It was once said that music is the shorthand of emotion. Explore and describe music in all forms… And yes, that includes Rap.

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Syncratic decision making

  1. One of the types of purchase decision-making in the family with respect to various products and services. In this type of decision-making, both spouses are equally involved and take decisions jointly. Therefore, such decisions are also called joint decisions.
  2. Where the spouses jointly decide about the purchase.


  1. A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
  2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
  3. An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug.

Socratic Seminar

The goal of a Socratic seminar is for students to help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected in a specific text. Students are responsible for facilitating a discussion around ideas in the text rather than asserting opinions. Through a process of listening, making meaning, and finding common ground students work toward shared understanding rather than trying to prove a particular argument.

Socratic method

Socratic method , also known as method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate, is named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates. It is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. It is a dialectical method, often involving a discussion in which the defense of one point of view is questioned; one participant may lead another to contradict themselves in some way, thus strengthening the inquirer's own point.

Syncretic religion

  1. Reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion, especially when success is partial or the result is heterogeneous.
  2. Linguistics - The merging of two or more originally different inflectional forms.

Syncretic thinking

A stage in the development of the cognitive thought processes of the child during which thought is based purely on what is perceived and experienced. The child is incapable of reasoning beyond the observable or of making deductions or generalizations. Through imaginative play, questioning, interaction with others, and the increasing use of language and symbols to represent objects, the child begins to learn to make associations between ideas and to elaborate concepts. In Piaget's classification, this stage occurs between 2 and 7 years of age and is preceded by the sensorimotor stage of development, when the child progresses from reflex activity to repetitive and imitative behaviour.

Idiosyncratic Risk

  1. Risk that is specific to an asset or a small group of assets.
  2. Idiosyncratic risk has little or no correlation with market risk, and can therefore be substantially mitigated or eliminated from a portfolio by using adequate diversification.
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Social communities






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Syncracy is not a word and for quite sometime it had no mentions in Google. In 2002 only two pages in Google's search result even contained it. Then for some reason people tried to create a definition. There are now definitions such as:

A system of governance which adopts two or more systems such as communism and capitalism.

This is just one such definition. You are not likely to find two definitions that agree with each other. Another definition is:

Syncracy is a social psych term that describes families who make decisions by consensus. Wikis themselves seems a very syncratic mechanism, don't you think? I meant government by mutually Constructive Interference. Now don't go asking me to define constructive interference.


As you notice the two definitions do not agree with each other. One of the causes of this is that some people have tried to adapt the definition of the word syncratic. Even then, syncratic is not a word used in English.


The most like source of the words Syncracy and Syncratic is the words idiosyncrasy and idiosyncratic. The word idiosyncrasy is defined as:

noun, plural idiosyncrasies.

  1. a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like that is peculiar to an individual.
  2. the physical constitution peculiar to an individual.
  3. a peculiarity of the physical or the mental constitution, especially susceptibility toward drugs, food, etc.

The word idiosyncrasy originated in c.1600, from French idiosyncrasie, from Greek idiosynkrasia "a peculiar temperament," from idios "one's own" + synkrasis "temperament, mixture of personal characteristics," from syn "together" + krasis "mixture". Originally in English a medical term meaning "physical constitution of an individual." Mental sense first attested 1660s.

The real definition

If Syncratic was to be coined as a term, it would be defined as:


  1. created in a style similar to Syncrat.com
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Reply To: Diet and Weight Loss

Apparently Nutrisystem is one of the most recognizable names in weight loss and was founded in 1972. It claims to have helped millions of people lose weight on its convenient portion-controlled meals.

So why is Nutrisystem so successful and why should you avoid it?

Nutrisystem does work and the real key is the portion-controlled meals. You pay quite a bit for some company to tell you how much you can eat. It makes sense, less food equals less fat. So what is the problem?

It is difficult to leave

Diet programs like this are difficult to leave. Sure they will help you lose weight, but if you stop you are likely to put the weight back on. That is why Nutrisystem has been around so long. Their customers have trouble leaving. Who wants to be on a diet for the rest of their lives?

If you do want to stop, you need to learn how to eat healthy portion controlled meals where you control the portion size.

Portion control yourself from the start

So if you will have to control your own portions in the end, why not start straight away and not pay Nutrisystems the fee for doing so. The same will-power that keeps you following the Nutrisystems way is enough to control your own portions.

Use smaller plates

There are many tips online on how you can reduce the amount you eat. The simplest is to use smaller plates. Another tip is to always dish yourself up what you are going to eat first and never go back for seconds.

