together for a long time then you will probably still spend time together. If you spend time together you can win back her by showing her that you can be the man she wants you to be, or the man that she originally fell in love with. Casual dating and spending time together can be a great pill to ease problematic relationships.

You can approach the subject of your relationship when you see that she wants to talk to you. This means she has probably been thinking about you and wants to talk to you. If a girl calls you in the middle of the night, or is she is calling you at all, then this is a sign that she is willing to talk to you about your relationship. This could be a good chance to try and win back her. You will want to be patient and listen to her before you speak, you can then gently and delicately guide it into a conversation about your relationship.

You can win her back by saying all the right things to her when you know she wants to hear them. You must make sure you are serious about what you say though otherwise she will know. A girl is going to be vulnerable at certain times, and it is during these times you can win back her. All you have to do is say all the things that she wants to hear, but you must also mean them. If you do not mean what you say then she will know it, but if you are truly serious about getting her back then meaning it should not be a problem.

You are probably asking yourself, can I get her back after a bad break up? The answer is YES. There are about 90% broken up relationship successfully making up together. Here is step-by-step info on how to win her back and discover a breakthrough system that works to make her crawl back to you within a few days.. Without wasting time, visit ; http://www.winbackher.com.
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We all have fond memories of eating candy bars in our childhood but believe it or not, candy bars have been around much longer than you would suspect - hundreds of years, in fact! You can date the humble candy bar back to 1847 when Joseph Fry discovered a method by which cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa could be mixed together into a paste which could then be placed into a mould. Before this discovery, drinking chocolate was hugely popular in its current form so the invention of the candy bar was a complete revelation. Even though this new form of chocolate was a completely new experience back then, it is still a very different product to the candy bars we enjoy today.

It was in 1876 that actual milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland by Daniel Peter. The work that lead up to this discovery was long and arduous, taking him just over 8 years. He had to wait another 3 years before he teamed up with Henri Nestle to form the Nestle Company which went on to introduce the Nestle Crunch candy bars in 1938.

Milk chocolate was eventually manufactured in bulk thanks to the efforts of Milton S Hershey who set up a factory in Pennsylvania. Before this, chocolate was considered a luxury that was only affordable by the wealthiest members of society. This large scale manufacturing enabled the price of chocolate to be brought down, making it available to everyone. It was in 1900 that the all time most popular Hershey Chocolate bar was introduced to the general public. Everyone had to wait until 8 years later when Hershey started to produce a version of the bar with almonds in.

The popularity of milk chocolate candy bars continued to increase to the point where several companies started to manufacture their own candy bars. The founding of the Mars Company in 1911 lead to the introduction of the Heath Candy bar in 1914. In the early 1900s candy bars were being manufactured in their hundreds and the increase in marketing methods meant that most were familiar with treats such as the Butterfinger bar and the Milky Way which were introduced to the market in 1923. The world famous Baby Ruth bar was introduced to the public in 1925 along with the Oh Henry and Mr. Goodbar candy bars.

As the 1930s dawned, increase for chocolate bars grew evermore. This was due in no small part to the Hershey company creating a chocolate bar marketed towards those in the fighting forces. When those who were fighting in the 1st and 2nd world war came home, they were hungry for the chocolate that had been shipped out to them in the field and as a result sales skyrocketed. It was in the 1930s that chocolate bars such as Kit Kat, Snickers and 3 Musketeers (all manufactured by Nestle) were market leaders.

The popularity of chocolate has continued to increase year on year to the point where today it is estimated that 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed each year in the USA alone. Recent studies suggest that chocolate may even be good for you so there is no sign of sales of chocolate slowing down any time soon!

Dave Matthews is writing on behalf of American Soda, a leading online retailer of American Sweets.
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There are many meditation techniques in the world. Most of them are improvised to suit individual religions. Meditation can help your life to an extraordinary degree. However, you don't need to be a Buddhist to meditate. Meditation can put you in touch with the real you, we are spirit and we can realize this and link deep within ourselves.

