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When The man you love tells you he wants to end the relationship, you think he is gone forever. But if you love him, you should not let him go easily. This does not mean that you should chase him, crying and losing your self esteem. There are much better ways to make your ex boyfriend love you and want you forever. Here are expert tips to get your ex back.

When your boyfriend breakup with you, it is usually because he thinks he can do without your love. The best way to get him back is to show him that you can do without his love as well. This will be hard for you to do because every part of you is wanting to do just the opposite. Your instincts tell you to go to him and beg him to love you again. You will promise anything and lose all personal dignity in your quest to get your ex back. If you chase him and let him see you as needy and desperate, you will lose him forever.

Male psychology teaches you that men want what they cannot have. If you take something away from them, they will claw and fight to get it back. To make your ex boyfriend love and want you forever, you will have to give him the impression that you do not want him and that you are moving on without him. To do this, you must have no contact with him whatsoever. Simply go on with your life as if you had never met him.

Think back to the woman you were before you met and fell in love with your ex. You were carefree and self confident. You took great care to be looking as desirable as possible before you went anywhere. These are probably what attracted your ex boyfriend to you at the start. To get your ex back you have to be that woman again. This might require you to make some changes both outside and inside. Go look into a mirror and see how you have changed and then go to work on yourself. Think of changes in your personality and vow to get rid of any bad habits you have picked up. Changing your inner self will take some time and work, but it can be done.

The changes on the outside can be accomplished immediately. Go to a good salon and get a new hair style, manicure and a tan. Next go shopping for new clothes that will accent your new look. Now that you are looking sexy and desirable, it is show time. Get with your girlfriends and go out on the town. Make an appearance at the places he hangs out and let him get a good look at you. When you have his mouth open in surprise and his tongue hanging out with lust, disappear. Give him a few days to digest what he just saw and he will be calling. Do not be to anxious to take his calls, and when you do, make sure you have your emotions under control. If you can be cheerful and self confident when you talk to him you will be well on your way to get your ex back.

If this is the man for you, don't give up. There are proven methods to make him love you like never before. Bad mistakes can ruin your relationship for good. To avoid these fatal mistakes, you need proven steps to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him. What you should and shouldn't do can be found at this Helpful Site.
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Prizes include financial scholarship, hi-tech gift cards, and laptops

Washington, DC - Talented R&B/hip-hop artist/producer/singer and son of music icon Stevie Wonder, Mumtaz Ekow Morris, and music video director, Dennis Mckinley, will join representatives from community based organizations as judges for the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation's Unity Diaspora Coalition (UDC) Census Poster and Social Media Competition.

The National Coalition's UDC is sponsoring the competition in cities where they have Census activities on the ground working to decrease the undercount of the Black population, says executive director and CEO Melanie L. Campbell. Participating cities are: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Gary, IN; Houston, TX; Jackson, MS; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; and New York, NY.

Campbell adds, "The competition provides an opportunity for parents, educators, service providers, clergy, and youth organizers to help young people understand the importance of the Census with a civic activity that is educational and fun."

Participants can use any talent to communicate the importance of the Census and encourage people to return their Census form. Poems, posters, paintings, spoken word, songs, YouTube videos, comedy skits, rap, and other artistic expression are eligible. Students and young adults have until April 16, 2010 to enter the competition and must live in one of the cities listed above.

Judges will select five local winners from each participating city including: elementary, middle school, high school, undergraduate, and young adult categories. Local winners will receive a certificate of recognition and a $25 - $100 gift card and will be entered into the UDC Census Poster and Social Media Competition.

Five national winners will be selected from the local winners. National prizes include a $1,000 scholarship, $500 gift card, laptops and a Nintendo WII Sport.

"I am eager to check out the creative ideas from talented young people," said McKinley. "I hope to see some captivating viral campaigns that will motivate young people to be civically engaged and persuade their parents return their Census form," adds the director of Travis Porter's hit single Go Shorty Go, voted the number one song in Atlanta two weeks in a row.

"I am honored to be a part of this campaign and assist in judging the entries," cites Mumtaz, whose debut single Do It Well, featuring Snoop Dogg drops in April. "We all need to stand up and be counted in the 2010 Census and I look forward reviewing the entries while helping to expose new talent."

The Unity Diaspora Coalition is an initiative of The National Coalition that brings together organizations representing Caribbean, Afro Latino, African, and African American communities. In addition to urging the Black population to mail in their completed census survey to decrease the under count of the Black population, their goal is to demonstrate unity among Blacks of the Diaspora.

Content can be uploaded to www.unitydiaspora.ning.com or mailed to The National Coalition UDC, 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW 10th Floor - Suite #1000, Washington, DC 20036. Call for (202) 659-4929 more information.

The National Coalition's Unity Diaspora Coalition http://www.unitydiaspora.ning.com
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If you fancy the Resolute Desk in your office, you can do so without running for the Oval Office. Skilled wood carvers and craftsman are reproducing replicas of the Resolute Desk, which you can buy either online or visiting their display store.

But you can't really have the Resolute Desk - even its replica - in your office without knowing its heartwarming and cozy history. After all, your visitors might ask you why for all desk designs you chose the Resolute Desk, which seem bulky at the look. So here's a piece of history which all Americans ought to learn.

History of the Resolute Desk

When HMS Resolute was broken up in 1879, Queen Victoria commissioned fine British woodworkers to fashion a desk out of her fine wood to be presented to the president of the United Sates in 1880, President Rutherford Hayes. The queen made this gesture as a token of appreciation for the Americans' generosity of restoring one of their important ships, HMS Resolute, and returning her back to Britain as a gift. HMS Resolute was commissioned under Captain Edward Belcher to search for the long missing British explorer Sir John Franklin together with his fleet.

When the search proved too much for Belcher, he abandoned the search and HMS Resolute together with HMS Intrepid, and he went home to Britain to face trial for his acts together with other fleet captains under his command. HMS Resolute was found by one American explorer James Buddington who brought her back to New London. That's when the Americans' thought about the idea of restoring the ship and returning it as gift to Britain in the height of a looming American-British war.

Why own a Resolute Desk Replica

If you can't have the original thing, so why own a replica? Well, for many reasons.

Aside from the rich history that a replica Resolute Desk represents, the desk is an exquisite design of the Victorian era. The intricate carving, shelves design, leather top, and the kind of wood that goes into the making of replica Resolute Desks are worth the money. Your office will look more classic and homey with a Resolute Desk compared to a boring mass-produced office tables that noticeably lack character.

If you have a Resolute Desk in your office, you're not only paying a tribute to the British-American long-standing friendship, you're also perpetuating the great story that started the desk. Each replica Resolute Desk are made from fine mahogany or oak and fashioned by skilled craftsman so that they resemble the real thing. Even the sizes and the look of the drawers are also carefully replicated to conform to the purpose and usefulness of the original desk in the Oval Office. You'll not only have a beautiful, history-rich desk in your office, you'll have something that can last for generations to come to bequeath as an heirloom.

You can own a replica of the resolute desk. Visit Resolute Desk [http://www.victorianreplicas.com] to learn more.
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Did you know that most of the interaction between men and women is done non-verbally?

Before we even open our mouths, we are communicating with one another.

There are so many ways our bodies talk to each other and one of the most important things you can do is learn as much as you can about it.

Even when we are trying to play hard to get, there are actions and gestures that reveal our interest. It is a nonverbal way to flirt that we may not even be aware we are doing.