Freeze your own meals

If you like having portion controlled food when you are hungry, cook tomorrows dinner after you finish tonight’s. Once it is cooked, separate it into portions and freeze them ready for dinner tomorrow.


If Nutrisystem is going to work for you, so will controlling your own portion size and saving your money instead.

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PHProxy is a web HTTP proxy programmed in PHP meant to bypass firewalls and access otherwise inaccessible resources (i.e. blocked websites). If the server this script is run on can access a resource, so can you!

Include Form Includes a mini URL-form on every HTML page
Remove Scripts Remove client-side scripting (i.e. Javascript)
Accept Cookies Accept HTTP cookies
Show Images Show images
Show Referer Show referring website in HTTP headers
Rotate13 Use rotate13 encoding on the URL
Base64 Use base64 encoding on the URL
Strip Meta Strip meta HTML tags
Strip Title Strip Website title
Session Cookies Store cookies for this session only
New Window Open URL in a new window
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Start browsing through this CGI-based proxy by entering a URL below. Only HTTP and FTP URLs are supported. Not all functions will work (e.g. some JavaScript), but most pages will be fine.


Manage cookies

CGIProxy 2.0.1 Restart
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This one appears to be an attempt at finding a url that a spam url can be injected into. The resulting web page will usually display the spam url or redirect the user to the spam url.

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Avoid “Exposed Skin Care” as they can not be trusted. After struggling for some time with sub-par products, some marketing bright spark though “How can we get more good customer reviews for a product that is crap?”. They then proceeded to make fake customer reviews that make the products sound better than they really are.

All the good reviews are fake

Every positive review that you read about this company is false. Consider this review, where someone clued up to it?

You know what's seriously weird..? The fact that all of these 4 and 5 star reviews, the "members" who are writing them have only ever written one review online and their signup date and last login date is the exact same of the date they wrote their review. I went way back in the reviews to where someone mentioned this and I started looking into it and realized 98% of the reviews are like that. Why do I feel like the company itself is writing these reviews?

Yes, that is correct. This company is writing their own reviews.

The products do not work

So now you are wondering if the products are any good? Well they are not. Read some of these reviews

Worst product ever! I have been using the expanded kit with the moisturizer for 30 days now and my face has only gotten worse. I followed the instructions for sensitive skin and used the acne treatment serum every other day and still my face is a wreck. I would not waste your money on this product and I feel that most of the reviews I have come across are probably bogus.

So it did not work for that person...

I didn't like it. I really wanted to like this skincare system, but I didn't. It didn't help my breakouts, AT ALL. It made my face dull and uneven looking. PLUS, some of the stuff stunk so bad it gave me a headache. *two thumbs down*

Or that person...

i have been using this product for less than a week, and my face start to irritate, itchy and redness, is there anything i can do? should i stop using it? my face was so red last night and i just took medicine to relief the itchy and the feel of burn. help!!! tnx in advance.

Or that person...

I am beyond disapointed about this product :(.

I bought this product because I had read so many great reviews online about it. I was super excited when the product arrived at my house.

For the first week, I noticed a difference. My skin was clearer. I was happy. Second week I noticed my skin changing texture. It felt weird. Third week my face was so dry. Now I have red blotches and dry skin every where. I don't even want to leave the house. I try and cover the blotches as much as possible but it is very flaky. I try and moisturize my skin in the morning, in the afternoon and at night but nothing seems to be working. :( I feel ugly. I want my skin back. I would rather have a couple of zits than this ugly blotchy dry face.

Or that person.

But someone claimed it worked

If you know anyone who thinks this product works, ask if they have been using it for more than two weeks. It takes more than two weeks for the bad effects to occur. Plus the placebo effect might be occurring. It might pay to look into the placebo effect.

So overall

The marketing is fake, the product is bad.

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Getting your articles read is the most important step. For years submitting articles was all about getting a website to rank higher in Google. Now that Google has reduced the importance of such articles in website rankings, an opportunity has opened up for savvy marketers.

Visitors not links

Getting your article read is important as it is about getting people interested in what you are selling, your ideas or encouraging them to seek you out for more. A great article will leave the reader wanting more. Even without a link, they will notice your name or business name at the bottom of the article and seek you out.

Hidden effect

The issue with this is that it is hard to track with analytics tools like Google Analytics. If visitors see your brand name or personal name, but not a link, they might Google for your site. You will not be able to tell that they looked for your site after reading one of your articles.