What is meditation? We think that we are in control of our mind but that's not the truth. Most of the time our mind is in total control. That's why it makes us depressed, angry or jealous even though we don't like those feelings. That's because we are used to conditional thinking. If we are in control of our mind we should be able to be happy regardless of what ever happens in out side world, right? To achieve that deep mental relaxation we need to practice our mind. Its not easy, but its worth trying.

Meditation is used by almost all psychics, clairvoyants and medium readers. All mediums are psychic and move to the level of being mediums by raising their consciousness to a higher level, thereby linking into messages from spirit, practice, practice, and practice with any spiritual subject and the results will show for themselves.

Types of Meditative Techniques:

There are many different ways to meditate. Here I’ll mention some basic categories of meditation techniques so you can understand some of the main options and how they differ from one another. This is not an exhaustive list, but it can give you some ideas.

Basic Meditation Techniques: This involves sitting in a comfortable position and just trying to quiet your mind by thinking of nothing. It’s not always easy to do this if you don’t have practice with it. But a good way to begin is to think of yourself as an ‘observer of your thoughts,’ just noticing what the narrative voice in your head says, but not engaging it. As thoughts materialize in your mind, just let them go. That’s the basic idea.

Focused Meditation Techniques: With this technique, you focus on something intently, but don’t engage your thoughts about it. You can focus on something visual, like a statue; something auditory, like a metronome or tape of ocean waves; something constant, like ‘unconditional compassion’. Some people find it easier to do this than to focus on nothing, but the idea is the same -- staying in the present moment and circumventing the constant stream of commentary from your conscious mind, and allowing yourself to slip into an altered state of consciousness.

Activity-Oriented Meditation Techniques: With this type of meditation, you engage in a repetitive activity, or one where you can get ‘in the zone’ and experience ‘flow.’ Again, this quiets the mind, and allows your brain to shift. Activities like yoga can all be effective forms of meditation.

Mindfulness Techniques: Mindfulness can be a form of meditation that, like activity-oriented meditation, doesn’t really look like meditation. It simply involved staying in the present moment rather than thinking about the future or the past. (Again, this is more difficult than it seems!)

Focusing on sensations you feel in your body is one way to stay ‘in the now;’ focusing on emotions and where you feel them in your body (not examining why you feel them, but just experiencing them as sensations) is another.

Spiritual Meditating: Meditation can also be a spiritual practice. Many people experience meditation as a form of prayer -- the form where God 'speaks,' rather than just listening. That’s right; many people experience ‘guidance’ or inner wisdom once the mind is quiet, and meditate for this purpose. You can meditate on a singular question until an answer comes (though some would say this is engaging your thinking mind too much), or meditate to clear their mind and accept whatever comes that day.

Some of the Benefits of Meditation are:

1. Improved concentration
2. Reduction of stress
3. Mental relaxation
4. Being able to control anger/stress/jealousy
5. Cheerful attitudes
6. A distraction from the outside world becomes insignificant.
7. Positive attitude towards life
8. Decreased metabolic rate, lower heart rate
9. reduction of free radicals, reduce tissue damage
10. Slows down of aging process.
11. Decreased irritability and moodiness.

As can be seen there are many benefits, free from emotional baggage and with more positivist this should in most cases increase a life span.

Search online and you will find many guides to both basic meditation and also more advanced versions, of which can be used for advancement of & also uncovering of your own psychic abilities.

Rachel Saxon writes for the metaphysical industry and is a Reiki Master. Highly Recommended Mediums Also Psychics And Tarot Reading
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One of the most essential items every system administrator and operator must understand on the AS/400, iSeries and System i power system platforms is the job and batch systems. These two portions of the system are key for performing any task in a timely manner.

The job system on the midrange platform is both robust and elegant in design. At a very basic level jobs are first submitted into job queues for immediate or later processing by subsystems. By default the job queues are FIFO based, that is jobs are submitted to run on a first-in-first-out sequence.