Here are some ways we flirt with people, even if we don’t realize we are doing it:

When we are attracted to a woman we might:

• Make our glance at her linger
• Lift our eyebrows, slightly part our lips and flare our nostrils a tiny bit
• Blush or flush a bit
• Become more rigid in our stance, adopting an alpha male type stature
• Adjust our clothes or “preen” smoothing down our hair, etc.
• Start to mirror her sitting position
• Adopt her vocal tone
• Lean in toward the woman
• Keep our legs or feet pointed toward her, showing our interest
• Touch her, say her arm or hand
• Stare at her mouth
• Looking at her with “wide eyes”
• Getting caught looking at her when she isn’t looking at you
• Acting a bit nervous around her
• Showing a hint of jealousy when other men talk to her
• You laugh a little too hard at her jokes
• You find ways to start your own conversation with her

These are all basics you learn about when you study body language and relationships, but there is much, much more you can learn. Not only should you know the signals you may be unconsciously giving to women, you need to learn what signals she is sending your way.

But first, learn ways that you might be showing your interest without realizing it because you can use this in many ways. You can use them to convey nonverbally that you are interested in another woman. Then, based on her responses, you can tell if she wants you to approach her or ask her out.

So it is helpful to not only realize what signals your body is sending out to a woman, it is also crucial to know what signals women send out when they are interested in you.

This can save you a lot of grief, money and heartache.

For instance, a woman who keeps catching you eye and then shyly looking away wants you to approach her. A woman, who brushes past you and smiles at you, probably wants you to talk to her. These are all ways for a woman to say she is interested in getting to know you better.

It is not rocket science. There are some basic ways our bodies biologically respond to people we are attracted to and it helps to learn them as early on as you can.

Bill has been studying How to Approach Women for the last 5 years in NYC and is a pick up artist who can help you learn to do the same. The original article can be found here: Flirting Signs You Need to Know.
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Zhengzhou Railway Station Area clothing business district, gathered more than 10 clothing wholesale market, in the fierce market competition, Mart, through the leap-forward development of this rising star has become the central plains region's most influential fashion professional markets.

Eight years of life experiences to create garment carrier

Zhengzhou Railway Station is located in Zhengzhou Mart clothing wholesale business district of the central location, four projects a total of 20 million square meters, a total of 2,000 businesses, more than 5,000 brands. In 2001, Mart, the city officially opened a children's clothing; in 2003, Mart, the second phase put into use; in 2005, the World Trade Mall opening welcome upgrade 3; in 2008, Mart effort to build "big World Trade Center";
In 2009, Mart took the lead in a new masterpiece of the World Trade Organization, Ginza market.

Trade Mall adjacent to the Zhengzhou Railway Station, Metro Line 1 (under construction), passenger hub station, South Station, Beijing-Guangzhou line close at hand, more than 30 bus lines criss-cross in front of the logistics transportation is extremely convenient; mall around all over the Commerce and Industry Bank, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, about ten financial institutions, economic and convenient circulation, commercial breath rich.

Brand Women's Center Mall in the WTO as early as the formation of scale, mainly of large brand shops, with a strong end-market resources advantage and the ability to lead the women's fashion trends; down jacket brand brand Bacheng the total market share more than the total business sales clothing market in the central region list ranked the top three; underwear brands accounted for the total market brand underwear Seventy-colored cotton cover, Body, warmth, home clothes, pajamas in various categories; Kids Zone with a total construction area of 52000 square meters, is the preferred cities and children's clothing rationing markets; Jiucheng over the country gathered here pregnant and baby brands; Men Street, a dual function of both the wholesale and retail; Liangzhuang Square has been a strong rise of the WTO, domestic and foreign fashion brands are actively Liangzhuang to get into.
First-class management to create brand market

"The WTO mall can go today, major asset is the group for the whole market and market operations for every household a high sense of responsibility, and we deeply understand the market and the business is win-win relationship. Thus, beginning from the market opening on the the sale of control in 10% of the pavement and putting in a lot of manpower and funds to businesses to actually put in place services to ensure businesses are able to continue to profit. "Lishao Can said.

As a clothing wholesale Mart unique corporate culture has penetrated into all aspects of management of shopping centers, where "1234" the characteristics of the activities popular with merchants welcome, "1" is the end of each year to hold a clothing purchase Festival, "2" is an annual and Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places Matchmaking Symposium jointly organized by the two upper reaches of the brand "3" is around 51, 11, New Year's Day holiday organized three large-scale sale events, "4" is the occasion of the turn of spring, summer autumn and winter seasons, organizing large-scale business promotion organizations, and the new trends conference.

At the same time, set up specifically for the brand promotion activities to promote the WTO Mall Group, footprints all over China to lead the WTO merchants to Guangzhou White Horse, Hangzhou, holly leaf and other places to visit and study, a comprehensive collection of industry, including styles, fabrics, processing technology, equipment, and various information.

In early 2009, Mart, registered in Paris, France set up a "law Erxi Ya (International) Garment Fashion Co., Ltd.", with Paris Garment Association, the French Designers Association has established close cooperative relationships, professional dedicated to promoting French fashion industry Fashion cultural exchanges, would set a precedent in Henan Jieshou apparel.

Special Service led to four businesses.

"Help the business Xing" is to Mart's consistent position, so for each business with a full-time business manager, to the business community to provide "one-stop" services. Mart's business manager, an introduction: "From the operational guidance to the logistics support, ahead or behind, as long as the business need, we will always provide services and assistance."

At the same time, the WTO mall in the "help business Xing-friendly" practice, has also imposed a full-scale diversification of business strategy: a unified position, unified planning, unified management, unified investment, unity promotion. In the operating mode to take "5 with the win" model, that is, clothing manufacturers, clothing wholesalers, clothing retailers, shop owners and local governments to participate in, forming an integrated whole to achieve a balance of interests, multi-win-win situation.

Li Shaocan Description: "Only such a sustained nanny-service, really be considered to be terms of service carried out, in order to tenants with confidence."

Trade Mall offers a wide variety of tailor-made for the business to help business policy: business convention authoritative media advertising, Mart 50% of advertising costs reimbursement; the organization of a joint investment would be, exhibitions, orders and other promotional activities will be ; lead the business under the selection of 23 cities at all levels of distributors, to ensure that the amount of clothes to go; the production of various types of rationing handbook distributed across the province. In the investment context, the WTO scrutiny mall business qualification, those with rich experience, strong financial strength and have the brand agency qualifications, good business reputation of the business bringing in, and settled in the business for the development of a variety of incentives.

The hardware facilities and software services co-ordination, in particular, enables businesses to become satisfied that the Mart, the big center. Mart back in the big center was sold out before opening, but now Mart also will continue to use and the development of four large buildings in the Center-style wholesale model. Large 30-story World Trade Center, the establishment of 1600.

Square-meter multi-function hall where, T-sets, professional lighting, sound and other equipment readily available, in order to undertake a variety of business products, clothing, trends conference.

"Today, there are a lot of wholesale clothing merchants had billion of assets, whether individuals or companies from the business perspective of the development will require a larger, the environment better, can combine products, business negotiation, the modern office as one of high-grade office environment. Our big center not only meets the needs of businesses, better businesses to enhance the commercial value, so as to enhance the overall value of the Central Plains clothing specialized market. "Lishao Can talking about big center is filled with pride, because to some extent large center on behalf of the apparel market, to enhance the professional direction.

I am a professional editor from China Suppliers, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. http://www.frbiz.com/ contain a great deal of information about leather woman jacket,synthetic leather handbags,ostrich leather bags, welcome to visit!
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While buyers are purchasing Notebook power pack the vendors can say to them how many hours the Notebook power pack can come, there are some causes that are promote to the malfunction of the Notebook battery. Many notebook consumers have no thought about the technology included on getting the maximum life out of their HP Compaq 6710b Li-ion notebook battery. Like all Notebook batteries; we need to give care while they are not in use. Don't store your notebook battery close to chemicals and in a damp place that will shorten your Li-ion rechargeable battery ability.

