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All of us instinctively know that a man is usually fit, healthy and attractive just by looking at his bodyshape. We all have the inherent ability to appreciate beauty when we see it, but few have tried to understand, describe and to measure it. I am talking about the measurements of an appealing, attractive and perfect male body.

You see, there exists a specific set of measurements and ratios that can calculate what the perfectly proportioned male physique is. Ancient master sculptors such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo had long figured out these proportions, but over time, the concept just faded away. The ideal male body measurement is superbly displayed in Michelangelo's King David sculpture (left).

There are only three measurements you need to know to determine your ideal physical proportions and they are your height, shoulders and waist. Many of the research done on the human physique, classic art sculptures and the psychology of human attraction indicated to us that there is a specific body shape and size that people will find the most attractive and pleasing to look at.

It is psycholigically known that men who are close to this ideal body size and shape are generally treated more favorably in any societies. They get bigger salaries, bonuses, more business deals and of course, more pretty girls. Given the physical and social benefits of having a perfectly well proportioned male body, you should know what is your specific ideal perfect body size and shape and how to get it, right?

Everybody will have an ideal waist measurement and ideal shoulder measurement that correspond to their height that equal your perfect body proportions. This is sometimes referred to as The Golden Ratio. Scientific research has confirmed that women will find a man most attractive when his body proportions approach these ideal measurements. Unfortunately, most men have no inkling what these body measurements are and how to get them.

Do you want to know? Well,firstly you need to know what your measurements are right now compared to what your perfect ideal body shape is going to be. Once you know where to start, you can determine how to go about getting to where you want to be.

The health and fitness industry has always been striving for the perfectly proportioned look. However, nobody has managed to pin down what this "look" is all about, how to measure it, and how to get it until John Barban, author of The Adonis Index Workout designed a plan on bringing you to your specific ideally perfect body shape starting with your present male body measurements.

Forget about doing weights to get bigger muscles or long boring cardio exercises to lose weight and fat. The perfect male body should be carved out with specific exercises and the workout routine is different for everyone because the starting point of everybody is different.

This is about a specific workout routine to build your body into its most appealing perfect shape. The idea is to get bigger muscles only at the right places and lose inches where you need lose them so that you can get a proportionately shaped perfect male physique. This is the male body shape that women find attractive and men respect.

So find out what are your measurements now and then work towards getting the appealing perfect male body that everyone desires now.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at Perfect Male Body Measurements and How To Get Attractive Male Swimmer's Body
13 May 2010 by LoreenC 357
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Let's get down to earth guys. No matter what the so called "pick up artiste gurus" told you before, a handsome man with plenty of money do get more women attracted to them! Or least most of the time. That is an indisputable fact!

However, the good news is that guys with these positive assets can only go so far because if you know and master the correct seduction skills, even if you are not half as handsome or as wealthy, you can still make girls swoon over you and leave those guys behind, coming out as a clear winner as a chick magnet.

Why is this so? It is because there are many male attributes that most women admire and adore more than just good looks and money. The problem is that money and good looks are usually the root of shyness and lack of confidence in most men. They think that they are not wealthy or good looking enough to date beautiful women. Popular media seems to support this misconceived notion and it is the reason why so many men are misled into thinking that unless you have Tom Cruise's handsome features or Bill Gates' fortune, then supermodels and beautiful movie stars are out of their dating game.

Guys, now simply take a step back and have a good look at the people around you and you will see gorgeous women dating men who are both good looking and not so handsome ones, men who drive BMWs and Mercedes and the average guys who can't even afford a car who take public transportation. So what does that tells you? What makes these men so successful with gorgeous women regardless of their wealth and looks?

Well, like I said earlier, you stand as good a chance or even better than guys who have a little bit of edge because of their wealth and good looks. In this article, I will show you 3 techniques amongst many that all women find desirable and irresistible in men. Of course, if that wealthy and good looking chap have these techniques and display them to women, then you will have a very formidable opponent. Then again, how many of these wealthy and handsome guys bother to learn the techniques when they already think they are on top of the dating game?

a) Establishing Confident Eye Contact - Holding her gaze in a confident eye contact is a sure sign of self confidence being flamboyantly displayed. It is also a way to communicate attitude, desire and emotion without saying a word. This is a very effective tool for flattering, teasing, flirting, showing your alpha male dominance, establishing your sincerity and credibility with women.

Looking at a girl from a distance intently and not looking away even when she sees you can be very sexy and thrilling to her. It tells her that you desire her and that you are so confident that you will prevail. Keeping a steady gaze during a conversation tells her that you are interested in what she is saying and that you are listening to her. Because of this, you will be perceived by her to be honest and sincere.

The breaking of eye contact if executed in perfect timing during a conversation can be a sign of confidence and dominance too. It tells the woman that you are not afraid of offending her and in fact, she should be trying even harder to impress you so that you can reward her again with your attention(holding eye contact).

Confidence - If there is anything a woman admires more in a man is his self confidence. Confidence have a very positive effect on your adventures with women. You see, it is not the money or the good looks that make rich and handsome guys attractive to women but their confidence in themselves. Wouldn't you be more confident if you are flushed with cash and is a gorgeous guy?

You need to believe in your ability to attract beautiful drop dead gorgeous women. So do relax and enjoy yourself when you are in the company of beautifully attractive women and do not be cowed by their presence. Feel as if the women need your acknowledgement and approval more than you need theirs. Confidence is a very potent weapon that guys can use in attracting girls. This begs the question of how do you show confidence when you are not? Simple, just like anything else, fake it until it is real

Social Skills - Your social skills is a way of establishing dominance to let her see that you are dominant in most of your other social relationships. If she sees that you are comfortable, well-liked and even admired by your peers, then she is more likely to be attracted to you. This is why in the early stages of getting to know a woman, you must not hang out with her the entire time because this will make it seem as if you are clingy and desperate for her affection which is a big turn off to women. That is what wussies(losers)do.

Now, when you have mastered the above techniques, you can be sure most of the time that when it comes to the game of attracting gorgeous women, the guys who have the money and good looks may not be your match after all.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Get Better Orgasm and How To Become Handsome And Attractive
13 May 2010 by LoreenC 357
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Just like normal furniture, a park bench should be selected based on preferences like function, material, style, and quality of construction. Depending on the needs of the users, these considerations may have varying importance. Other people may prefer having park benches which are durable and can survive extreme conditions while some may prefer benches that have elaborately designed seats. Park benches are usually placed on wide grounds and on locations that are frequented by the crowd like the bus stops or outside the campuses. Since outdoor benches are constantly used for long periods of time, their material should be of high quality and made with a level of construction that can survive the harshest of conditions. For garden benches, benches are mostly used for aesthetic purposes only so only their details and appearances are most considered.

Thus, in choosing the best park bench to use, the first thing that needs to be identified is their primary purpose as furniture. For those who install them, they must determine the location where the bench will be installed but the usual climatic conditions must be known first. By specifying the dominant climate of the place, the proper materials that can survive the usual weather conditions must be chosen. For climate settings with mostly dry and sunny climates, almost any type of bench can be used like teak, iron, cedar, poly resin, and aluminum seats. In choosing the appeal of the park benches, the color and varnish of the bench should be measured because there are some materials that can fade when constantly exposed to sunlight.

For damp and moist climates, on the other hand, benches made of metallic non-corrosive materials which are mold and mildew resistant are recommended. Aluminum is a good choice for park benches with this type of environment because they are resistant to rotting or rusting. Another good choice for a park bench material is poly resin because constant rain fall and moisture does not have any adverse effect to its substance. This type of bench is not only pleasing to the eye because of its various colors but it is also environment-friendly, being made from recycled plastic.

