7 ideas to start conversations

Attracting women and getting them to talk to you is easy if you know how to use conversation starters. Conversation starters work well to get women attracted enough to indulge in a conversation with you.

Small talk is a great way to attract women. With the right conversation starters, you can get a woman to be attracted enough to start a conversation with you. Here are some quick ideas for conversation starters.

  1. The best way to start a conversation is to have a smile, make eye contact and say “Hi”.

  2. If you see a girl reading a book, tell her that you are interested in it too and ask her what she thinks about it. Try to get her to talk about her favourite character.

  3. Do not start a conversation with a complement that she is expecting or that someone else might say. You want to appear different.

  4. Try to determine what she would expect from another guy and never do the same. Being different is the key to making a great impression.

  5. Ask her what the time is. This is a well known opening line, but it still works. If you think that you can pull of a cocky attitude and want her to know that you are flirting with her, try asking her the time when she can see your cellphone.

  6. Ask her for directions to where you want to go. Just say that you are a bit lost and would she mind giving you some directions. When she says yes, you can ask for directions to any random place or even ask for directions to her place.

  7. Say something unexpected. You want her to stop giving you the same canned responses that everyone else gets.

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