One more simplex tip to raising the notebook battery lifespan by defragmenting disc & take out excess files and folders. By using this easy method will facilitate your notebook to boot up so quickly, this will consumes A reduced amount of energy. Alter your power settings with that it use the lowest amount of Power required to get your laptop functioning. bright LCD display will consume much more battery. Try to reduce brightness when running the Notebook on battery power.

Stop all unnecessary applications if your laptop based over HP Compaq 6710b power pack as primary power source. Do not run virus scan while our notebook depending on Li-ion battery, since this scan substantially increases processor & hard disk activity while it is depending over notebook battery. Try to keep away from connect by the internet unless it's absolutely needed, if you are based on your HP Compaq 6710b Li-ion notebook battery as the only power supply. Run anti virus scan if we are connecting to primary energy source. Do not perform virus scan while you are working on notebook battery. This will preserve Notebook battery energy.

When ever it's feasible try to decrease the utilisation of usb Attachments such as DVD/CD drives/players, lead to use up a lot of energy to run. Unplug these optical devices and that have the maximal Priority to drain the battery power. Unplug entire other external tools suchlike an external mouse, Fire wire, PC Cards, Wi-Fi box, Outside speakers, pen drives Bluetooth and even the attached iPod.

Hibernate & Standby modes are for saving the Power of the notebook Battery although, commonly laptop pc's takes much Li-ion Battery Power in the STAND BY method. We do not know those reasons but "instant-on" takes 30-60 second's additional period of time to go out from hibernation method. This smallest amount of period draws the significant blow on whole laptop battery life existence. When in the hibernate mode log in & log out are extremely favorable and impressive than the typical start & shutdown operation. When in hibernate method the shutdown activity gives the alternative to suspend present activity instantly with the power off and when in start up method this can proceed with in a few seconds absolutely, Thus the method saving power. How ever suspend method trim down the power consumption of ours computer by not providing the power to hardware devices that we are not utilizing. So by using Hibernate mode we can saves the Li-ion Battery energy. You may put the shortcut icon for hibernate instead of manual activity (just once completing this manual task in Control panel then use this shortcut icon by Pushing "Win switch" followed by U pursue by H). If you have some particular urgent work at outside for longer period, in such condition use the hibernate method as an alternative to suspend form.

Any Notebook user wants to achieve a HP Compaq 6710b Li-ion rechargeable battery end as long as feasible. Nevertheless any Notebook Battery pack has the Limited life span. Thus in case you can go through the above listed good Li-ion rechargeable battery suggestions given by nbbatt.com that may assist to prolong the Notebook Battery pack life period.

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Wipers or rags are among the most useful cleaning materials since cleaning materials in liquid form are used with these. They are also usually used alone to wipe surface dry or simply remove dirt or grease from the said surfaces. There are several types of wipers or rags that are used by a lot of cleaning service providers that you may also use at home, in your office or even in industrial settings especially if you find hiring a cleaning service business to ensure the cleanliness of your space.

The variation of wipers depends on the type of surfaces that they clean. There are heavy duty wipers, light duty and industrial wipers. Wipers are also further classified depending on their purpose since there are wipers available for food service, dairy and fitness and health. There are also a variety of brands available but this article will mainly discuss Wypall wipers. Wypall wipers have at least 13 types with each type having all sorts of packaging available for you to choose from. Knowing the best type of wiper for the intended job should depend on the descriptions for each type, online and of course through referrals of friends or the Wypall salespeople since they know best.

Among the types of Wypall Wipers are Wypall X50, X60, X70, X80 wipers, Wypall L10, L20, L30 and L40 wipers, dairy towels, microfiber towels, food service and health and fitness towels. A brief description of each type and their difference among the other types of wipers can be found in this article.

Wypall X50 and X60 wipers are both tough but versatile – thus they can be used for both the hand and face but also for heavy scrubbing. On the other hand, Wypall X70 and X80 wipers can be both used to replace the cotton rags that are usually used in cleaning industrial materials, although X80 wipers are best for the toughest cleaning jobs available. Even though they are intended for heavy duty cleaning, they are sure to last long and thus you reduce your costs of buying supplies repeatedly and your wastes too.

On one hand, Wypall L10, L20, L30 and L40 wipers are for light duty wiping. Wypall L10 and L20 are good for everyday cleaning although L20 wipers are more efficient when dealing with large spills. Wypall L30 and L40 have the softest textures that are good to use in face and hands.

Dairy towels are designed to be used in farms or other agricultural purposes; food service towels in the food industry which are good wipers for food stains on surfaces and thus can be used in the kitchen or in restaurants. Wypall wipers for health and fitness should then be used in health clubs and gyms while microfiber towels of the Wypall brand are the more efficient wipers in removing bacteria and odor in the surfaces to be cleaned.

There are different ways of packaging available. These wipers can be bought in rolls, boxes, folds and sheets that you only need to specifically know what the best packaging that you need is. Buying in bulk is also advised since it is cheaper.

Loren Yadeski, author of this article is also interested in janitorial supplies and recommends you to please check out janitorial services if you liked reading this information.
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You think she is the girl of your dreams and at first she looks at you like you are her prince, but by the end of the date, she never wants to see you again.

Was it something you did/said/wore? Yes, yes, yes, say the authors of a new book: “Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating or Having Sex.”

According to authors Anne Coyle and Ellen Rakieten, there are hundreds of turn offs that guys probably don’t even realize they are doing.

One example the authors give is a man walking in and his date sees that he sports hair plugs. The woman tells herself she can move past that.

But then, the man opens his mouth and uses endless sports metaphors. He also wears (horror) pleated front pants, has a cell phone clipped to his belt and drinks Long Island Iced Teas. But then comes the coup de grace --- he gets up and tells the woman that he has to go take a “dump.”

This is the perfect example of an undateable guy, say Coyle and Rakieten.

“We interviewed hundreds of smart, funny, normal women from all walks of life and asked them for their lists of Undateables, the things that turned a guy from a MAYBE into a NO WAY,” wrote Coyle and Rakieten. “Some answers were more obvious (readjusting the "family jewels" over drinks), while others were randomly brilliant (owning a cat), and some we never saw coming (using the phrase "my lover").

“This is stuff that guys don’t know because nobody tells them,” Rakieten said on Good Morning America in March.
On Good Morning America, the authors went looking for offenders at the ESPN Zone in Times Square.
They found a guy wearing a baseball cap backward – big no-no. Is having messy hair better? He asked the authors and they both replied, “YES!”

The second guy took off his Nike sweatshirt and the women groaned. He had on a bright red tee shirt with a giant MnM character face on it.

“You’re adorable, and really, truly is this what you want to say to the world?” they said. “I’m an MnM?”

The women asked the third guy if he wore a blue tooth on his ear like that all the time.

“Every day,” he answered and got a big thumb down.

Then the women found two guys they said knew how to do it right: they had FLAT FRONT pants on and nice shoes.

“So what’s the lesson learned?” asked the Good Morning America host. “Every frog can become a prince if they just have a little help.”

So what are some other Undateable things to avoid?
 A man should never go shirtless unless he’s at the beach, in the shower or in bed.
 A man’s underwear or boxers should never hang out of his pants
 DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear that combination of too short jeans and too long shorts called Jorts.
 NEVER wear white socks without athletic sneakers and NEVER wear socks with sandals.