Some of the most difficult locations for outdoor benches are places that are near the seas. Sea air and salt water are corrosive by nature and can easily eat away any kind of material that are constantly exposed to them. In choosing park benches for this kind of setting, it is important to remember that no matter what type of bench material is chosen, there will be a multitude of factors that can negatively affect them. Aluminum benches, for example, easily discolor when exposed to a corrosive environment. Painted or powder coated benches, on the other hand, will make their surfaces fragile and easily scratched especially with the constant blowing of wind that is carrying grains of sand.

Moreover, aside from the quality and durability of the material used, another important factor that must be checked is the look of the park benches. For a Victorian themed garden, there are no other better choices than the Victorian flare bench. On the one side, the modernist-chic appeal benches will be best if they have woven resin loveseats while the traditional American benches can be perfect if they have the classic wooden bench appeal. Just like any other furniture, park benches can make or break the look of a place so choosing the right design is very important.

park bench tree grille
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If you have employees, you need to have an orientation manual. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Defining the Purpose

There can be a few different purposes for orientation manuals and a few different directions you can go. Often, for instance, an orientation manual contains step by step directions on how to perform the specific task that the employee was hired to do. Much more often, orientation manuals are used as a way of introducing the new hire to the company, its history, and its policies regarding rules and standards of employee behavior, expected attendance, vacation and sick day systems, and disciplinary policies. Of course, there is no rule against making an orientation manual that combines all of these purposes, it will just take some customization when it comes to the different jobs and tasks at your business.

Make An Outline

Not only will making an outline help you organize the booklet, it will help give you an idea what sections you will feel all right about writing yourself, and which parts you might need some help on. In any event, you will want to make sure that an HR professional and a lawyer with some experience in these matters take a quick look at the outline to make sure that everything that needs to be included is in there.

If the orientation book you are putting together does contain instructions on how to do a certain job, make sure that you speak with the most knowledgeable person in your company regarding that job. After getting all the information you can from that person, write the piece and have him or her read it over to make sure that it is clear and correct.

Gathering Documents

There are likely quite a few already-existing forms that you will want to have included in your book including job specifications, organizational chart including names, titles, and contact information.

Other Items To Include

Your company may have certain ways of doing things that your new employees might be interested in, such as ordering lunch for all when there is a birthday, etc. This is a great way to let your new hires know about such things, as well as any sorts of amenities that are offered such as free soda, on-site classes, shuttle service, etc.

Before you are finished writing your manual, conduct small, brief interviews with a couple of your newer people and ask them what they wish had been included in the manual when they got hired, or what kind of information they lacked their first couple of weeks on the job.

A warm, welcoming introduction letter from the highest ranking officer in the company as well as in your division is a nice touch.

Also include a sheet that the employee can sign acknowledging they have received and read the orientation manual.


Three-ring binders are the easiest way to go, and make additions to the booklet a snap. Plastic comb and spiral coil are good options as well. The key is to make the book functional and readable in a hands free fashion, especially if it contains instructions on how to do a specific job.

If you are interested in more information about how the right Binding Machine can help you create an orientation manual, you might want to visit MyBinding.com. They offer a great price and Free Shipping on orders over $75.00. Plus, they carry a full line of Binding Accessories, of all styles, types and capabilities.
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Unusually excessive sweating on the face is termed as facial hyperhidrosis in medical terminology and the person affected by this health malady continues to sweat profusely, and unpredictably, irrespective of the physical activity being performed. People suffering from hyperhidrosis may continue to sweat even when it’s very cold. Often, the sweat covers the whole face and the scalp and may result to having a soaked collar or wet shirt.

It’s not difficult to appreciate the dilemma of those with facial hyperhidrosis, all the more so in case of females. Women facing this malady just can’t afford to wear any facial makeup for fear of its running down right from their face down to the neck.

This problem of excessive sweating of the face is not caused by being overweight. The most common cause for this malady is having hyperactive sweating glands. It may also lead to having facial blushing or be the cause of having a very red face. At times, the sufferer may get too embarrassed or become inactive socially, if facial sweating becomes too prominent to be ignored. It leaves little doubt that such people draw unwanted and not so pleasant looks from others on the street or at the workplace, adding to their embarrassment.

Excessive sweating on face can impede social life of the affected person. It may even affect the career of an otherwise good worker or professional. That’s what makes it all the more important and desirable to take some remedial measures for tackling this problem. Ideally one should visit a physician and seek medical advice. There are medicines available that help preventing excessive sweating of the face and thus provide relief to the sufferer. The physician can suggest some surgical treatment too for overcoming this problem.

Another way of getting rid of excessive sweating of the face is to go for treatment thru acupuncture. This traditional Chinese treatment is known to cause a relaxing effect by stimulating the body and thus reducing stress. Stress is also known to cause panic attacks that could activate sweating glands to prompt excessive sweating.

Another very simple and practical solution of tackling continuous sweating is to apply a thin layer of talcum on the face. It soaks the oozing sweat and provides relief for sometime. Else, one can use tissues for wiping face more frequently.

There are some homemade remedies also that prove effective for some sufferers of this malady. Some people find it relieving to use lemon on face. Simply slice the lemon and rub it on the face directly. Some find it helpful to consume apple cider vinegar. They suggest regular consumption of a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and claim that positive effects are noticeable after continued consumption of a couple of weeks.

If left untreated for long facial hyperhidrosis may become a permanent feature of some people. That makes it imperative to visit your physician, should you be facing this problem. If the other measures that you tried failed to provide relief, the doctor can suggest and take surgical measures enabling your getting rid of this problem. However, surgical treatment is rather expensive.

Written by Mark Montel. Want to stop your Facial Sweating problems immediately? Visit http://www.facialsweat.com/
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There is no doubt the holding of the previous Fair was a great gathering of the world's business, since 1996 began at the Fair on the appearance of the Hualian Porcelain many full bloom. Today's Chinese porcelain were in from all over the world, with different languages, different color in front of many merchants have long faded from the old days a bit shy of the immature appearance, more of a steady and calm the imposing Qi Yu, which are sources of in Chinese porcelain were put on the market with confidence and control, the product enough self-confidence, as well as a wealth of exhibition experience.

September 21 last year, at SAIC released "2007 Well-known Trademark" enterprise list, Chinese porcelain to Hunan Province stood out among the table within the trend. This means it will receive state financial support, export credit guarantees, intellectual property protection, growth of export quotas and priority aspects of the policy bias, while the Ministry of Commerce identified as the export of brand-name enterprises, but also a matter of course had the Ministry of Commerce for its give priority to ensuring the Fair 12 booths, representing the province of Hunan has a booth 10%. In the 102 session of the Canton Fair, the company received nearly 1,600 visits businessmen, signed orders for 103 copies of orders compared with the previous increase of 40% year on year turnover growth of 21.52 percent, the new customer 40, its total turnover in the industry's total turnover 23.58%.

Product Positioning: Fashion natural

Stretching for thousands of years of civilization, Hunan Liling porcelain as early as 1915, its production of high-temperature underglaze polychrome once won an international gold medal in Panama, Liling has thus been named "Porcelain City" in the world. However, the early 90s, Liling Kaju Township, a group of pottery and fire-cylinder to do the old Chinese porcelain were keenly aware of the past radiant li porcelain have become increasingly quiet Yin nightmare, so began a new porcelain technology exploration. By this time, a new kind of rough shape, glaze is rich in ornate, and has never favored people of European porcelain kinds --- stoneware, ceramics market in the world occupy a certain market share. Chinese porcelain from the old man saw a huge opportunity, after a repeated study, hard tests, and eventually self-developed a low-temperature stoneware products, this product not only to fill the gaps in Hunan Province, but also laid a Chinese porcelain was brilliant the foundation of business.