You have the ability to re-sequence the jobs within a job queue by changing the job priority of a job waiting to run. The job priorities go from 1-9 and default to priority 5. So to change where at in the queue a job is and move it ahead of other jobs simply increase the job priority to a higher number.

When jobs actually process they run in an area of the system called a subsystem. All jobs currently operating on the AS/400 run in subsystems, this even includes non batch jobs like your green screen 5250 session. In many instances the system is configured so jobs submitted to batch run under the subsystem called QBATCH. However you do have the ability to add and change subsystems so you can finely control how jobs are processed on the system and allocate resources precisely where they are needed.

While running in batch a job is actively performing the task it was designed to do like generate a report, update database records and so on. It is also actively consuming processor and system resources. To view what jobs are active you use the command work with active jobs WRKACTJOB.

The WRKACTJOB command quickly lets you see all of the active jobs and some other important information like how much processor it is currently using, vital resource statistics, job logs and more. It is a very effective tool. And I often find the work with active jobs screen usefull for tracking down a job that has a message waiting for a reply.

Sometimes it is necessary to find out what other resources a job is consuming, that can be easily accomplished by taking option five which calls up the Work with Job command WRKJOB. From here you would want to check the option to display job run attributes. This will show you the jobs running priority (not to be confused with the job priority in the job queue), CPU time used and temporary storage, ie disk space, that the job is consuming.

A special thing to note from the Work With Job attribute screen is the time slice of the job. The time slice and the job priority values can have a major effect on the performance and time it takes for the job to complete as well as impacting the overall performance of your entire system. It is generally safe to judiciously increase the time slice of a job thereby increasing the amount of time the job can run in milliseconds before it is interrupted by the operating system. Just be careful or you can bring your entire system to a screeching halt.

John Andersen is an IT manager living in California. Be sure to check out his Midrange Jump Start web site for insider advice and tips on how to manage your AS/400 and iSeries systems.
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When two people are in love, they want to be together as much as possible. But when you have a breakup, it is a different situation altogether and this creates a problem. As a woman, you want to be near the one you love and no matter how heated the exchange at the breakup, you still want to be near him. You want to tell him how much you need him and love him. As a man he wants his space. This is why so many women feel frustrated and desperate. You go chasing after the man you love and he does not want to communicate. The more you push, the farther he pulls away. This should tell you to leave him alone, but when your emotions are doing the thinking for you it is hard to give up.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you will have to let him go for a while. You must stop all contact with him. Forget his cell phone number and his email address. For the next few weeks you have to forget he exists. If you are constantly in his face he cannot possibly begin to miss you. To get your ex back you have to make him see what his life is like without you. Once he feels the void you have left in his life, he will start to miss you and have second thoughts about the breakup. This is the first step to getting back your lover.

Stop and look at yourself. The reason you are so desperate to get your ex boyfriend back is because you miss him and are afraid of losing him. The way to get the love of your life back is to make him feel the same way. The best way to make him miss you and become desperate for your love again, is to disappear from his radar. When he does not hear from you for a while, he will wonder what happened to you. This is when you let him see what has happened to you and make him want you back.

Get dressed as hot and sexy as possible and go out with your girlfriends to the places he hangs out. Let him get a good look at the woman he left and then disappear again. If you can go on a mini - vacation or visit out of town relatives, do it at this time. The reason for being out of town after he sees you and the old craving for you sets in is that he will be calling and sending emails. If you are out of town, you will not be tempted to answer him. He might also call your friends and ask if they have seen you, and they can honestly answer that they have not. All kinds of thoughts will run through his mind. He will imagine you with another man, having fun in the sun and it will drive him crazy. When you return home do not be surprised to see a very humble ex boyfriend standing on your doorstep.

If this is the man for you, don't give up. There are proven methods to make him love you like never before. Bad mistakes can ruin your relationship for good. To avoid these fatal mistakes, you need proven steps to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him. What you should and shouldn't do can be found at this Helpful Site.
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Quantum Generator Technology is a machine that can permanently change the crystalline structure of stone to that of the frequencies of Harmonic Codes, the NASA frequency of the Sound of the Sun, the frequency of the Tree of Life and more! When a semi-precious toroidal shaped stone infused with these frequencies is worn around the neck, like a necklace or pendant, the persons body voltage/frequency immediately begins to increase!