Bill has been studying How to Pick Up Women for the last 5 years in NYC and is a pick up artist who can help you learn to do the same. The original article can be found here: Don’t Be Undateable.
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Tiki sculptures hold significant value in Polynesian culture. A Tiki statue is a large wood carving that represents a Polynesian god or a specific “mana”. The gods or the “mana” were conveyed through the face of the sculpture or through the other symbols included in the sculpture. Although Tiki sculptures are not evaluated on the same level as other arts, they are still considered valuable for what they represent.

The Tiki is one of the most defining symbols of the Polynesian culture. It has been used for many centuries for a number of purposes including worship and marking boundaries of sacred sites. Today, Tiki sculptures remain popular among the Central Eastern Polynesian cultures. They are also growing in popularity outside of the aforementioned culture, as art and also as functional sculptures.

As art, Tiki sculptures are used to decorate living spaces and other areas. Good Tiki artists really put a lot of thought into the design and the process of creating wonderful Tiki Sculptures so the sculptures add both texture and warmth to the home. Tiki Sculptures can also be used for Luau parties, Hawaiian restaurants and Tiki Bars to enhance the ambiance of the place and to provide an authentic Polynesian experience.

There are also people who value Tiki Scupltures for the good fortune and blessings they provide. These sculptures are said to bring good fortune, long life, fertility, health, or safety depending on the Polynesian god depicted on the carving. Some Tiki sculptures may not depict a specific mana or good fortune but simply depict a Polynesian god.

There are different kinds of Tiki sculptures available for collectors from Tiki Statues to Tiki Masks. One of the most popular Tiki art is the Tiki statue. Tiki statues can be used to decorate indoor spaces and also gardens, patios and other outdoor areas. The sizes of the Tiki statues range from 26 inches to over 60 inches. With the range of designs and sizes, it is easy to find the right Tiki statue to meet your needs.

When choosing a Tiki statue for your home or any other place, make sure to get authentic Tiki statues. Authentic Tiki statues are made of Acacia and other hard woods. This makes them durable; standing the test of time even when they are placed outdoors exposed to various elements such as rain and sun light. They are also carved by real artists who understand the meanings of the facial expressions and symbols used in the Tiki culture. These artists are able combine aesthetic value with symbolism and functionality. These authentic Tiki statues require a lot of hard work to create because they are carved and not created using a mold. The whole process takes a lot of knowledge, patience and dedication.

Another thing you must remember when choosing Tiki statues is to make sure you understand the meanings of the designs so that you get the kind of statue that has a relevance in your life, this will make the statue even more important for you.

Royal Tiki's genuine Hawaiian Tiki statues, totems and masks make a great addition to any Tiki bar. Also check for current specials on our Tiki hut decor
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While there is a present lapse in the estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes, it’s likely that Congress will reinstate both taxes (perhaps even retroactively) some time during 2010. If not, on January 1, 2011, the estate tax exemption (which was $3.5 million in 2009) becomes $1 million, and the top estate tax rate (which was 45% in 2009) becomes 55%. Assuming the federal estate tax (FET) exemption is reinstated at $3.5 million or more, then for most people the FET has been repealed. According to the Tax Policy Center, only five of every 100,000 people who die have estates over $3.5 million.
For married couples with taxable estates, the common planning tool is for each spouse to establish a revocable living trust. Upon the death of the first spouse, an amount equal to his/her FET exemption is allocated to a Credit Shelter Trust (CST). Other terms for the Credit Shelter Trust are Bypass Trust, Family Trust and Residuary Trust. A CST allows the surviving spouse broad access to the assets in the CST without the assets being included in the spouse’s estate. Thus, the CST allows each spouse to leave his/her FET exemption to their children. Without a CST, the first spouse to die “wastes” his/her estate tax exemption.

The provisions that the spouse can enjoy from the CST during his/her lifetime (without causing the assets in the CST to be taxable in the surviving spouse’s estate) are:

1. The spouse can have all of the income of the CST. Treas. Reg. Sec. 25.2518-2(e)(5), Example 4. Alternatively, the trustee can “sprinkle” the income of the CST to children and grandchildren so as to shift that income to lower tax brackets, or can accumulate the income and add it to principal.

2. The spouse can receive principal distributions from the CST (see Paragraphs 5 and 6 below).

3. The spouse can have the power to withdraw the greater of $5,000 or 5% of the principal of the CST each year. IRC Section 2041(b)(2).

4. The spouse can have a testamentary limited power of appointment (LPA) over the assets in the CST. An LPA allows the spouse to “rewrite” the dispositive provisions of the CST. However, the LPA is usually drafted so that the LPA can only be exercised in favor of the grantor’s descendants and/or charities. The LPA cannot be exercised in favor of the spouse, his/her creditors, his/her estate, or the creditors of his/her estate. IRC Section 2041(b)(1).

5. The spouse can be the sole trustee of the CST, provided that distributions to the spouse are limited to an “ascertainable standard” (i.e., health, education, maintenance and support). IRC Section 2041(b)(1)(A).

6. Distributions to the spouse in excess of the ascertainable standard can be made from the CST if an independent co-trustee is named to serve with the spouse, but discretion on distributions to the spouse must be limited solely to the independent co-trustee.

7. The spouse can have the power to remove the co-trustee and appoint an individual or corporate successor co-trustee that is not related or subordinate to the spouse (within the meaning of IRC Section 672(c)). Rev. Rul. 95-58.

The deceased spouse’s estate, over and above the amount allocated to the CST, will pass estate tax free to the Marital Trust because of the unlimited marital deduction. When the surviving spouse dies, the assets in the Marital Trust (along with the assets in the spouse’s Living Trust) will be subject to estate taxes, but only after subtracting the surviving spouse’s FET exemption.

The two most common types of Marital Trusts are the General Power of Appointment (GPA) Trust and the Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) Trust. Both types of Marital Trusts must provide the surviving spouse with all of the income and may (but need not) provide the spouse with principal. The typical GPA Marital Trust allows the spouse to determine the ultimate beneficiaries of the Marital Trust upon his/her death, and usually allows the spouse to withdraw the principal of the Marital Trust during his/her lifetime without restriction. The QTIP Marital Trust, on the other hand, does not allow the spouse to determine the ultimate beneficiaries and usually restricts the spouse to principal as needed for health, education, maintenance and support. But, to add flexibility to a QTIP Marital Trust, the spouse may be given a $5,000/5% annual withdrawal power and/or a limited power of appointment over the QTIP Trust.

A CST has the following advantages: It utilizes both spouses’ FET exemptions, while giving the surviving spouse access to and control over the assets in the CST; it preserves assets for the couple’s descendants (in case the spouse remarries); and it protects the spouse and descendants from creditors.

But, there are disadvantages to a CST as well. The surviving spouse’s access to the assets in the CST, albeit broad, is (as noted above) restricted. Moreover, if the spouse withdraws more from the CST than permitted, he/she may be accountable to the ultimate beneficiaries of the CST (i.e., children and grandchildren). The CST also adds complexity to the spouse’s life in that separate records for the CST must be maintained and annual income tax returns (Form 1041) must be filed for the remainder of the spouse’s lifetime. And, if a co-trustee over the CST is used, the spouse will have to cooperate with that trustee.

For many couples with non-taxable estates, particularly those with children all from the same marriage, the disadvantages of a CST outweigh the advantages. Therefore, they would prefer to simply leave their estate to a GPA Marital Trust for the surviving spouse. But, if their estates were to increase and/or the FET exemption was reduced by future legislation, they still want the ability to use both spouses’ FET exemptions. It is possible to accomplish both objectives with a Disclaimer Trust.