As the world's economic exchanges and cultural exchanges between a carrier, ceramic has obvious brand of the times and geographical features, with the right understanding of international markets, the deepening of Chinese porcelain were deeply felt, ceramic is not only water, soil, fire product To do a good job doing fine ceramics industry, but also must focus on in addition to products, culture, art and life with meaning. As a result, Chinese porcelain were identified based on the "new, strange, unique, different" as the product goals, with "fashion + natural" as the product positioning, creating a differentiated and unique selling points. Chinese porcelain sold for each region, a cultural background, consumer characteristics and living habits will carry out detailed inspection, combined with popular fashion style, make full use of materials, colors, patterns, text and other aesthetic elements of the ongoing shaping the product in order to achieve to meet market to lead the market purposes.

As a low-tech commodities, there is glaze stoneware with low technology content, products can be copied defects. How to maintain the leading position in the product also is vitally important to this, Chinese porcelain clearly recognize the most practical and most effective way is to increase the product's technical difficulty and complexity. From an ordinary glaze, matte glaze, kiln crack glaze to glaze, from the monochrome, two-color to multi-color, from DECORATED, painting the mud painting, from a single cup, single platter, single-pot to the Japanese, Chinese, Continental series of products, from low-temperature stoneware, stoneware medium temperature, heat-resistant porcelain to high-temperature porcelain, Chinese porcelain in the 13 years of continuous development of self-transcendence, forming a "daily of ceramic art, and daily ceramic art" of the core competence .

The 96th session of the trade show, China has developed the red clay porcelain blanks formula, cadmium and selenium red glaze, medium-temperature glaze crack and other products are the industry known as "NumberOne"; the 97th Canton Fair, its newly developed red pattern glaze, wrapped glaze is to change the traditional sense of the concept of low-temperature stoneware, firing at high temperatures to further break from the material on a large package, Da-qi-type firing difficulty. Is because of this, Chinese porcelain products strongly affects people's attention, but to pay at the spring of 2004, Chinese porcelain newly developed chromium selenium RED GLAZE product orders more than one million U.S. dollars, setting a single-family products in the Fair , the maximum transaction records. 97th Canton Fair, the Chinese porcelain in cooperation with the nearly 10-year-old U.S. Gipson exhibiting companies a total of 23 members of the group visited the first exhibition hall is Hualian Porcelain. This is known as "the world price killer" Jewish company, Chinese porcelain has become the most loyal partner, the annual subscription product no less than 300 million U.S. dollars. Also in the 102nd Canton Fair, a first time dealing with the Chinese porcelain Ms. Turkey for its next set of containers can not be mounted Chinese porcelain, she carefully choose a day when all the products, only a phone call to the Hall husband far away in Turkey for help. The phone, she burst into tears: "These products, I am too fond of, you asked me to give up what one?"

Thanks to continuous innovation to differentiate their products, Chinese porcelain in the international market unveiled and shouted out his own brand. It is precisely because of its strong brand in the international market influence, and further increase the added value of the product. A large extent, Chinese porcelain sold not only ceramics, but also sell add-on products of culture and art, selling quality as the guarantee, the people have me have, people have my excellent, excellent people my new people a new I different features, and honesty and trustworthiness as the contract brand strength, Chinese porcelain's principle is "never to fight on price."

I am a professional editor from Chinese Manufacturers, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. http://www.chinaqualitycrafts.com/ contain a great deal of information about off road lights hid,waterproof zippers,glazed
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Without a doubt, everything that has to do with working with metal is already become more and more popular these days due to the fact that there are a lot of things that can be gained from this. But, one should always be aware that you also need to take a look at other things that are necessary every time you are working with metal. There is that possibility that when you purchase certain objects, this may be a bit expensive, and this is usually the case if you would be buying tools that are not really necessary and at the same time, are the kind of objects that would be rarely used. If you wish to get that assurance that the things that you intend to purchase are really relevant and important, then, it would be best that you seek the advice from people who are already adept when it comes to working with metal. There is also that option of looking up the internet and trying to find out if there are websites that would be able to provide you with information related to this.

What you are going to wear also matters and this you not take this for granted because this aspect is very important when it comes to dealing with such situation. Being well-equipped with protective gear will surely work to your advantage so that if for instance you encounter an accident, you would be able to lessen the trouble that you may possibly get into. Such act would help you veer away from unwanted scenarios which may become a very serious matter. When you have already made up your mind with regard to the clothes that you would be wearing, bear in mind that only the most basic clothes would work well with this and if in case you have rugged clothes, you may also make use of these. These would be very appropriate because there would always be that possibility of having to deal with dirt and other unwanted objects.

Clothes that are meant for various kinds of weather would also be a plus if actually have one because regardless of what the condition of the weather is, still you may push through with the task that you are doing. You should definitely use your helmet at all times because this would serve as a protection for your head and secure it from any possible injuries. For those who would like to work during the evening, your helmet should definitely have a headlamp in order to make it more convenient for you to work even at night.

Once you have already made certain that you are ready, you would now just have to take care of certain concerns relating to the necessary tools. What you are going to make use of should definitely be sturdy so that it would not get broken easily because this would surely affect the performance of your work. It would also be much better if such tools would only be lightweight so that it would be more convenient to carry.

roll cage [”http://www.metals4u.co.uk/products.asp?cat_id=162”] stainless pipe [”http://www.metals4u.co.uk/products.asp?cat_id=81”]
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When creating your own information product it is important to realize that you can do so very quickly. Making an information product is a lot easier after you have gathered all of the necessary information. But you can gather information on anything at all from all over the net is just a couple of hours. Online forums, article databases, and online libraries are a few really good places to go for you information needs.

Quickly creating your product will bring you success quickly. This is a great time to put the search engines to work for you, just do a search for your topic. All URLs which give you any valuable information that fits into your information product should be noted for later review. Later, complie the information in your own words.

Even though you create your product quickly, you must not neglect basic strategies like having a catchy title. When your reader reads your title, they should know how your product will serve them. Your title should have both keywords, and descriptive words. This will excite your readers and the search engines at the same time.

A proven way to get a reader to look into your sales proposition, is to create a good title that catches the eye. Once they have read your sales letter, your opportunity for a sale increases. But the order actually began with the title. You will be glad that you took your time and made a great title.

Having a catchy title is great, but remember to use your own angle on the topic. Your product needs an original approach. This will make your product much more saleable. In order to get an original angle, distill what others are already successfuly selling down to its core method, and fully direct your product from that. Looking at your competition as a resource for how to best them is a sure way to make a superior product.

Selling a lot of your product will be a lot easier if you give it a unique spin. Otherwise it will be one more drop of water in the sea. The more unique your product is, the more likely it is to sell. So, make your product as unique as possible in order to increase your bottom line.

With your angle bringing in specific customers for you, it can be a lot easier to get paid for your efforts. Perhaps you were first drawn to product creation by the thought of getting paid for it. If you are careful, you will be able to produce a product your customers will thank you for. When you do this, you will have a stronger relationship with your customers. After you have made a great product, you can use an affiliate network to make a lot more money.

Paypal is perhaps the absolute easiest way to ensure that you get paid. Either service will help you to create a 'pay now' button that you then just paste onto your own web page These payment processors will gladly help you redirect your paying customers to a particular website page, like your thank you page for instance if you want them to.