This increase of frequency generally can be felt by most people in some way, i.e. clearer thinking, a greater sense of being grounded, the definite sensation of being 'more in your body', etc. Everyone on the planet has their own unique perspective. This uniqueness provides a multitude of experiences for the wearer...

The wearers' experience of these pendants is so widely diverse and different that it is appropriate to talk about what might be expected, what changes can occur? Are there physical changes that might show up as a result of wearing one of these specially infused pendants? Yes!

Well... Let's start with some actual measurable changes that occur in the person's body. For more than a year now there has been hundreds of tests done on people, before and after scenario with a volt meter! One hundred percent of the time the person's body voltage/frequency would increase when they put the pendant on their body. The increase would be from 2 to 10 times or more of what there original frequency was measured!

This frequency increase, as mentioned before, affects people differently. There does seem to be a common thread about these pendants effects... And that is a general 'Peace of Mind'. Speaking of mind, another question has come up. What would be the purpose of increasing the frequency of your body?

The answer to this question comes from years ago research into healing with the application of certain frequencies administered to a persons' body. There was a very special microscope built in the year 1933 that could actually observe a live virus! This observation led the researcher to discover some absolutely astounding facts about frequencies and the body's ability to use them in healing!

The discovery was that certain frequencies had a 'disintegrating' effect on cancer cell within the human body! The researcher that discovered this major health changing fact went on to prove it beyond any doubt that cancer as well as other diseases is readily curable with little to no side effects using resonate frequencies of the diseased microbes!

Now, a young scientist, David Sereda, who invented the Quantum Generator machine, has discovered a way to facilitate healing ones' body by simply wearing a pendant that raises your vibration! That is truly amazing! What is another affect that can occur from wearing one of these special pendants?

In my view it has an affect on our consciousness in all areas of our lives!.. What I mean by that is it has been proven by scientists all over the world that consciousness is a time and place concept. The concept of who we are and what we are doing here on this planet is all tied in with this thing we call consciousness. Everything is in constant flux... Changing all the time... Nothing is static.

So, it is best to go with the flow of things...

Gary Hunsicker is a Classical Feng Shui Consultant and sometimes teaches Qigong. Feng Shui and Qigong are all about energy. The Quantum Generator Technology and the Galactic Transformer Pendant are all about enhancing ones personal energy. Click on the link and visit the website.
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There are a number of great strategies to follow to secure free radio publicity and/or advertising. Many of these methods are simple yet accessible, and they are often overlooked by the people who may benefit from them the most.

One excellent way of getting free radio publicity and/or advertising is with bartering. Bartering is the trade of goods or services from one party to another without the transfer of payments. It has been around since the early days of civilization, before coins existed, and it is a highly effective way of getting what it desired.

Many businesses use bartering as on option when they do not have the funds to pay for something outright. Businesses such as these will offer something of theirs in return for something that another company has. Bartering is common in all media, including radio. It is a great choice for marketers looking for free advertising, especially when dealing with smaller, local radio stations. The stations must sell their advertising time before the deadline passes or the opportunity will be gone and there will be nothing to gain. Because of this, many broadcasters are eager to barter their unsold time.

The key to making this type of exchange work is to do a little bit of research by listening carefully to the station that is under consideration. Marketers must discern what the station might want. If it is something that the marketer has, then bartering has a real chance as a viable option. A call should be made or a letter should be written to the station outlining the offer.

The product or service exchanged for free advertising does not need to be anything complex or difficult. It can even be as simple as donating one’s time. Many radio stations invite guest hosts to join shows depending on the format. WXRP in New York has guest artists come in and host their show, and they choose what music to play based on their own unique preferences. This has become an extremely popular segment for WXRP.

