First Impressions

The first impression is the most important stage of dating. In a few minutes a girl can get a rough idea of your personality, gauge how shy you are, notice if sex is on your mind and be able to decide if she likes you.

From the moment you enter the girls notice the way you walk and how you stand. They also notice if you greet any friends or stand by yourself. All these things help her to judge your character; They can all help towards your success or failure at making an impression.

Girls can detect if you are shy and nervous. If you make many glances at the floor or stutter on your words, she will get a feeling that you are nervous. You need to know what you are going to say and make sure you do not appear nervous.

Another skill that the girls have is counting the number of times you look at her body and her face. If you continually glance at her body and do not look at her face when you are talking, she will get the idea that you just want sex. For some girls this may be all right, but for most this can mean instant failure for you.

Even what you wear can have an impact on the success of your first impression. You need to make sure that you have clean / tidy nails, well groomed facial hair, tidy haircut, clothes that fit you well and that you are dressed for the occasion.

Although you do not want a girl that is just after your money, it helps to flash a bit of money. This can be done in many ways from buying anything but the cheapest or let her peek at the notes in your wallet. The one thing that you do not want to do is pay with small coins and show her that you use the lowest currency denomination.

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