Brand name

Writing such articles will definitely help establish your brand name. Even if people do not visit your site, they will remember the name. If they visit your site later, they may not remember where they heard your name, but they will be more confident that your site is legitimate and a good site to buy from.

Site fit

Sometimes articles do not fit well with your site. It is not a good idea to be seen making bad comments about the competitor’s site. If you know of issues with the competitors’ products or services, make this known by publishing an article about it on another site under another name. Just make sure the issues are legitimate as you do not want to be recognised by the competition.

Where to submit articles

This site is accepting articles now. Just head over to the submission form, and submit your article. Be careful when submitting your article to other sites as some sites will remove your brand or by-line.

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I am sure that you have heard of the saying "first impressions last". In the world of online dating, this is certainly true. Your profile makes the first impression and is the difference between having a chance and having no chance at all.

The profile that you put up on a dating site is the first glimpse that potential partners have of you. It describes you in the best way you can. You may try to make yourself sound smart, funny or fun. While they are reading your profile they will be deciding if you are what they are looking for. If is your job to make sure that they like what they read. A good profile should get people contacting you, you should not have to contact them.

There is really only one rule when writing online dating profiles that you should follow. Never follow any "How to write an online dating profile" articles, do not copy ideas from other profiles and do not even consider listing your hobbies. All of these things mean that your profile will be the same as everyone else. When you are writing your profile, you want to be different. If you are into cooking, put in your favourite recipe, if you are into cars say what the best brand is. Just never ever write a profile as people would expect you to.

Even after you have written your online dating profile, you need to make sure that everything is up to date. Every few weeks or months you need to come back to your profile and update it. This may mean deleting the things that you no longer do and adding new items.

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Now that winter is here, we are looking at ways to stay warm. While we can turn up our heaters, put more wood on the fire and curl up in blankets there is one thing that can warm us from the inside out. A hot drink can take away those winter blues and make us feel toasty warm again.

There are many types of hot drinks that you can have. They range from the black teas and herbal teas to the sweeter drinks like hot chocolate. That sweet taste of hot chocolate can do wonders on a winters night. With marshmallows, cream and chocolate sprinkles a hot chocolate can be both a hot drink and a creamy dessert.

To go with you hot drink you can also have a biscuit or two. Biscuits are great with hot drinks as they can be dipped in, turning a dry crunch biscuit into a soft, wet taste sensation. Most biscuits can be dipped or dunked. The softer smaller biscuits will fall apart if they are left in the hot drink for more that a moment. Harder and larger biscuits might need to be in for up to 30 seconds before they soften up and are ready for enjoying.

When choosing a flavour of biscuits for dunking in a hot drink, nothing really beats anything with chocolate. Chocolate is great for dunking as the hot liquid melts the chocolate, allowing the chocolate flavour to be released and spread throughout your mouth.

So the next time you are feeling cold on a winters night try a hot drink to warm yourself up. Also try the best biscuit for dunking in the world, the Tim Tam.

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The online dating industry has become very large in recent years, with many sites now out there. It is now one of the most popular ways to meet online with tens of thousands of couples finding love though online dating sites. In today's digital age, many people just do not have the time to actively look for a date. This is where the online dating sites help. They make the dating process quicker by allowing you to weed out the people who are not suitable though questions like "Do they smoke?".

Online dating sites strive to make meeting the person of your dreams as simple as possible. Features such as emailing you when you have a match, rating a person against your match criteria and profiles allow you to quickly find the type of person you are looking for.

The first step towards online dating is to search for free dating sites. Although all the dating sites would like to pay money for access or extra features, there is no reason to do so. Free websites allow you to do everything you need to do.

The next step is to find a free online dating site that suits your tastes. There are many sites out there to suit a wide range of people. Have a look around and you will see that some will suit you better than others. One you have found a site you like, sign up to it.

After you have signed up, you want to set up your profile and submit a picture. The profile and picture are important as they help others to find more about you and give others something to start a conversation with. When searching for potential matches, do not set your match criteria to specific. Keep an open mind and if a date does not work out see if you can become friends. Girls like to play "match maker" and get their male friends going with their female friends.

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Online dating opens up many possibilities. The social opportunities that it provides means that it can lead to friendship, happiness, love and marriage. It is based on the idea that people can use messaging to establish a relationship with another person that has a foundation of trust and love (or lust). There are something that you should not do with online dating.

Although online dating is a great way to meet people that you can latter meet with in-person, you do not want to be giving your details to every Tom, Dick and Harry. It is not safe to hand out your phone number, street name or address to someone until you feel that you have started to get to know them. No harm would come from even not disclosing your name until the second or third email. This gives the other person a sense of achievement once they get it. Say anonymous for as long as possible. Most people have had a failed relationship in their past. You should not talk about your last relationship online though. To do so shows that you are not over your last relationship and gives people the idea they they are just there for you to vent your frustration on.