Remember that you can create your information product quickly, with a catchy title and your own angle. But even getting paid is second to being your own boss. Every last successful person have one thing in common. All of them have built a team that does the work for them. They delegate to other people what would be out of their own field, or just take them too much time. In short, they do not run around like an overworked toady doing everything themselves.

Being your own boss is definitely the way to go. When you are your own boss, all you have to do is make sure that everything is taken care of. You could delegate absolutely all of it. You only need to be sure that it gets done.

Next, come to visit LearnToMarket.com [”http://dwarfurl.com/a828b/”] to get a few invaluable free resources.  Also, check to see if you can still sign up to receive further updates and knowledge on many resources designed to have you making money even faster. Go now.
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Think of any store you visited in the last month and consider how that store owner would feel if more than 75% of customers took a shopping cart, pushed it around the store, placing some goods in it and then, when they approach the till to pay for their purchases they suddenly decide that in fact, they are only pushing some goods around and are not going to pay for them.

They leave the cart in the aisle and walk out of the store.

3 out of 4 customers!

This is the very same situation which the majority of ecommerce website owners face – more than three-quarters of their customers abandon the shopping cart before or during the payment process.

Minimizing shopping cart abandonment can dramatically improve your revenues and ecommerce performance, so before we look at what needs to be done, let's look at why people abandon shopping carts in the first place.

Main Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

The principal reasons for shopping cart abandonment are:

-slow payment processing systems;

-no preferred payment option is available;

-“hidden” costs and fees appear in the final order, especially high shipping costs;

-the prevalence of “comparison” shoppers;

-Lack of online customer support.

Action to Take

Addressing shopping cart abandonment is important, no matter how well the system is perceived to work.

The key areas to address are:

Transparency in Pricing and Fees

Always be upfront with costs, especially shipping costs – it pays to display the shipping price with the price of the goods where possible (use a smaller font size to display the cost below the main price tag). Watch out for high shipping charges because these can break the deal with the potential customer, especially those who have come in from a price comparison website which may not provide an all-inclusive price.

You also need to bear in mind what your major competition is doing – Amazon for instance, offer free shipping, so remember you need to compete on total cost and avoid “shocking” your potential buyer.

Ensure the Payment Process is Simple & Fast

Only ask for that information which is relevant to processing the transaction – do not let your marketing desire creep in here with for instance, an offer to take a customer survey before the customer hits the authorize button.

Make sure the payment process is fast – if the customer is waiting for minutes for authorization and confirmation, your site is too slow. It is simple for the customer to hit the back button or worse, navigate to another website to make the purchase.

Offer a Wide Variety of Payment Options

Promote a wide variety of payment mechanisms on your website and be sure to include credit cards, debit cards, e-transfers (eg Paypal) and where these are not available for the customer, offer a mailing service where they can pay by check .

It is extremely frustrating for a customer to get to the payment form only to find you won't accept the credit card they have in their hand now. They are more likely to move off your site to another retailer than go find their wallet to use another card!

Allow Price Comparison on Your Website

Where possible, provide customers with the ability to compare prices from your major competitors on your own website – this will prevent them from navigating away from your site to do the comparison themselves. This will also allow you to control the presentation of pricing information, so you can introduce reasons aside from cost, why the customer should be purchasing from you.

Quality wordpress ecommerce plugin and wordpress plugin tips can be found at PhPurchase.com
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If your son or daughter has turned 18, make sure that you should celebrate the birthday in such a grand manner so as to make birthday celebrations really unforgettable for the rest of their life. This is the stage when we are considered to be adults, and you should celebrate a birthday in such a way that successfully caters to the demands and at the same time it should also be unique. You can take them to any adventurous trip filled with excitements such as white water rafting, orbing, sky diving, bungee jumping, and several other adrenaline junkies. Try to fill them with thrilling experiences as boys and girls when they are about 18 years of age than certain changes in their likings are quite remarkable and based on that you should opt for the choice of gifts and celebrations.

For those who possess fascination for sports events then surprise them with tickets of any sports events, which will enthrall them with great joy and satisfaction. In order to make the birthday really special then you can take your son or daughter for shopping, which is considered as the traditional gift idea, though it will be quite impressive in the long run. Your prime motive should be to make them feel comfortable with your choice of gifts presented on their birthday. Apart from these you can surprise your son or daughter with cakes made in home, which has a special significance in order to express your love and concern for your children.

18th birthday ideas have to be filled with unique gift items and trendy dress material can be considered to be the prime selection as far as a special birthday gift is concerned. It is the stage when they are very much conscious about the recent style statements, and hence you can select various dress types like Lycra tops, fashionable tops, skinny jeans, denim shirts, jackets, colorful winter wear, etc. and among accessories you can select various products on beauty to enhance the looks, electronic gadgets, sports watch, designable shoes, jeweler, etc. You can take them to any grand hotel to serve them treat accompanied with lots of surprise events like printable invitations, serving them with cards, etc.

To celebrate 18th birthday, there are other unique gift items as well, which are generally concerned as the mostly served birthday gifts for your son or daughter. Flowers are considered to be the unique gift obtained from nature, and they are implied with feelings of cherished blessings and affection, which will make you expressive to your children and will make them aware about your love and concern for them as nothing can be as special as flowers to express feelings and concern.

You can select chocolate as unique birthday gifts as it is appreciated by people of all age group and sex. Surprise them by holding a party, which is supposed to be grand, acquaint with lots of fun and happenings. The ideas for your 18th birthday should be special in every way.

To celebrate your ascent into adulthood, you’ve already got some awesome 18th birthday ideas , how about sending out your 18th birthday invitations and getting the party started!
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Mexico is very rich is culinary tradition, majority of which exists from over hundreds or even thousand of years back. Mexico is famous for avocados, squash, jicama, tomatoes, chocolates, beans, corn, vanilla, papaya, guava, and a good variety of spices and not to forget chilli peppers. Infact chilli pepper plays a vital role in traditional Mexican food. Chilli peppers and salt were and are so important for the people of Mexicans, and it is evident from the fasts which condemn eating these when you are fasting. Mescal (a strong pale liquor), Tequila and Margarita (made from tequila, citrus liquor and limejuice) are the main traditional Mexican beverages.

The alcoholic beverages octli or pulgue is made today in the way it used to be made earlier from Maguey plant. The Mexican food constitutes an integral part in parties, festivals, rituals or any personal celebration. One of the main meals is Comida and the time and work that makes it approaches this dish with relish and of course respect. Comida is often served with fresh homemade fruit juice. The main meals initially go with soup course called sopa aguada followed by either pasta or the rice preparation called as sopa seca and finally the main dish following is the chicken, beef dish or pork best served with the beans. Bugs, grasshoppers and maguey worms were eaten by the Aztec people and are eaten even today.

There are three traditional Mexican sauces or dips which are famous worldwide. These are Salsa (uncooked mixture of tomatoes, chili and onion), Guacamole (made from mashed avocado and spicy) and Mole (dark brown sauce generally served hot with meat). Tamales which is a type of corn cake served with tomatoes still survive s till date.

The Mexican staple, the Tortilla are among those dishes which are prepared today in the same fashion they were traditionally made. But some additions to traditional food include chicken, cheese, garlic, pork and beef, onions and rice. They were added in the typical Aztec cuisine. Today, traditional food of Mexico is prepared in the same way as earlier; the only thing that has changed is that it is served with different meats. Not only the food is modified but the cooking style has also changed like use of above ground oven recently. You can also find the traditional Acocil tacos in some Mexican restaurants. Also the Nopal cactus is still used in many dishes.