Disclaimer Trusts became popular after the 2001 Tax Act was passed because of the increasing FET exemption and the uncertainty created by the Act. With a Disclaimer Trust, a married couple’s revocable living trusts leave the deceased spouse’s entire estate to a GPA Marital Trust. The CST is then funded only if the surviving spouse disclaims (refuses) part of the deceased spouse’s estate. This enables the spouse to decide how much to keep outright (to be taxed at the second death) and the amount to be allocated to the CST (where it is shielded from estate tax at the second death). In making an informed decision to disclaim and how much to disclaim, one must examine the size of the combined estate, the spouse’s age and health (which impacts the spouse’s needs for funds), whether minor children will be beneficiaries of the CST, the potential appreciation of the assets not disclaimed, and the status of the FET exemption.

For example, assume a married couple has combined assets of $4.5 million, which are evenly divided between their revocable living trusts. Each trust provides that 100% of the trust property is allocated to a GPA Marital Trust upon the death of the grantor-spouse. But, if the surviving spouse disclaims all or a portion of the decedent’s estate, the disclaimed portion passes to a CST. If, at the time of the first death, both husband and wife are in their seventies or eighties and the FET exemption is $3.5 million, it might make sense for the spouse to disclaim $1 million of the deceased spouse’s $2.25 million estate. This will leave the spouse with a $3.5 million taxable estate (i.e., $2.25 million in the spouse’s living trust and $1.25 million in the GPA Marital Trust), which will be completely sheltered from estate taxes by the spouse’s FET exemption.

But, if at the first death the surviving spouse is only in his/her forties or early fifties, the decision might be to forgo the disclaimer. The younger the spouse, the more likely the estate will not increase, but instead be consumed and decline in value. This would be particularly true if there are young children involved. Moreover, the spouse will have ample time to gift a portion of the combined estate to children and grandchildren (using his/her $13,000 annual gift tax exclusion) so that there may be no estate tax due upon the death of the surviving spouse.

For couples whose estates are below the estate tax exemption, a disclaimer trust still makes sense. It’s possible the estate could grow through appreciation, inheritances, and/or by acquiring life insurance on one or both spouses’ lives. It’s also possible the estate tax exemption will be reduced by Congress in the future. The disclaimer trust avoids saddling the surviving spouse with the time and expenses of administering a CST, unless funding a CST would result in an estate tax savings.

In order to be a “qualified” disclaimer for FET purposes, the disclaimer must meet the following five requirements set forth in Internal Revenue Code Section 2518(b):

1. It must be an irrevocable and unqualified refusal to accept an interest in property;

2. It must be in writing, signed by the spouse;

3. It must be received by the trustee within nine (9) months of the grantor-spouse’s death;

4. The spouse must not have accepted the disclaimed property or any of its benefits; and

5. As a result of the disclaimer, the interest must pass without any direction from the spouse.

Because IRC Section 2518 prohibits the surviving spouse from holding a power to direct the disposition of the disclaimed property, the spouse cannot be given a limited power of appointment over the CST (unless limited by an ascertainable standard). See Treas. Reg. Sec. 25-2518-2(e)(2) and Treas. Reg. Sec. 25-2518-2(e)(5), Example 5. Nor can the spouse (either as a beneficiary or as the sole trustee) have any discretion over the CST’s property. But, the spouse can serve as the sole trustee of the CST if the trust agreement contains mandatory distributions (i.e., no discretion on part of the trustee) or ascertainable standards for distributions of principal and income. Treas. Reg. Secs. 25-2518-2(e)(2) and 25-2518-2(e)(5), Examples 11 and 12.

There are also state law requirements for making a disclaimer. Failure by the surviving spouse to satisfy all of the federal requirements set forth above will result in the disclaimer being treated as a taxable gift from the spouse to the remainder beneficiaries of the CST (i.e., the children and grandchildren).

In summary, for a married couple whose combined estate may or may not exceed the FET exemption, a disclaimer trust will provide the couple with the greatest degree of flexibility. But, for couples with children from a prior marriage, a disclaimer trust will not guarantee that the children will receive an inheritance (as would be the case where the CST is funded automatically with the deceased spouse’s FET exemption). Even with a first marriage, the surviving spouse could remarry and leave the estate to the new spouse with a disclaimer trust. Finally, care must be taken immediately after the first spouse’s death (when the spouse may be unable to cope with making financial decisions) to protect the qualified disclaimer. Thus, the flexibility found is disclaimer trusts may not be right for every couple and, therefore, the couple should consult with an experienced estate planning attorney.


Julius Giarmarco, J.D., LL.M, chairs the Trusts and Estates Practice Group of Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C., in Troy, Michigan. For more articles on estate and business succession planning, please visit the author’s website, http://www.disinherit-irs.com, and click on “Advisor Resources”.
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Dealing with breakup can be painful. So things didn’t work out and she dumped you. After a long time of thinking that you’re on top of the world, she shoots you down the way they do in old Westerns and runs off with your horse. You’re appalled, heartbroken; there’s a nagging pain in your chest that doctors can’t cure.

Being left by someone whom you care deeply about is never easy. However, it also doesn’t change the fact that despite everything that has happened, you still want her back.

At this point, you’re going to have to assess the whole situation from a different vantage point—not from the eyes of a lover who is so smitten, he doesn’t see clearly.

See her for who she is
Some guys are too overwhelmed by desire that they don’t see straight. They overlook certain realities about the women they are with. Who is she as a person? What are the things that she likes/dislikes? What’s that secret thing about her that only you know? Why did you fall in love with her? What qualities does she have that drive you crazy?

Understand your relationship for what it was
A common mistake for people undergoing a break-up is that after the fight, they are so wrapped up in their loss, they remember the relationship differently. Suddenly, everything was perfect and you don’t know why you split up in the first place. You glean through the signs even when they are staring you at the face. Ask yourself some of the basic questions: Did you talk often? Had frequent fights? How often were you intimate? How was she to you? Remember her body language then and what they indicated. Was she displeased? Happy? Frustrated?

Consider each other’s shortcomings
Think about what each of you did to make things end.

Remember why you broke up
It’s not enough that you want instant gratification by getting back together with your ex like nothing happened. You have to face facts—including the painful ones. This is useful to you, especially if you’re trying to win her back.

After all this and you’re still sure that you absolutely can’t live without her, take the first crucial step in getting her back.

Start living your life without her
Pick up the pieces of your shattered heart and move on. Focus on yourself for a bit. Fix what needs fixing, and leave what isn’t broken. Work on your issues and get on the road to self-improvement. Grow up. Put an end to bad habits. Start good ones. Take a more positive outlook in life. Be kinder. Stay friends with her, but don’t stalk her. Refrain from the tendency to call her frequently and get yourself busy on more productive activities. Don’t act like a fawning idiot by gawking at her all the time. Act like she’s just one of the guys. Whatever you do, do not be too obvious about wanting her back. Rather, show her how you’ve come a long way from who you were when you guys were together. Make her feel like she’s missing out on a lot.

Remember, if you want her to want you, you have to be worth wanting. Be someone she regrets leaving.

Click Here for step-by-step instructions on dealing with breakup. Find out exactly what to say and what to do as you cope with your break up. Winning a Girlfriend Back
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Want to win a girl back? Don’t worry if she’s ignoring you. At the fundamental level, men and women are the same—they want to love and be loved. Often, it does not happen the way it does in the movies. However, what romantic movies and books don’t tell you when they talk about love and such things is that having a soul mate can only get you so far, and that relationships are constant work. You have to do your bit to make it happen. It’s not just about love at first sight (although that happens), nor is it about just knowing you’re destined for each other. It has to be something substantial and sustainable like a real partnership, and a true connection.

