Choosing an Online Dating Service

There are a lot of online dating services available on the net, and they all cater for different people. You have an unlimited choice of dating sites to use, so how do you pick? You need to consider the key points.

What type of relationship are you looking for?

Everything that you are looking for is out there, but you just need to know what you are looking for. There are many different dating sites that cater for quite different markets. Are you looking for:

- Casual dates

- Friends

- Serious relationship

- Potential mate

- Long-term relationship

- Sex

What is your current situation?

There are not just single people dating online. Depending of your current situation, you may be better to find a site that has more people in your situation. Are you:

- Single

- Married

- In a relationship

- In an open relationship

- Divorced

- Widower

You may also be in a more specific situation, such as:

- Single parent

- Jewish

- Jewish single parent

- Kiwi

- Kiwi single parent

You many even be looking for something that you do not find on mainstream sites such as:

- Cheating spouse

- Transmitted disease

- Loving BBW


What do you like to do. There are many sites that are dedicated to people who like similar activities and hobbies. If you find someone that has a similar hobby to you, you are more likely to click with them.

Will you spend money?

If you are quite serious you might have to spend money. If not, you might find a free site. Just remember that you find different types of people on free and paid sites.

Paid sites tend to attract the people that are serious about dating and meeting the people that they want. You are more like to find people that will meet you off line. Another benefit of paid dating sites is that they often verify that the person is who they say they are.

Free sites tend to attract people that are just looking to have fun. Often people found on them have no intention of dating or getting serious. Free sites always have more advertisements and often have paid only features.

Before you do join up with a paid dating site, make sure that you look for a trial. This will give you an idea what type of people you will find on the site before you hand over your money.

I would have to recommend that you experiment and try out a free dating site and a paid dating site. You really need to decide for yourself. Most dating sites are very cheap anyway and you will not be losing very much money if you do not find the woman of your dreams.


Before you join up to a dating site you need to know what you are wanting to achieve. There are so many people out there looking for many different things and you need to know what you want. Just get out there and try things out. You may find the girl of your dreams, your best friend or your soul mate.

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