Real Mexican food is altogether very different from those found in the Tex-Mex or even Mexican restaurants of the countries other than Mexico itself. If you want to have a taste for adventure, Mexico provides it all. You will be well rewarded with dishes with the standards higher than the other dishes resembling it provided that you try something other than usual excellent traditional dishes. Traditional Mexican cuisine has superb and spicy dishes that suit all. Well, it is surprising for most of the people but this is the tradition that the traditional Mexican food is served in the banana leaf, which is the favorite way of presenting the delicious food by the Mexicans.

For more information about Traditional Mexican food, please visit Traditional Mexican food.
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Finding the perfect engagement present for her does not have to be a chore! Whether it is your daughter, friend, sister, cousin, niece, or even co-worker who has announced her engagement, there are ways to brainstorm the perfect gift for her.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when thinking of the perfect gift:

What are a few of her favorite things?

This question can help you find great gift ideas regardless of how well you know the bride-to-be. If she is your co-worker, does she come into work gushing over the latest movie that she saw over the weekend? Or is she always baking treats for the office?

If she is your sister, does she simply adore trying new wines or going to ballgames? If so, she will love you forever if you got her a wine-of-the-month club membership or tickets to the next ballgame. Thinking about her favorite things is a great way to start compiling ideas for the perfect engagement present.

What are her least favorite things?

This maybe a little backwards in thinking, but is there something that you can get her that will help her to avoid her most hated things? If she hates cleaning, then maybe a gift certificate for house cleaning services would be perfect, especially considering how busy she will become once the wedding planning begins. If she hates cooking, then how about getting her a gift card to her favorite restaurant? Not only would she appreciate the gift, but it would make a great date night for her and her new fiancé.

Does she have hobbies or healthy obsessions?

If she is a scrapbooker, then a gift card for a local craft store can be a great excuse for her to get started on scrapbooking the engagement and upcoming wedding. Is she obsessed with a television or cable show, like "Lost" or "The Office," then how about getting her the first season on DVD? It will be the perfect escape if the wedding planning starts to overwhelm her. Does she love to garden, then consider getting her some gardening tools, small seedlings, or a new gardening hat.

The beauty about finding the perfect engagement gift for her is that it does not necessarily have to be related to the upcoming wedding and it does not have to be geared toward her and her future hubby. An engagement present for her is something that is meant to celebrate her and the new chapter in her life. If you do not know her future husband very well, do not worry about it, let her know that you are congratulating her in this exciting time in her life. There will also be other events, like the wedding, where you will be able to give a present to both of them.

If you do know the engaged pair, then consider getting a gift that both of them can enjoy. The questions above can even be helpful in brainstorming the perfect engagement gift for them as a couple. An engagement gift is a token of congratulations, so if all else fails, you can simply congratulate the pair with a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

You can come up with more engagement gift ideas by browsing http://www.engagementgiftsonline.com, where you will find plenty of engagement gifts for her, for him, or for the couple.
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I have tried over the course of my life, which now is in its fourth generation, to be a continuous learner. Over these many years I have learned that it pays benefits many times beyond the time and energy one often needs to apply to learning new knowledge and skills. That viewpoint is one with which my children and grandchildren have become quite aware, and now I’m passing it along to my great-grandchildren!

However, I’m also very much aware that each generation has presented more difficulty for me to successfully communicate that opinion and get the listeners to accept it. I point to the increased conveniences that each generation has had and enjoyed over the previous as the main reason for this. After all, when I reflect on the process of learning as I’ve grown up with it, it does involve a certain commitment of time and mental energy applied toward such tasks as research, reading, thinking, writing, memorizing, demonstrating understanding and competency, and so on. In other words, there is some “work” associated with learning. And as the conveniences that define, assist, automate and fulfill our daily lives increase and evolve, the gap that prevails between work and pleasure grows wider and wider.

So what does the preceding diatribe have to do with the notion of instant speed learning? Well, recently I had an encounter with Tony McKenzie, author and creator of innovative learning systems, including the “Instant Speed Learning” system being reviewed here, and I was able to obtain some insights I’d like to pass along here.

J. Nelson: What are some of your achievements in the field of learning, learning systems, etc.?

T. McKenzie: Well, I’m probably best known as the author of the book You Were Born Invincible and creator of the McKenzie Mastery Process, which is a personal transformation program.

JN: Tell me about your process leading to the development of “Instant Speed Learning.”

TM: Sure. During the past 20 years, I’ve studied and practiced virtually every single accelerated learning method available, ranging from techniques such as speed reading and mind mapping to photo reading and mnemonics.

Although I found many of these techniques useful in helping me learn at a much faster rate , they always seemed to fall short of what I actually wanted. In fact, throughout my many years of study and research, I’ve wondered if it were possible to develop the kind of photographic memory and learning abilities that you only see in espionage movies, that would literally allow you to “snap” information and retain it in your mind.

And so, I searched high and low, desperately looking for clues and sources that would lead me to the secret of how I could develop genius-level learning abilities. I searched every single bookstore, internet site and research study I could find that might provide me with the vital clues to unlocking the secret to having a phenomenal memory.

JN: And did you discover the great secret about your memory…

TM: Yes! Studies have shown that individuals regressed through the use of hypnosis find that they can recall the sights, sounds, smells and tastes locked within memories that are decades old. Professor Wilder Penfield, a Canadian surgeon, made an interesting discovery while performing a medical procedure on several of his epilepsy patients; it involved examining the brain tissue of his patients while they were under a local anesthetic.

He was amazed to find that when he touched certain individual cells, his patients would suddenly recall experiences from their past. The patients would later say they didn’t just recall the experience but relived it as if they were actually there, complete with tastes, smells, noises, colors and feelings. The clarity of the memories was the same regardless of whether they were a few hours or many years old.

Professor Penfield suggests that within the individual cells of the brain are the perfect memory of every event in our lives, and if we can find the right stimulus we can experience each one all over again
And a year ago I finally figured out how right he was!

JN: OK, just what was your breakthrough?

TM: Amazingly I discovered that I had been looking in all the wrong places for the answers to how to rapidly master information and retain it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the specific learning systems, genetics or altered states that gifted memorizers had but rather their “belief” in and complete acceptance of their ability to almost instantly assimilate new information at phenomenal speeds that made the difference.

So in a moment of inspiration I posed a simple question; the answer to that question proved to be the turning point in my research and it led me to develop a solution by using a cutting-edge auto-conditioning subliminal program that literally rewires the mind to accept a new reality as the absolute truth!

JN: Wow! Well, why is this program so radically different from any other accelerated learning program on the market?

TM: In this powerful new learning system there are no link methods or mnemonic systems to learn nor do you have to master any new speed reading techniques. The unique aspect of this system is that it requires nothing more than a simple hand gesture and you can begin learning at genius levels of understanding with incredibly clear recall of the material after only being exposed to it once. This system is so simple to learn that even a child can use it and start applying it to school work almost immediately. You’ll be able to apply this system to virtually any learning situation you encounter; it requires no technology to implement and it will be with you for the rest of your life!

JN: Huh! Tell me about some of your research and case studies you conducted.

TM: Well, I can tell you that after carefully carrying out my first few tests of this program, I was stunned!
One particular test case was so good at recalling the information from a written piece of text I thought he was cheating, he was literally recalling word for word and he had a thorough understanding of what he had read, days and even weeks later.

In another example a participant had attended a meeting while using the ISL™ method and discovered when asked by a colleague that she could recite virtually every single topic covered in the meeting!