A marketer could take their talents a step further and actually double the advertising for the effort by volunteering as a guest host for a show on a topic relating to the business. If someone who owns a local greenhouse is seeking publicity, it would be easy to host a show and take questions from callers on spring planting or gardening. Publicity would be gained for the greenhouse throughout the segment as well as through the advertising time received in the barter. It is a win-win situation.

If a marketer does not prefer to go on the air to host a show, there are other ways to barter. Perhaps a certain hotel chain wants free publicity and would like to barter with a radio station for air time. The hotel could offer free accommodations to the station in return for advertising time.

It is important to remember that radio station managers are essentially sales people. They will accept ideas that made sense and are presented well. Once it is clear what types of products or services the station needs, bartering can be a very effective way of gaining free advertising and/or publicity.

S. Ryan has been helping companies market there services for over 10 years. He primarily focuses on small/start up companies. Read his review of a new proven system for getting Free Radio Advertising & get 5 more FREE tips at:www.freeradioadvertising.org
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We read so much every day about global warming that people are beginning to think that this is just a bogeyman created by environmentalists who want to remain in the news. The sad truth is that our planet is definitely getting warmer and the impact is being felt by marine life and not just by life on the surface.

We tend to think that only land based life is affected by global warming and that marine life is protected by its big blue cover of water. The fact is that everything on this planet is interdependent and there is very little that happens to something that doesn’t affect many other things. As a matter of fact, underwater life exists in a very fragile situation and is very easily disrupted.

As you know, global warming is the phenomenon whereby industrial pollution in the air is causing the sun’s rays to be trapped in the atmosphere since they have no way out. This causes the atmosphere to get just a little bit warmer, one result of which is the gradual melting of the polar ice caps. Everybody knows that this is causing the sea levels to rise, but what most people don’t realize is that global warming is causing the oceans to become just a little bit warmer.

These changes in the ocean threaten to wipe out entire species who find their homes or their food source eliminated. Many animals that live in polar areas are facing extinction and this will cause a domino effect.

One very serious impact of global warming is the gradual disappearance of coral reefs. This will have a devastating effect on marine life, and subsequently on human life as well. Did you know that at least 50% of the fish we eat grow and proliferate because of the presence of these reefs? Man’s senseless destruction of the environment is causing these reefs to disappear at a frightening rate, and they are taking the marine life along with them as the small fish have no safe place to live and breed.

Another impact of the gradually warming waters and the dilution of salinity by the melting polar ice caps on marine life is the slowing of ocean currents. These currents are vital to the normal functioning of the ocean for a variety of reasons, one of them being the welling up of nutrients from the bottom of the sea. This will cause large scale reduction in fish populations and you can very well imagine the impact that will have on humans.

Global warming is a far greater threat to our existence than we can even imagine. This is why we continue to live life oblivious to what is going to happen in the future. We have to just study its impact on marine life to get a clear picture of which direction the future of human beings is headed. We have no choice but to make changes in how we conduct our lives if we wish to leave anyplace for our future generations to live.

I am basically a graduate at the University of Hamburg and you can get awesome articles and valid information from the ones which I submit specially for you to take a look at. Check out Marine Images, Marine Graphics or Marine Pictures.
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“It has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain from smoking when awake.” Mark Twain.
Can you imagine that? Well you surely can imagine not smoking in your sleep but being able to smoke whenever you wish and more importantly wherever you wish sounds nothing short of dreamy doesn’t it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your dreams come true. Thanks to electric cigarettes – the future of smoking – the world is your smoking area.

Electric cigarettes have reportedly been classified as a much safer and significantly less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco smoking because they include the minimum of toxic ingredients possible. As a matter of fact, studies show that the unhealthy chemicals found in electric cigarettes are also used in nicotine replacement products such as gum or stickers which are perfectly legal. However the most surprising piece of information given to the public is that nitrosamine – a particularly toxic ingredient found in electric cigarettes - can also be found in products such as bacon or beer.

Although the pieces of information above might be alarming, the good news is they are the only negative things about electric cigarettes. Not only that but compared to the actual tobacco smoking act and even second hand smoke inhalation electric cigarettes cannot lose. With a very wide range of products available on the market and the possibility of using them almost anywhere, including most public places, electric cigarettes are sure to become the commonest somewhat sinful act of the civilized world.

