Why You Need Her Phone Number

It seems to be so basic, but it is often the point where most guys fail. In the heat of the moment, many guys are too involved in admiring the new girl they met to think straight. You must have been in this situation when someone is so good looking that they take your breath away.

After a few hours with her and a good night out, everyone decides to call it a night and part ways. You say "See you latter" and she disappears into the night. It takes a moment or so for you to click, but you realise that without having some of her contact information you will never see her again. Your dream girl will only ever be a dream girl from now on.

When you find a girl that you really like and that you get along with, you need to make sure that you can meet up with her in the future. For this to happen, there needs to be some exchange of contact details and a way for you to contact her.

There are many types of contact details that you could exchange. Email addresses, postal addresses, address to where you live or even a place you can often be found hanging out. The phone number is the most important one.

A phone number is special as it allows for you to make more of a connection than any other type of indirect communication like email. As she can hear your voice, it seems that she can associate you voice with memories of you. An email however could have been written by anyone and is quite impersonal.

You can not give your number to the girl and rely on her to call you. Girls want guys to call first. If the girl does call first, you will find out later that she is likely to be high maintenance. Just think about it, she already misses you and wants to talk to you.

All you have to do is make sure that you get her phone number before you part ways. This will mean that you can arrange a date later when you have had a chance to clear your head.

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