A fifteen-year-old teenager was amazed to discover that after reading a particular text he could literally see the words on the page and could even pick out specific parts of the text to focus on.

Similar results were demonstrated over and over again by people from all walks of life and as time passed their self-confidence increased immeasurably.

JN: This all seems too incredible, almost like a movie or TV script!

TM: Actually, several years ago I did become fascinated by a TV show called The Pretender. It followed the fortunes of a man called Jarod, a super genius with the ability to assume any identity and learn any skill.

I loved this show because each week Jarod would come to the aid of someone in need in the guise of a variety of professions, ranging from fireman, doctor, surgeon or photographer, to pilot, lawyer, or even a sex therapist.

What was interesting about each show was the fact that Jarod didn’t just pretend to be these characters, he literally became them from the inside out and did so by mastering the skills, knowledge and mindset of these professions, within days.

Although this show was presented as pure science fiction and dismissed as the fantasy of a TV script writer . . . I knew differently!

With the ISL™ system you can become one of the rare individuals with the ability to master virtually any information 1000 times faster than the average human being!

JN: Oh, come on, you can’t expect me to believe hype claims like that!

TM: Make no mistake, you’ll be able to master the ISL™ within 72 hours of purchasing this program, all from the comfort of your PC! Within minutes of downloading this unique training program you’ll be able to access a special audio program from within the eBook that will program your mind to respond to a specific physical signal and rapidly absorb new information like a sponge. There will be no 30-day wait for proof that this program works, you’ll be experiencing the results within the next three days!

JN: The possibilities after acquiring capabilities like that are fantastic!

TM: Being to easily remember facts, ideas and concepts can give you a tremendous edge in business. Just picture the dramatic impression you can make when you can quote specific facts, prices, client information, product details . . . with ease! Most of your business or work colleagues probably have the same skills and education as you, so acquiring the powerful ISL™ system will set you apart and put you in a unique position; it will allow you to develop a new level of confidence in your skills and abilities as your specific expertise grows exponentially. In the constantly changing business world, being able to adapt, change and learn new skills is an essential skill that cannot be ignored. Having a powerful memory is the key ingredient to being able to stay ahead in the constant battle for sales, clients and market position.

JN: Right! And how about students in schools everywhere?

TM: If you’re currently enrolled in college or university and finding it stressful, this program is the answer to your problems; with the ISL™ system you’ll be able to learn more while studying less and this can start within the next 72 hours. You’ll focus better, learn more while taking fewer notes, have better retention of lectures, books and study guides, and experience a dramatic improvement in your exam results and test scores. As a student you owe it to yourself and your academic future to get this program and boost your learning abilities today!

JN: What about learning a new language?

TM: Maybe you've already tried to learn a language in the past but gave up in vain; well with this program you’ll be able to learn a new language with ease within 30 days. Whether it’s for business or pleasure the ISL™ system makes language learning a breeze as it easily adapts itself to the in-depth memorization of audio language courses. But you don’t have to stop there, you can literally acquire a new language each month by simply following the simple technique outlined in the eBook. Just imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world and speak multiple languages with the minimum of effort!

Well, that essentially covers the information that I obtained from Tony Mckenzie about "Instant Speed Learning" . I hope it has been as enlightening for you as it was for me. If:

- reading more effortlessly and with much better understanding,

- having a better memory and sharper concentration,

- radically improving your productivity, and

- getting through information much faster…

are abilities you’d like to have, then I encourage you to learn more about "Instant Speed Learning" at JuJamVideoReview.com! I know that I have more reasonings available for when I engage in future conversations with family and friends on the topic!

James Nelson has accumulated almost 40 years of successful business experience, and much of it has been based on the maxim, "Do what you do do well, then find others who can do the rest best!" You can learn more about "Instant Speed Learning" at http://bit.ly/b1DU89. Mr. Nelson is currently President of JuJam Enterprises Incorporated where they focus on “Helping People Help Themselves.” Previously, together with his wife, Judy, he owned and operated Lakewood Lodge, a family recreation resort in northern Minnesota. Prior to that he completed 23 years in various sales and marketing management positions at AT&T. He earned a Bachelor of Science (Business) degree from the University of Minnesota with Distinction in 1975. Before attending college under the GI Bill, he served 10 years in the U.S. Navy.
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Everyone says that you should use the best skincare products. There is, however, a small problem. Not a lot of people know what the term ‘best products’ actually means. Does it mean expensive products? Does it mean products from popular brands? Does it mean products that celebrities use? The answer is a big no. Let me tell you what that term actually means.

A skin care product should be able to treat and prevent skin problems without causing any side effects. This, I believe, is the simplest definition of what I call the best skincare products. How do you know if a product meets this criterion? Let me tell you.

Given below is a small list of things you should consider while choosing the best skin products.

Quality of Ingredients

This is the most important factor you should consider when it comes to aging skin products. You should avoid products that contain harmful chemicals like alcohols, parabens, and artificial fragrance. Instead, you should go for products that contain natural substances which are not only effective, but also safe to use. Cynergy TK, wakame, and coenzyme Q10 are some of the names that come to my mind immediately.


The best skincare products, by definition, should be free of contaminants and other substances that could be harmful to your skin. So, make sure the products you choose are tested for microbiological contamination and heavy metal contamination.


Do you know what makes a skin product effective? It is the amount of active ingredients present in it. So, you should make sure the products are tested for potency and contain the optimal amount of active ingredients.


The issue of side effects is something that we commonly associate with most skin care products. These products contain harmful chemicals, like the ones mentioned above, that are known to trigger allergic reactions in people. Such products are also known to cause certain health problems in the long run. So, if you are looking to find the best skincare products, make sure you go for products that are 100% organic and free of such chemicals.

Clinical Studies

Without clinical studies, it is hard to determine the efficacy and safety of a skin care substance. So, make sure you go for products with ingredients whose effectiveness and safety have been proven clearly with the help of clinical trials. This is one of the simplest ways to find the best skincare products on the market today.

Quality Standards

The products you choose should meet the standards set by public standards setting authorities like the U.S. Pharmacopeia and the British Pharmacopeia. They should be manufactured in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) compliant laboratory. These are some of the factors which indicate the quality of the products you choose.

You can find all these information usually on the manufacturer’s website. A lot of manufacturers these days claim that their products are the best skincare products on the market today. Some of them, however, put their money where their mouth is and give an unconditional money-back guarantee. When the manufacturer says that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product, it is usually a good sign that they are very confident about the quality of their products.

What do you think folks? I hope the article gave you a good idea of what the term ‘best skincare products’ actually means. The factors mentioned above determine the quality of an aging skin product to a great extent. So, now that you know what you should avoid and what you should look for, you can easily choose the best anti aging skin care products.

Cynthia has been researching for the best anti aging products since 2005. Read more about the best skincare products that she wants to share at her website: Anti-Aging.Latest-Reviews-Guide.com
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If you suffer from Gynecomastia (also called Moobs or Man Boobs), you're not alone. It's estimated that 3.5 million men in the UK alone is suffering from this condition. Gynecomastia/Gynaecomastia is a medical condition that causes the breast tissue in men to grow. This often results in unwanted chest fat, puffy nipples and developed breasts in men. It can cause embarrassment and loss of confidence, but fortunately help is now at hand without surgery.

Without resorting to expensive and painful gynecomastia surgery, men who suffer from man boobs (moobs) can now wear specialist compressions garments especially designed for Gynecomastia. This is a far cry from the infamous male bra (or "The Bro”), which basically is a standard bra for men.