Each one of these electric cigarettes is formed of a microcomputer, a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. Alongside these whoever wishes to purchase a pack will automatically receive a spare battery in order not to have to wait while the first one recharges. Also most electric cigarettes come with some cartridges that last a fair amount of time but things really depend a lot on the buyer’s smoking habits. The life span of a cartridge as well as that of a battery is entirely up to the frequency with which one smokes however a single cartridge roughly equals two normal packages of cigarettes while a battery should last up to a day.

Besides being able to choose cartridges with different amounts of nicotine in them, electric cigarettes might also be an easy way for people to quit smoking thanks to a specific type of cartridge with 0 mg of nicotine. What would be the use of smoking then, you might ask yourselves. The answer is surprisingly easy: Apart from the intense physical pleasure smoking provides, it also constitutes a habit, a constant activity your hands and mouth have. Without smoking you probably wouldn’t know what to do with them. This is why a large number of people gain weight when trying to kick the habit or seem highly anxious – they are either chewing on something or tearing up things like paper to stay busy.

This is where electric cigarettes come in handy since the vapors they eliminate are mostly water based. You can still fool around without actually doing any harm to your health.

Electric cigarettes are better replacement of your dangerous cigarettes available at http://www.clearvapors.com
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Having bad credit is self-perpetuating: the worse your credit score, the harder it can be to get out of debt, start paying your bills on time and turn your financial life around. Regardless of your credit score, one of the most important building blocks of having a normal, healthy financial life is to have your own checking account.

If you have tried one or more times to get approved for a new checking account but have been rejected, you may believe that your credit score has something to do with your situation: it doesn't.

The Anatomy of a Bank Account Rejection

In reality, getting your checking account application rejected has nothing to do with your credit, or FICO, score. Rather, the sole purpose in life of your credit score is to determine whether you are eligible for auto, mortgage, or personal loans and what interest you qualify for.

The Real Culprit: Chex Systems

The real culprit in your acceptance or rejection into a new checking account is something called Chex Systems. This is a risk assessment database that banks use to share information with each other about customers or ex-customers whom they deem to be a banking credit risk. Your name can get reported to Chex Systems for any number of reasons, including:

a. You still owe a previous bank with which you did business money for their covering one of your past charges that resulted in an overdraft.

b. You committed some sort of bank fraud - or something that could be easily mistaken for bank fraud.

c. You committed or are suspected to have committed check fraud at some point in the past.

d. For some other reason, some bank out there thinks you represent a risk.

Your Backdoor: Second Chance Checking

Fortunately, if your name has been reported to Chex Systems, you do have another option: opening a second chance checking bank account. These checking accounts are identical in every way to a "regular" checking account, except for the fact that they the bank does not refer to Chex Systems during the application process. Bottom line: even if your name is on Chex Systems, it will not matter at all in terms of whether you will be approved for a new account.

If you want to find bad credit checking accounts with guaranteed approval, read on.

Finding Bad Credit Checking Accounts

To get a bad credit checking account, you need to:

1. Get out a piece of paper and create a list of at least 5-10 second chance checking banks.

2. Review their websites to determine which one looks like a fit for you.

3. Apply, but don't worry about being declined - even if you have a poor FICO score and/or if your name appears on Chex Systems.

Bad credit checking is actually within reach for most people. Now that you know that your past rejections by banks has nothing at all to do with your credit score, you have a better understanding of how to get an account. Find a second chance checking bank and you are guaranteed approval.

Get immediate access to a complete list of second chance checking banks in your area at: http://www.Checking-for-Everybody.info.
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One of the most basic principles to understand on the AS/400, iSeries and System i platform is the object file system. To effectively administer and operate the platform it's important to comprehend the underlying file system structure and semantics.