If this is your first break-up, nothing’s final. Sometimes, harsh decisions are made in the heat of anger. It’s a normal thing that every worthwhile relationship goes through. Those sorts of break-ups are like a baptism of fire. They are necessary and inevitable. They don’t weaken but make you stronger as a couple.

If you’re a guy and you’re desperately missing your ex, but she’s ignoring you, take heart. You can still get her back. Unless you’ve done something horrible like maliciously running over her pet dog, or cheating on her with her sister, there’s still chance for reconciliation. Besides, there are valid reasons why she’s ignoring you.

What people going through break-ups forget is that this thing is not only happening to them. Their exes may be feeling sad about the whole thing, too. If she is ignoring you, it is because she is trying to protect herself from more hurt. She may feel vulnerable around you.

Tip #1: Give her space
Women don’t want to be forced into being ready. When the time is right, she will come to you. This means, do not give her frequent, almost stalker-like phone calls asking her about inane things like what she ate, and who she was with that day. That sort of thing will work against you and make her feel that she’s being badgered by someone annoying. You don’t want a bad impression like that to stick because that would definitely ruin your chances of getting her back.

Tip #2: Let her wonder about you
Women are analytical creatures. They like to nitpick about every little thing about the past. They want to understand things in such a way that it’s almost obsessive. Keep in touch once every two weeks, but do not let her know what you’ve been up to during the times you guys are apart. Let her miss you.

Tip #3: Stay friends
You don’t want her to remember you with a cringe. That would only serve to alienate her further. When you see her, be friendly but treat her like one of the guys. Don’t be like you were before. Don’t show her that you’re interested. Laugh at her jokes, but don’t linger around her. At that point, she’ll miss all the sweet things you used to do for her.

Tip #4: Be the rock of Gibraltar
Women need someone whom they can rely on. It’s not because they are weak. They need someone to hold their hand every now and then because they are human. Even guys feel that. Everyone wants a sense of security and stability. You can be that for her. That's how you win a girl back

Click Here for step-by-step instructions on how to win her heart back. Find out exactly what to say and what to do to get her back even if your situation seems hopeless! Winning a Girlfriend Back
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Understanding how the printer systems flow on the AS/400, iSeries and System i is a basic system administration function. Typically most of the issues that occur from day to day either have to do with jobs or printers, so it's important to be able to do basic troubleshooting of printing.

Now the way in which printable output is managed on the AS/400 platform is through the use of jobs, output queues and device descriptions. For the sake of this article jobs simply create spool files, like in the case of a report, and place it in an out. So we will start with the outq. But there can be some confusion regarding output queues because you can forgo the need to have a device description and use what is known as a remote output queue. Let me explain.

Device descriptions are like regular devices setup on your AS/400, iSeries or System i platform. Your regular "green screen" user logins, tape drive and so on have a device description that describe to the system what that device is and controls is connectivity.

Traditionally all printers where setup using a device description, and this is still true tolday if you are using twinax connections to hook up your printers. When you have a Client Access print session setup on a users workstation that also will automatically create a device description if you have the autoconfigure system value turned on.

But remote output queues are a bit different. They don't need to have a device description because they will talk directly to the printer. These type of outqs are typical in more modern settings where ethernet and TCP/IP are the preferred methods for connecting up your AS/400 system.

However you should stick with one method or the other when setting up your printers, that is either use device descriptions or remote output queues. Otherwise it can become confusing reallly fast. Another thing to consider is that not all printers support one method over another. For instance one time I tried setting up a name brand copier and after many frustrating hours I couldn't get a device description or remote outq to print on the darn thing. And I ended up having to create a user controlled printer session using Client Access to make it work.

Typically you will find on the more mainstream printers you can find that they do support TCP/IP based printing from an AS/400, iSeries or System i but need to be configured a certain way. It usually will help to do an Internet search for the model of printer along with the keyword as400 or iseries in the search string. This almost always turns up the correct parameters to configure your printer device or remote output queue with.

Finally from time to time your printers will get hung up and stop printing. The most obvious place to look is in the Work with Writers command WRKWTR and make sure the printer does not have a message waiting like a change of form type. From the WRKWTR command you can also toggle ending and starting the writer to see if that gets it rolling again. If that fails then usually working with the device descriptions using command WRKCFGSTS and varying the device off and on then restarting the writer almost always works.

John Andersen is the author of the Power System Jump Start that will help you master the AS/400 and iSeries in a couple short hours. Visit www.MidrangeJumpStart.com for more information.
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Commas and semi-colon may often confuse us all the time. A lot of people always found themselves complaining about it as it affects their writing greatly. It is not that good if you commit a lot of writing mistakes especially for the part of commas and semi-colons.

You may have difficulties of using them and that’s because they have a little bit the same uses when they are applied in sentence writing. Even if you are going to use a word processor that automatically detects any grammatical and spelling errors, once you place a lot of commas in your phrases and words within your sentence, there are instance where instead of using commas for that phrase, you’ve got to use semi-colons and we are not aware about that.

To think that we also wonder why we need to use semi-colons in one of our phrases instead of commas? Say, what’s the difference between them. Or in other words, how and when are we going to use these kinds of punctuation marks in our sentences. Any ideas? It is really important to know the basics and study a lot of stuffs regarding these issues.

That’s why we need to read for more information, remember it always and apply it into our actual writing task. That’s pretty much tiring for most beginners but that’s the only way to do it. If you need to correct your mistakes, then learn from it. Know the ways and techniques. Identify your problem first and then you are now heading to the right track.

Still struggling with the use of commas and semicolons? Some people really just never catch on, even after reading through the guidelines over and over. If you count yourself among those who continually have a hard time with these two punctuations, here’s an idea:

Stop memorizing the rules.

Yep, just quit on it. If it hasn’t stuck after five or six times of trying (and hoping to catch mistakes with a writing correction software), it might be prudent to try something else. Rather than give it one more go doing the same thing over, how about you try getting these punctuations right by getting a feel for them?

Let’s say you’ve written a paragraph and are now trying to figure out proper placement for commas and semicolons. Read it aloud in a conversational tone, noting where you would normally pause if you were narrating it to an audience. Those pauses indicate where the punctuations should appear.

• If it’s a short pause, you probably need to add a comma.
• If it’s a long pause, but not quite a full stop (as a period will require), you probably need a semicolon; just make sure that the clause following the semicolon is a statement that can stand on its own.
• If you wrote down a comma in a section where it wouldn’t make sense to pause when you’re reading it aloud, remove it; the punctuation only makes the sentence difficult to read.

See how innovative Writing Correction Software instantly can boost your English writing and watch how NLP technology can help you to write perfect emails, essays, reports and letters. More Info.
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Before you begin your search for Hoodia weight loss pills you should know a little bit about the source of the Hoodia as well as why this works to help individuals lose weight.

Hoodia is known by many different names including Hoodia Gordonii, Ghaap,!khoba, xhooba, Hoodia cactus, and South African desert cactus. The plant is similar to a cactus and grows in Angola, Botswana, and Namibia, Africa. Hoodia became popular for the use in diet pills when ephedra was banned. Today, you can now choose to use a diet supplement or diet pills with Hoodia or ephedra as the FDA cannot regulate the use of the herb ephedra, it can only recommend.

The story behind the popularity of this plant was told throughout the world and soon became a great reason to try to shed those extra pounds. The legend or story was that the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert used the plant when they were on hunting trips. The hunting trips in some cases last several weeks or even months. The Bushmen discovered that the Hoodia plant may have been a bit bad to the taste buds but would actually fight hunger and thirst.

In the September 2004, issue of Brain Research a study reported that an energy molecule (ATP) that may be responsible for affecting hunger showed a change in levels in rat's brains that were injected with p57.