Gynecomastia compression garments can help anyone suffering from this condition. One company selling such garments is Firm51 UK. Judging by the customer's feedback on their website, it's quite clear that these specialist garments really work. Quite a few of the comments mentions how the t-shirts and vests have transformed their lives and restored their confidence. The garments look like regular t-shirts and vests, so only the user know they're wearing a specialist garment for man boobs.

Gynecomastia T-shirts and Vests are designed with very powerful compression layers on the inside that flattens and supports the chest for a completely natural look. An added bonus is that they also slim down the waist with as much as 1-2 inches, so overall they make the user feel slimmer and more confident with a firm and flat chest.

For sports enthusiasts, some compression shirts available on the market can also make you feel a lot more comfortable while exercising or playing sports. One of the specialist garments suitable for this purpose is C-neck Compression T-shirts. Made from microfibre and with very powerful compression layers on the inside to flatten and support your chest, it also boasts a Moisture Wicking Technology that draws any moisture away from your body to keep you cool and dry. In other words, comfort and functionality in one clever product.

If you enjoy swimming, but feel embarrassed and uncomfortable by your man boobs, help is at hand again. A new compression swimtop especially designed for moobs is the perfect solution. Looking like a black, sleeveless sports top with a zip down the front, you can once again feel great in the sea, on the beach or byt the pool. Matching swimming trunks are also available to create a complete, modern and sporty look while swimming.

A Double Layered Vest is a clever product for gynecomastia and a truly unique one at that, with its double layered compression panel throughout the front of the garment. This gives the user maximum compression of the problem area for a slim and firm-looking chest.

These types of Gynecomastia Garments have helped hundreds of men getting a flat & smooth chest and restored confidence. They are comfortable to wear and can be worn on their own or as an undershirt under regular shirts, t-shirts, sport shirts, jumpers etc. Once again, men who suffer from gynecomastia can wear normal-fitting shirts and t-shirts without having to cover up their moobs. It gives the feeling of freedom, confidence and peace of mind. A truly great innovation!

EM Ritchie is the CEO at Firm51, UK's premier seller of compression garments for men with Gynecomastia (Moobs, Man Boobs). The powerful Compression T-shirts and Vests offers maximum compression for a flat and smooth chest and restored confidence. With fast and FREE world wide shipping, you can get your gynecomastia shirt quickly wherever you are, and start to look and feel great!www.firm51.co.uk
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If you are considering starting a mobile concession stand selling burgers, hotdogs and philly sandwiches by the truck load, the first thing to seriously consider is not your budget, not the trailer and not the hours you will be working.

The first thing to consider is the food you will be selling.

Everything else flows from the food, so make sure you "feel the food" before making a business or emotional decision on everything else.

The major investment is obviously in the concession trailer, but the type of food you will be selling will govern the type of trailer you are going to need. The first thing to do is to research which types of trailer are most used for selling the food you will be dealing in – this will serve to narrow down the list of concession trailers to something that is manageable for you to realistically research in depth and contrast and compare.

The type of food you will be offering will also lead you to consider your storage and refrigeration requirements. If you are selling ice cream or frozen yogurts, you are going to need a lot of refrigeration capacity, but a lot less will be needed if you are selling burgers all day.

How much actual cooking will be required – if you are grilling hotdogs there and then, you may want extra grill space, but if you are making up subs, do you really need any grilling space at all – you may want extra food prep space instead.

One question is how the food will be served; it's a simple deal to hand over a burger in a bun, take the money, give change and smile at the next customer in the line, but do you want to offer something more for your customers, such as a place to sit down and take some time while they eat? Just because this is a concession operation does not mean you have to ditch adding value for customers, or employing strategies to help differentiate you from the rest of the competition.

You also need to consider the volume of food sales you are going to be moving; this will affect how many people you are going to need inside the concession trailer to assist with food prep and sales, and this in turn will affect the actual total storage, prep and selling space you are going to need in the trailer itself. Too small – you will lose sales and valuable business; too large and you waste valuable investment.

Consider how you will prepare the food and the timescales involved, between acquiring the basic ingredients for your food offering, and time to selling it. Particularly, will you be able to prep and store food off-site, or do you need to do this in the concession trailer? The more reliance you place on the concession trailer, the greater the need for a good layout, more storage, more prep space and more refrigeration.

It doesn't matter what the food offering is – the very first step in choosing the right concession trailer for your business is to think about the food you are dealing with.

Custom Concessions is a manufacturer and reputable leader of concession trailers. All their food concession trucks are custom built to order by highly skilled trained professionals.
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One of the nice features of the AS/400 and iSeries platform is it's reliability and administrative requirements. But even in light of this as a system administrator you should also be looking and monitoring key data elements to create a baseline of performance metrics. This data can then be used to gauge system capacity and sizing needs for the future. The critical areas we will focus on are disk space, job monitoring and memory utilization using the tools you already have on your system.

First you will want to tackle any disk storage issues. The easiest way to clear out disk space is to find what objects are using up all the disk space to begin with. This is very simply to do using the Display Object Description command DSPOBJD. Simply do a DSPOBJD for all objects and all object types in all libraries. One of the options is the output type, simple set that to dump the results into an outfile. This file contains all of the object names along with the size of the objects.

After running the command to display all object descriptions, which I recommend running in batch, is simply whip up a quick and dirty Query/400 query or run an SQL statement over the outfile you created. Sort this query by the object size field ODOBSZ and you now can see what objects are taking up all the DASD space.

The one catch I don't like about this technique though is it does not display objects sized once they surpass a certain size, requiring you to add together a couple of fields to get the actual size.

Next up on the list of system performance items is to monitor the jobs using the Work with Active Jobs command WRKACTJOB. This will give you an instantaneous snap shot of all the jobs running on the system along with important pieces of information like how much processor time and storage it has consumed.

For a more in depth analysis of job activity and performance tuning be sure to check out the features built into the iSeries Navigator tool or as I refer to it as Ops Nav. You can do very detailed and in depth analysis on jobs utilizing the underlying DB2 database including graphical tools to show query and SQL breakdowns. With Ops Nav you can also create nice little charts and graphs of key system metrics that are sure to make your manager happy.

Finally be sure to examine how the memory resources are allocated into the system memory pools. To take a look at the current usage of the memory pools check the Display System Status command DSPSYSSTS.

Display System Status shows all of the current memory allocated for the machine, base, spool and interactive pools. There are also other values to help determine memory problems like a running tab of faults and waits. And if need be you can adjust the system memory pools manually by using the Work with System Status command WRKSYSSTS.

However it is usually recommended to allow the AS/400 operating system to tune the memory performance of the system pools automatically by settings the performance adjustment system value QPFRADJ to adjust at IPL and automatically at regular intervals.

John Andersen is an IT manager living in California. Be sure to check out his Midrange Jump Start web site for insider advice and tips on how to manage your AS/400 and iSeries systems.
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All parents have experienced temper tantrums in their children. We’ve all heard of the “terrible twos”. Occasional tantrums in children up to and including five year olds are relatively common, although never welcomed.

As your child matures from the toddling baby into a child, his tantrums should decrease and soon all but disappear. The child should learn that tantrum behavior is not tolerated and he has to control his disappointment without having a tantrum.

What should one do if one’s child is still having temper tantrums at age eight or even beyond? This is certainly not acceptable behavior for a child in this age bracket. First and foremost, the parents should look at themselves to see if their own behavior provokes and encourages this type of reaction in their child.