An "object" is a basic building block of the entire file system found on the AS/400 platform. Put very simply, everything that is stored outside of the IFS portion (which is a special part of the system) is referred to as an object. Objects includes libraries, files and even configuration pieces of the operating system like output queues and user profiles.

What distinguishes objects from one another is the object type and the attribute. The type denotes if the object is a library, database file and so on. But at the root of the file system, from a user perspective anyway, are libraries. Within libraries are the individual objects such as files, programs and so forth. A library cannot contain another library and at the root of the file system can be only libraries. Still with me so far?

To review objects and where they are stored you simply use the generic Work with Objects command WRKOBJ. This command allows you to review objects that are stored within a library. WRKOBJ will display the object name, type, library it is stored in, description and the attribute. The attribute is another field that can help you identify what exactly an object is. For example an object can have a type of file and an attribute of physical file.

Object names are limited to ten characters or less and cannot start with a number. IBM supplied objects (ie objects that are a part of the core operating system that you should not mess around with) always start with the letter Q. There are two exceptions however and those are the QGPL and QUSRSYS libraries which are generally used by a system administrator to store non system objects like output queues and some initial CL programs since they are a part of the default library list.

As you need to work with specific object types, like changing something about a library you will need to use specific commands for the object type. For instance in the case of a library you would use the Work with Library command WRKLIB. Some of the more popular object specific commands include Change Physical File or CHGPF, Work With File or WRKF and Create Duplicate Object or CRTDUPOBJ.

One super tip is to learn how to use the Programming Development Manager, more commonly known as PDM to work with objects. Traditionally used by programmers for cranking out lines of RPG, CL and DDS specs, PDM is tailor made for working with libraries and objects contained within libraries.

With PDM you can change objects, copy them, delete and more very quickly and easily. PDM even has nifty position to fields and other shortcuts built right in that make finding and working with an object quick and easy. You also have the capability to filter object lists by name (generic or with the * wildcard) type and object attribute.

John Andersen is an author, seasoned AS/400 administrator and IT manager. To discover how to quickly and easily get up to speed with your AS/400 and iSeries platform checkout Midrange Jump Start dot com.
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When you think about storage for your company, your first thought is probably shelving. However, there are a lot more options than just aluminium or steel shelving. Linbins are a great way to store a variety of different things, including parts, supplies and papers. Virtually any company can benefit from this type of storage, and you’ll love the options that are available.

Outstanding Construction for Durability

Linbins are manufactured from a high quality polyethylene copolymer. It’s designed to handle the heaviest of loads without bending, cracking or just falling apart. This means that it is exceptionally strong and will last for many years. You’ll know that this storage option is a great investment!

A Variety of Sizes Available

Linbins are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes. Commonly used for smaller parts, such as bolts, nuts, screws and other small bits and pieces, you can probably imagine a use for them in your business. This heavy duty, boltless storage solution can quickly organise your business area like never before. There are complete bays available that will hold many different sizes, so you can store multiple parts and supplies all in one convenient location. You simply slide the bins into the slots. The convenient end stops hold the bins in place and eliminates the possibility of spilling the contents.

Dividers, Colours and Labels

There are also dividers available, so you can separate the bins into different compartments, allowing for even more storage. Dividers can help make it all a little bit less expensive, since you will need fewer bins. Labels may be attached to the front or back of individual bins, or both, which makes fining items much faster and easier. Linbins are available in red, blue, yellow, and grey, which can also help with organising your stock.

Storage Ideas

What do you need to store? While some of the most popular uses were listed above, there are many others. Does your company store small computer parts or small light bulbs? There are a million uses for Linbins – you only have to use your imagination!

Where to Find These Little Storage Wonders

Linbins are readily available online and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable they are. You can quickly compare pricing, postage times and charges and warranty information with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, some caution is in order. There are many imitations available that aren’t the ‘real deal’. In order to get the highest quality product, make sure you purchase true Linbins. Cheaper alternatives may not be constructed of the same high quality material. If they’re not, you could run the risk of the bins cracking, dumping all the stock onto the floor. If it’s fragile, you could be out a lot of money.