The rats that showed changes in the molecule also ate less. The other rats that were injected with placebo and no change were seen in those rats when it came to eating or the molecule ATP. Of course, this was an injection and was performed on rats instead of humans who take Hoodia weight loss pills instead of injections.

On the other hand, Phytopharm a manufacturer performed a clinical trial that involved eighteen individuals that used Hoodia. The trial showed that these individuals reduced their food intake around 1000 calories a day when compared to the group taking placebos. This study was never published and was only used by the manufacturer for peer review.

Today, one of the most popular and effective Hoodia weight loss pills available is the Hoodia HG-57. This is the Hoodia weight loss pill that offers 750mg of the Hoodia cactus extract per pill, which is the recommended amount for the product to work effectively. Other products do not have as much Hoodia in the ingredients and therefore do not work as well.

The way in which Hoodia works on the body is by making your brain believe you are full, thus you eat less. Most concentration of Hoodia today found in Lipodrene With Epehdra and Hoodia. Lipodrene does exactly what the Bushmen of long ago used the plant for while hunting and that is to actually fight hunger and thirst. By taking the Hoodia weight loss pills in the morning, you will enjoy feeling full throughout the entire day. You can take one or two pills not to exceed four in one day. If you need, you can take one pill one hour before meals if that helps curb your appetite in the beginning. Most people only need to take one or two pills each morning.

Georgiy Kharchenko, selling: Fastin, ECA STACK, Phentramin D, lipodrene with ephedra
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With the current constant push to reduce the intake of fats in the diet, it is easy to forget that certain fats are essential for health. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) must be supplied from the diet. Other fats, although not essential, are powerful health promoters. Both essential and non essential fats also called lipids are required for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and related nutrients.

The two families of EFAs are the omega-6 family based upon linoleic acid (LA) and the omega-3 family based upon alpha-linolenic acid (LNA). The essential fats make up significant portions of the nerve tissue of the brain and elsewhere. They are building blocks for the body's production of hormones (including the sterol hormones such as testosterone and estrogen) and the production of hormone like signaling compounds (such as prostaglandins). The immune system is regulated by essential fatty acids and compounds made from them.

The Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an omega-6 family fatty acid nutrient. Under ideal circumstances, it is made in the body from the conversion of linoleic acid. GLA serves as a precursor to the family of hormone like substances or "activated fatty acids" known as the prostaglandin (PG) series called PGE-1. This means the prostaglandin family "E" derived from GLA. The PGE-1 family is involved in anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, anti-infection, and similar actions in the body, including reducing the "stickiness" of the blood. PGE-1, in other words, is a family of "good" compounds made from omega-6 fatty acids.

Unfortunately, there is also a "bad" set of compounds that is made from omega-6 fatty acids, as well. The second family of prostaglandins (PGE-2) made from the omega-6 linoleic acid involves the production of arachidonic acid, a fatty acid already abundant in the American diet. The PGE-2 series activates aspects of the immune and other systems. In excess, it leads to inflammation, menstrual cramps, asthma, heart disease, and many other problems, including obesity. These are all possible results of the chronic activation of what is known as the arachidonic acid cascade, Among its other duties, the PGE-1 family serves to control or to turn off the PGE-2 family.

Most of us need a lot more of PGE-1 and a lot less of PGE-2. However, Syndrome X turns this equation on its head. High levels of insulin strongly increase the production of PGE-2. At the same time, the same factors that produce Syndrome X act against the production of PGE-1.

Many factors can prevent the conversion of linoleic acid to GLA and from there to PGE-1. These factors include deficiencies of the vitamins B3, B6, C and biotin, as well as inadequate intakes of the minerals magnesium and zinc. Too much alcohol, too much saturated fat, the consumption of hydrogenated (trans-fatty acids) and heat-damaged fats, and many other dietary factors are involved. Moreover, many people (especially those who tend to put on weight) have difficulty in transforming linoleic acid into GLA simply because they naturally produce relatively little of the enzyme needed for this transformation.

Georgiy Kharchenko, selling: Fastin, ECA STACK, Phentramin D, lipodrene with ephedra
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London's West End is home to so many excellent musicals and what a great way to have a girls night out. Take your pick from our collection of some of the best theatre out there.

Chicago/ Cambridge Theatre

This one is an especially saucy production that many of the female persuasion will enjoy. A chorus girl named Roxie enlists the help of a sleazebag lawyer to get acquitted for murdering her lover. The movie was a huge hit in cinemas, and the theatre production will have you laughing and experiencing all types of other emotions throughout the entire two hours and fifteen minutes.

The Day Before Spring/Lilian Baylis Theatre

This semi-staged performance that was actually written in 1945 tells the story of a married woman who meets up with the man she almost made her husband back when they were younger at her college reunion. He still has feelings for her, which is documented in his current best selling novel.

Debbie Reynolds-Alive and Fabulous/Apollo Theatre

This is a fabulous girly type production for the more mature ladies. Movie and TV star Debbie Reynolds stars in a one woman show as she talks about her more than 50 years in show business, her amazing life of singing and dancing, and her many husbands. Actual MGM footage is included in the show which provides a sense of nostalgia.

Dirty Dancing/ Aldwych Theatre

This is one of the biggest girly movies of all time, and whether you have seen the movie or not you will appreciate the live musical. It includes all the hits from the 1987 blockbuster including She's Like The Wind, Time Of My Life, and Do You Love Me? along with some new numbers. The theatre production includes some of the movies most memorable moments, but it was re-written for the stage, meaning there will be some added scenes as well. The story of the vacationing Baby and the troubled dance teacher, Johnny, spawns a classic love story that is the epitome of love conquers all.

Grease/Piccadilly Theatre

The hit movie spawned one of the best selling albums of all time, and more than 20 years later is still one of the most recognizable films with some of the most well known songs of all time. The love story of Sandy and Danny is a two hour and ten minute production that will make you want to stay out all night. Hit songs include Sandy, You're The One That I want, Grease(Is The Word), Greased Lightning, and Hopelessly Devoted To You.

Hairspray/Shaftesbury Theatre

Big girl Tracy Turnblad from Baltimore has big hair and an even bigger heart. She gets her break at stardom living her dreams as a dancer on the local TV dance show "The Corny Collins Show". Transformed from geek to chic, she still has to try and win the heart of the hunky Link Larkin, vanquish the reigning princess of the local programme, and force the TV show to consider integration.

Legally Blonde The Musical/Savoy Theatre

Based on the movie starring Reese Witherspoon, homecoming queen and college sweetheart Elle Woods just doesn't know how to take no for an answer. She heads to Harvard Law School after being dumped by her boyfriend and proves to herself and everyone around her that being yourself is the only way to live. This is a fun choice to start your ladies night out.

Mumma Mia/Prince of Wales Theatre

What better setting for a girly production than a mother and daughter together on the night before the the girl gets married. The production is inspired by the songs of the group Abba. Just like the hit movie, this play has scenes that will leave you falling off of your chair in laughter.

Passion/Donmar Warehouse

Based on the book by James Lapine, this is the story of Captain Giorgio Bachetti. This military hero gets transferred to a remote and abnormal Italian outpost which whisks him worlds away from his beloved Clara. After meeting the cousin of his commanding officer, Fosca, inconceivable and shattering consequences arise stemming from her influence.

Sister Act/London Palladium Theatre

If your looking for something funny, you've found it. Deloris Van Cartier, a disco diva, ends up in a convent portraying a nun after witnessing a murder and being put into hiding by the police. She makes friends and fans among the students and fellow nuns, but what about Mother Superior?