Obviously, the child has either not developed coping with disappointment, or has learned negative behavior. Tantrums produce the desired result! When things don’t go their way, they just “lose it”. Usually, it is easier to let the child have his way than to put up with the obnoxious behavior. This is learned negative behavior.

If you are a parent who has been “rewarding” the child for his bad behavior, now is the time to immediately stop! Yes, the tantrum or temper fit may be embarrassing for you and everyone around, but your uncomfortable situation cannot take precedence over your behavior, by rewarding the child in order to immediately end the tantrum. This has apparently been long instilled in the child if he is still behaving this way at age 7 or 8.

When your child is in a cooperative and calm frame of mind, have a parent-child talk with him. Tell him his behavior and tantrums or “temper fits” will not be tolerated any more. Explain to him that he can’t always have things his way. Of course, do this in a manner of which an 8 year old can understand. Most children will, while in this cooperative mood, express understanding of what you are telling them and accept the punishment (banned to his room, no T.V., no friends over, etc.) Now to practice what you preach! This is sometimes the hardest part for the parent.

The next time the temper tantrum displays itself, firmly state the obvious. No, you cannot stay out later. No, you cannot have this candy/toy/etc. No, your friend cannot spend the night. Yes, you must do as I say. After restating the answer the child does not want, and reiterating the punishment already discussed with the child, ignore the child. Allow his anger to explode and come out; the crying to continue. He will literally wear himself out and not see the results he wants. Once he has calmed down (and he will), punish him as already discussed with the child.

Okay, this all sounds easy enough! But there are so many situations where it would be so much easier to give in, you may say, when the child’s wants are not so serious as to give in to them instead of putting up with bad behavior. STOP! Even if he is displaying this behavior in a room of adults and a very inappropriate environment for such an interruption, do not give in . You must put up with his embarrassing behavior. You may usher him away from others and isolate him while he continues to have his temper fit, but continue to ignore his wishes.

The tantruming child is in serious need to learn his boundaries. Your helping him learn to accept these boundaries is imperative for his adjustment into a happy child who meshes with his peers and adults alike.

Keeping a firm position is the key. If the argument starts to become a full blown tantrum, reiterate your expectations of him and the repercussions of the punishment. Let the tantrum occur – stay close, but don’t interrupt or stop him and don’t argue, yell, or speak to him. He may stomp off and let him do just that. After he has finally calmed down, and he will, do not reward him. You’ve already told him what will happen if he reacts this way. Do just this!

Eventually, he will realize that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and he is not going to get his way. The new found attitude of the parent will be greatly rewarded with a growing maturity in your child to handle disappointment without the disruptive to all behavior.

There is plenty of information to study and explore about misbehavior and temper tantrums in the 8 year old. Educate yourself so that you are comfortable with the rules you must stand firm on and know what behavior is definitely not appropriate for your child. The more you read and know on the subject, the stronger you can be in helping your child become a pleasant and well adjusted person in his own right. You may find yourself actually enjoying your child and parenting!

Defiant Oppositional Disorder staff understands the difficulty you may be going through. If you want to help yourself and your child now please visit Learn More About 8 Year Olds Behavior Defiant Oppositional Disorder Help
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Reply To: Diet and Weight Loss
Are you looking for ways to lose weight?

Due to life style and feeding habits these days, you will find many people have grown obese and are now looking for techniques of how to lose weight. Let me assure you that you are at the right forum; like anybody else nowadays who is looking for best methods to lose weight. I know you want to maintain good healthy, and avoid most of the common diseases which come along with excessive weight. You would like to look nice, live longer and a good life.

First off, let me advice you that most diets and pills taken by some people these days to help them lose weight are very dangerous, and in fact, you should avoid going into that direction.

I know you are asking yourself; what then are the safest techniques or methods if you need to lose weight. Keep on reading.

Six Techniques of losing weight:

Exercise Regularly:

If you want to lose weight faster, exercising regularly is one of the easiest ways. Incorporate a plan that will allow you, at least fifteen to twenty minutes exercising daily. This includes, walking, swimming, jogging, running and if you are like me, dancing is fantastic.

set Goals:
Some people would want to lose weight, but have no goals of weight loss. Have a focus and a proper mind set which will drive you to losing weight quickly. Set some monthly goals to start with, like two to three months, and thereafter, go weekly. Start small and progress as you go along.

Feel Your Body:

Different people have different metabolism reactions, so do not go by what others are saying or doing. Listen to your body, how it feels losing weight. We are all different and in essence, your weight loss plan and program could differ from person to person.

Consumption Of Fibers:

Naturally, fibers will make you feel full faster and stays in your stomach the longest, hence slowing down the food digestion. The food rich in fibers include: vegetables,whole grain rice, whole grain bread, lentils among others.

Avoid Fried Foods:

Fried foods contain large amounts of unhealthy fat. You know what that means; bad for your body. Instead, I would advice you to consider taking steamed or grilled food. That is what I take, since that time I decided to keep fit and lose weight.

Drinking A lot Of Water:

I would also recommend taking at least six to eight glasses of water daily. Water helps you to burn more calories and also removes any toxins in your body system.

The truth of the matter is; most of the people are always trying various methods in search of how to lose weight, unfortunately, they do not follow through with the above techniques, as much as they are written on the wall. I am happy for you that you are here reading this article, you will help yourself and be a help to many, knowledge is power.

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Professional land surveyors must follow a strict code of ethics. This ethics code is set by each state’s State Board of Land Surveying. Many professional surveying societies also outline their own code of ethics. Although they vary by group, generally the guidelines outlined are approximately the same.

Land surveyor ethics are needed because land surveying can include an often surprising mix of art along with the science. It is sometimes difficult to know exactly how to survey a piece of property. Plus, a land surveyor is often hired by only one of the parties involved, while the survey results may affect several different parties For these reasons, every land surveyor should approach their work with fairness towards all parties involved. Land surveyors must remain neutral, making the best assessment possible given the evidence, without bending the survey to favor one side or the other.

When dealing with clients, surveyors must disclose any potential conflicts of interests, such as involvement with any parties involved in the survey situation, before accepting any surveying job. Surveyors should also not receive payment from multiple parties for any one project without the knowledge of all parties involved. Even after the completion of the project, a surveyor must keep any personal information received from individual clients completely confidential, even from the other parties involved in the survey.

An ethical surveyor should seek compensation that matches the level of technical complexity and time spent on the project. No surveyor should accept an assignment that is beyond their level of professional competence. Assignments should only be accepted if the expertise and resources of the surveyor allows them to be completed promptly and professionally. Most of the parties seeking a survey have never contacted a surveyor before, and therefore may not know what these services are worth. They should not be taken advantage of. If asked, they should explain how the compensation figure was determined.

Ethical surveyors will not sign any certificates, reports, or plans unless they were prepared under their personal supervision. If the surveyor hires employees, the surveyor must be professionally responsible for their actions. A surveyor should not seek to undermine the reputation or endanger the business prospects of any other surveyor, particularly when advertising their services. A land surveyor should not misrepresent their own qualification, particularly to sign on for a specific project that is outside the scope of the land surveyor’s qualifications.

Because the field of land surveying is constantly changing, many ethics statements include continuing education as one of their components. In fact, this is so important within the industry that it is often included in the requirements for state licensing as a professional land surveyor.

Like with all sets of ethical standards, a good principle is to treat other surveyors and clients the way you would like to be treated. A surveyor must also remember that their actions reflect not only upon themselves, but also upon the entire land surveying industry. Most people do not deal multiple times with land surveyors during the course of their lifetime, so the interaction that they do have with one surveyor can shape their opinion of the entire industry.

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