Linbins have truly revolutionised the way that businesses store supplies, stock and papers. Incredibly durable, strong and more affordable than you might think, these are the storage options you have been searching for! Take a few minutes and see how easy organisation really can be!

To explore our range of Linbins, further, please visit our website at http://www.slingsby.com
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Performance appraisals are probably the most disliked and dreaded tasks that a manager has to perform. Employees look forward to performance appraisals about as much as they do having a root canal – and at least with a root canal the patient is given anesthetic to lessen the pain while undergoing the procedure. On top of this of this, many studies show that the annual appraisal has no impact on performance.

Human resource managers will argue that documenting performance is necessary to protect the company against potential lawsuits if an employee has to be terminated. In reality, because of the way that most appraisals are done, they most often work against the company in litigation. I have seen many cases where a company was ready to terminate an employee for poor performance only to find that there was a history of satisfactory ratings on prior reviews. So I tend to discount this as a reason to do annual reviews, and therefore think they should exclusively be a tool to improve individual and organization performance.

To make reviews an effective tool for improving performance, we need to understand and apply some basic principles of psychology. People are internally driven to do the best that they can be based on their perception and understanding of what is expected. These expectations reside in the subconscious mind and are influenced by what the person has experienced. The subconscious cannot deal in abstract concepts. So reviews need to focus on specific, concrete actions and behaviors that influence either positive or negative performance. While measuring key factors associated with performance is absolutely essential to running a business, focusing on numbers is a fruitless activity when it comes to improving individual performance.

Our actions are primarily driven by the subconscious. The subconscious mind will work to achieve anything that it can visualize. I have written on the subject of using term “Meets Expectations” as an indicator of average or mediocre performance before. If we tell people exactly what is expected of them, then the subconscious goes to work to make it happen. If managers want people to exceed expectations, then they need to help the employee visualize what this really means. If there is one thing that organizations can do to improve performance across the board, it is to increase expectations. In my performance appraisal system, “Meets All Expectations” is the highest rating that someone can get. It puts the responsibility for getting exceptional performance on the shoulders of the manager to clearly define it, rather than on the poor employee who has to try to figure out what it means.

According to brain science, each person is “wired” based on his or her life experiences. Each of us sees the world and events through our own unique belief window. Managers tend to see things one way while employees see it another way. Part of this wiring process, is the need for each of us to have a positive self image that is essential to our physical and emotional well being. Any feedback that we get that creates a conflict with our positive self image creates discomfort which psychologist call cognitive dissonance. We naturally do anything we can to reduce the dissonance. This includes rationalizing, blaming others, or discounting the source of the feedback.

So when a mangers says something like, “I want to give you some feedback to help you improve”, the employee thinks “this is an opportunity for the manager to blame me for things I couldn’t control”.

The way to overcome cognitive dissonance is for the manager to ask rather than tell. Have the employees evaluated their own performance. The manager asks questions to clarify what is being said. I was fortunate to work for a manager who allowed us to write our performance reviews. As we reviewed what I wrote, he was really skilled at asking great questions that made me really thing about my performance, yet I didn’t feel like he was judging or evaluating me.

The same principle applies when setting goals. When employees develop their own objectives, cognitive dissonance disappears. If a manager says “Here are your goals for the year”, the employee immediately thinks “How can anyone be expected to do all that”. Instead of going to work on the goal, the subconscious focuses on the path of least resistance which is rationalization, blame, or indifference.

Two other quick “rules” about performance reviews. First, salary should never be incorporated into the performance discussion. If salary is discussed during the review session, the mind will block out everything else. Second, the primary focus of the review process is now and the future, not the past. Nothing can be done about the past – it’s over and time to move on. To be most effective in modifying behavior, praise and criticism must occur at the time of the event, not weeks or months afterwards in a performance review session.

Ryan Scholz works with leaders whose success is dependent on getting commitment and high performance from others. He is author of Turning Potential into Action: Eight Principles for Creating a Highly Engaged Work Place. For more information, visit his web site at www.lead-strat-assoc.com [].
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