Make sure that you do not just say what you do not want. People do not like reading negative messages as much as they do positive ones. Try to focus on your positive side and prefer to talk about your strengths rather than your weaknesses. People do not like others who brag. It is OK to state your situation and say that you are rich, famous and handsome but do so without bragging. The one thing that you should not do most of all is lie. If you did have a chance of getting the other person to meet you or get to know you better, a lie such as using someone else's photo can screw your chances.

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The Ukulele is not hard to play from a technical perspective, but it is hard to learn. Ukuleles are not a very common instrument, so you will not always be able to find a teacher or someone else to play together with. This means that you will have to learn it yourself and that will slow you down. I hope that the following tips can help you on your way.

Learn how to turn a Ukulele. It is important to have your ukulele in tune. If you want to have other people listening to you or want to sound good, being in tune is very important. Bad tuning can make even the best players sound bad, so it is important to get it right. There are many way to help check your tuning; Digital tuners, pitch pipes, or just using your ears all work, you just need to pick a method that suits you.

Buy only the best quality Ukuleles. The top quality ones do not cost a lot and it is worth spending. They will say in tune longer, will be easier to tune and will sound better.

As you Ukulele is so small, it is important that you hold it correctly. Make sure that as little of your body is touching the Ukulele as possible. The more of your body that is touching, the more smothered the Ukulele will sound.

There are so many great songs that only require 3 chords to be able to play. Start learning the chords C, F and G and you will be able to play all these songs.

Most of all you need to enjoy playing, There is no point putting in all the effort and time to learn if you are not going to enjoy playing. Have fun.

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Reply To: Music

The vibraphone can be an exciting challenge to learn for music students of any age. It can help teach the basics of music on an instrument that has a classic look, strong tradition and a rich sound. Playing the vibraphone can lead to playing in jazz bands or percussion sections in a music group. Vibraphones can even be played as a solo instrument.

Playing the vibraphone is easy and can be learnt in 5 easy steps.

1. Learn to read music

Although you might still be able to play by ear, you would be wise to teach yourself to read music. A lot of the music written for malleted percussion instruments is hard to remember and difficult to play without reading music.

2. Learn the layout of keys on an keyboard instrument

Although the vibraphone is not a keyboard instrument, the layout of the bars are similar to that of a keyboard / piano. Once you learn where the notes are on a piano, you will be able to find them on the vibraphone.

3. Position yourself

You need to get yourself into position to play your first note. This means holding both of the mallets in a light grip that allows the mallet to bounce off the bars of the vibraphone. Also place your preferred foot on the sustain pedal.

4. Play a long note with the pedal down

Press the pedal down and strike a bar with the mallet. This will make a note that lasts for a long time and rings out. This is good if you are playing chords.

5. Play a short note with the pedal up

Lift your foot off the pedal when you are not playing chords. This will stop the melody your are playing from becoming mixed together and unrecognisable. The pedal is similar to the sustain pedal found on a piano.

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There are a lot of online dating services available on the net, and they all cater for different people. You have an unlimited choice of dating sites to use, so how do you pick? You need to consider the key points.

What type of relationship are you looking for?

Everything that you are looking for is out there, but you just need to know what you are looking for. There are many different dating sites that cater for quite different markets. Are you looking for:

- Casual dates

- Friends

- Serious relationship

- Potential mate

- Long-term relationship

- Sex

What is your current situation?

There are not just single people dating online. Depending of your current situation, you may be better to find a site that has more people in your situation. Are you:

- Single

- Married

- In a relationship

- In an open relationship

- Divorced

- Widower

You may also be in a more specific situation, such as:

- Single parent

- Jewish

- Jewish single parent

- Kiwi

- Kiwi single parent

You many even be looking for something that you do not find on mainstream sites such as:

- Cheating spouse

- Transmitted disease

- Loving BBW


What do you like to do. There are many sites that are dedicated to people who like similar activities and hobbies. If you find someone that has a similar hobby to you, you are more likely to click with them.

Will you spend money?

If you are quite serious you might have to spend money. If not, you might find a free site. Just remember that you find different types of people on free and paid sites.

Paid sites tend to attract the people that are serious about dating and meeting the people that they want. You are more like to find people that will meet you off line. Another benefit of paid dating sites is that they often verify that the person is who they say they are.