These are some of the best girly productions playing at the West End theatres. Other productions that may be of interest to the ladies include Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, Sweet Charity at Haymarket Theatre Royal and Priscilla Queen of the Desert at Palace Theatre. When girls just wanna have fun, a trip to London's West End might be just the place to go.

Click here for more information about London Theatre
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The traditional methods of heating a home are fast approaching a point where they are becoming non-viable. The world's supply of fossil fuels is dwindling, and the costs of heating and cooling a home are ever increasing. Smart forward thinking individuals are becoming more and more interested in renewable sources of power, heat, and light. Two of the most discussed and innovative technologies to date are Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps. These two styles are heating are very important steps toward decreasing the carbon foot print of humanity as well as allowing for long term viability of a home and residence with renewable sources of heat that do not necessarily depend on dwindling fuel supplies.

A air source heat pump is a type of heating and cooling system that accomplishes its task by moving a chemical refrigerant through the pump's coils and compressors. This allows for a similar effect as a refrigerator on a much larger scale. An air source heat pump draws heat out of the air and funnels it into the home. There are a few drawbacks in extremely cold weather. However, the potency of the device can be improved by changing the type of refrigerant used. These units have an average coefficient of performance (COP) rating of three that can waver from a rating of four in a mild climate to a rating of one in a very cold one. The COP is determined by how much heat output is generated compared to the amount of electricity used. In the instance of a three rating the equipment generates three times as much heat as the amount of electricity being used.

A ground source heat pump, which is also known as geothermal heat pumps, work in a manner similar to the air source heat pumps. The difference in their function is that ground source heat pumps are installed in the ground and are proven to be much more efficient. These types of heat transfer pumps generally maintain a three and a half to four rating on the COP scale. Ground source heat pumps start out with a higher COP rating at the beginning of the heating and cooling system and gradually lower in efficiency as heat is transferred. however, they maintain their efficiency longer than air source heat pumps due to the generally stable temperature of the earth at around eight feet below ground level.

Installing either source of heating can be quite expensive. There are many sources of funding to aid the individual or commercial enterprise in outfitting or retrofitting their homes and offices with such renewable heating and cooling sources. There are several types of government sponsored funding in the United Kingdom that can be acquired by residential owners and commercial enterprises alike. These grants and funds are the Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP), Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP), Scottish Community & Household Renewable Initiative (SCHRI), and the upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The LCBP has two phases. The first phase is designed for personal homes and residences, and house builders. This is a lower scale grant that can be acquired for a grant of up to twenty-five hundred pounds. The second phase is useful for commercial enterprises on a larger scale. Schools, charity organizations, corporate structures, and similar individuals receive monetary compensation for installing energy saving heat systems. This particular grant scheme will end on April 11th. It is set to be replaced by the RHI. Claims with the phase II version of this grant can be made available up to fifty percent of the cost of installation.

The CERT is a programme designed around compensation for retrofitting older homes and commercial properties. This is a programme slated primarily for home builders and renovators instead of private residence owners. This grant can be awarded for up to ninety percent of the actual cost of the installation depending upon the level of improved energy efficiency in comparison to the older system.

The CESP is a grant for not-for-profit organizations in the UK area that are for community-based. The amount of the grant varies between each organization but there are millions of pounds worth of funding in this grant at present for worthy charity organizations that qualify.

The SCHRI is an initiative programme available only in Scottland. This is a programme scheme equivalent to LCBP I and allows for thirty percent of the installation costs for installation of energy efficient equipment. There is a hard-cap of four thousand pounds that can be awarded in this grant.

The RHI is a grant programme many individuals are eagerly awaiting. In this scheme the owner of an energy efficient home can receive several hundred pounds per year for eighteen to twenty three years simply for installing an air or ground source heat pump. The incentive programme will completely pay for the average cost of installation in three and a half to sixteen years for most private residences or businesses depending upon which type of heating source is used. For large scale complexes and buildings the amount of money awarded can be nearly double the standard rate but the must use a ground source heat system and it will generally take roughly nineteen years to have it completely paid off.

Overall the funding and incentive grants are available to any individual or commercial enterprise that meets the energy efficiency standard as outlined in the individual grant. An approved installer of micro-technologies must be used to meet the requirements of each grant. With the available programmes most individual or commercial enterprises can afford to install a heat pump, whether it be an air source or ground source version.

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Most of us used to think that girls are turned off by muscular guys, well, we were wrong. This is because numerous research has confirmed that women find muscular men more sexually appealing and attractive.

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According to an UCLA research published in the August issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women don't just like men with more muscles, they even go after them. Men who are more muscular than average are also much more likely to have short term affairs and multiple sex partners than their thinner or overweight peers. In another study published in 2007, Frederick researchers discovered that the men who were rated more muscular with less body fat were also the same guys who had more sexual partners.

All these studies now goes to prove that the way you look and the condition of your body do play a pretty big role in attracting the girls despite what many "pick up artiste gurus" say to the contrary! These research are solid proof that the way your body looks definitely makes a big difference in the amount of sex you will enjoy and the amount of different women you can make love with. I

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However, the sexual attraction effect is all dependent upon having the right type of muscular body since the research illustrated that an overly bulky bodybuilder is not as attractive as a male body with properly proportioned muscles. Luckily, getting the proper proportions is simply a matter of applying the right workout program. So start getting more muscles on your body start oozing with masculine sex appeal.

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When the weather is freezing and snow, nothing perks a family up like vacationing at a family beach destination. There are many destinations offer sun, beaches, warm water, and a variety of activities for the kids. When planning your next family beach vacation, consider the following popular beach destinations for relaxing fun in the sun:

Newport Beach, Rhode Island, US: Newport Beach is a popular family vacation destination. Along with its beautiful beach, the town has many attractions such as the stunning historical buildings and stunning mansions, and unique boutiques. There is a lot for a family to see and do.

Carlin Park, Florida: Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Carlin Park in Jupiter has 3,000 feet of beautiful beach. There are many activities such as tennis, volleyball, picnic areas, and much more. The kids will never be bored and adults will love the warm weather and beautiful crystal clear water.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico: About an hour south of Cancun Mexico, the Mayan Riviera is a great family beach vacation spot. Along with the beautiful beaches one can enjoy snorkeling the lagoons and exploring the Mayan ruins, eco- parks, and coral reef. There are a variety of terrific resorts, attractions, hotels, and attractions.

Jamaica: The Island of Jamaica makes for a great family beach vacation destination. Most resorts are family orientated and include children activities and services. Sandals beach is a very popular tourist destination. There are enough activities and sights to see that your children will always have something to do. There are even babysitting services.

Mayo Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Mayo Beach boasts beautiful soft sand and the water is shallow, serene, and warm. The kids will love it. There are many unique local attractions and picnic areas.

Maui, Hawaii: Affectionately called “The Magic Isle," the beaches are beautiful and the ocean waves are great for surfing. There are many activities such as the tropical reef aquarium and the Hawaii Nature Center. It is a tropical paradise for the whole family.

Coronado Beach, San Diego, California: Situated next to a naval airport, Coronado Beach has luxurious beaches with warm relaxing water. Other activities and attractions nearby include: Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and marine life exhibits at La Jolla Cove.

Cocoa Beach, Florida: Located only an hour from Disney World, Cocoa beach is a vacation destination that children will love. The beaches and water are a dream that the whole family will love. Children will enjoy visiting the Kennedy Space Center.

Bahamas: Located a little less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is a perfect beach vacation destination area. The waters are warm, blue, and crystal clear, and the soft sandy beaches make the island a beach paradise. The temperature averages just over 75 degrees.

If you are looking to escape the winter blues by taking your family to a beach vacation destination, there are many places to choose. Traveling to these gorgeous beaches will provide much needed relief from the cold and snowy winter season.

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