Free sites tend to attract people that are just looking to have fun. Often people found on them have no intention of dating or getting serious. Free sites always have more advertisements and often have paid only features.

Before you do join up with a paid dating site, make sure that you look for a trial. This will give you an idea what type of people you will find on the site before you hand over your money.

I would have to recommend that you experiment and try out a free dating site and a paid dating site. You really need to decide for yourself. Most dating sites are very cheap anyway and you will not be losing very much money if you do not find the woman of your dreams.


Before you join up to a dating site you need to know what you are wanting to achieve. There are so many people out there looking for many different things and you need to know what you want. Just get out there and try things out. You may find the girl of your dreams, your best friend or your soul mate.

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The first impression is the most important stage of dating. In a few minutes a girl can get a rough idea of your personality, gauge how shy you are, notice if sex is on your mind and be able to decide if she likes you.

From the moment you enter the girls notice the way you walk and how you stand. They also notice if you greet any friends or stand by yourself. All these things help her to judge your character; They can all help towards your success or failure at making an impression.

Girls can detect if you are shy and nervous. If you make many glances at the floor or stutter on your words, she will get a feeling that you are nervous. You need to know what you are going to say and make sure you do not appear nervous.

Another skill that the girls have is counting the number of times you look at her body and her face. If you continually glance at her body and do not look at her face when you are talking, she will get the idea that you just want sex. For some girls this may be all right, but for most this can mean instant failure for you.

Even what you wear can have an impact on the success of your first impression. You need to make sure that you have clean / tidy nails, well groomed facial hair, tidy haircut, clothes that fit you well and that you are dressed for the occasion.

Although you do not want a girl that is just after your money, it helps to flash a bit of money. This can be done in many ways from buying anything but the cheapest or let her peek at the notes in your wallet. The one thing that you do not want to do is pay with small coins and show her that you use the lowest currency denomination.

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The piano or keyboard is an instrument that can be played in a solo performance or it can be part of a band. Jazz bands make heavy use of pianos since jazz began. The reason for this is that pianos along with guitars are some of the few instruments in a jazz band that can play chords in addition to a melody or counter melody.

In the past, a jazz pianists main role was to keep tempo with a combination of repetitive chords, but in recent years this has changed. Jazz pianists now days are able to select from a multitude of styles and techniques that they will use to accompany a band or singer. Short and sustained chordal or melodic fragments are used.

Experienced jazz pianists are not only great at sight-reading, but can also improvise chord symbols and adapt to the various playing styles of jazz bands. A jazz pianist must balance this improvisation and interpretation with the music style of the band.

The extended range that the piano provides also helps a jazz pianist with creating unique sounds that other instruments in the jazz band can not create.

Jazz pianists have 3 goals that they aim to achieve while they are playing. The first is to provide a clear rhythm and swing. The second is to play a melody or improvised solo with the right hand. Jazz pianists are also expected to help guide the band into chord changes with the help of notes leading up to the chord change.

It is quite a challenge for pianists to meet these 3 demands at the same time. Most jazz pianists are quite skilled in this art and are able to maintain this while planning unique improvisations.

If the intend to be great at playing the piano in a jazz band, you need to master these styles and techniques.

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Your a guy who has just gone through a breakup and had your heart broken. The first thing that you really want to know is if she still loves you and is willing to let you back into her life. If you have been in a few relationships, you will know that girls have a way of saying one thing but meaning another. If you look at the following three signs, you will be a few steps closer to getting her back.

Before we get started you need to think about what may have gone wrong in the relationship and could have caused you and her to break up. You need to sort through all the issues that caused problems in your relationship. You may need to make an apology or two if you have done something wrong.

Sign number one: She still communicates with you
If you send her an email or ring her and she can not help but reply, you know that there is still something between you and her. When she does not answer your emails and does not answer when you ring, then you may have a bigger problem. If you can get a conversation going with her and she does not try to get rid of you, there is still a chance that you can win her back.

Sign number two: She is willing to meet up with you
When she agrees to meet up with you, it is a sign that there is quite a good chance of you and her getting back together. This means that she is not repulsed by you and still enjoys your company.

Even if she is starting to see or date someone else, a meeting with her show you that she is still willing to give you a chance. You need to make sure that you use this chance to prove yourself to her. You need her to leave feeling well romanced and that you still love her.

Sign number three: Flirting and the way she looks at you
If she still looks at you with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, you know that she still wants you back. Flirting with you on any level instantly means that she wants you back.

She may not say yes straight away, but if she shows these three signs you know that she still wants you.

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